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Life Is Like a Ryan Howard…
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I never know what I’m getting with Howard anymore.
Yesterday was a perfect example.

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  • john matrix

    phils needed everyone one of his 100+ rbi last year, so i wont complain about him. he is frustrating as hell though.

    • chilly

      i think its only frustrating because we all think he should have 300+ rbis…

      and i think we all believe he can get there if he quits swinging at crap! :)
      *edit ( ^ not realistic)

  • Alexander Hamilton

    Rub it on your pantaloons

  • Ben A

    I’d like to see different analysis, like situation-based stats. With runner’s in scoring position, what is his HR/RBI to K/BB ratio. And why are walks lumped with Ks in this? Should it not be Ks/flyouts/groundouts?

    • James_Fayleez

      You’re not getting a sabremetrics analysis with me.

      You’re getting HR’s, RBI’s, K’s and walks.

      I watch baseball.

      I don’t crunch stats.

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