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Just Your Typical Tuesday Night At The Bank
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Great game last night. Phils won, the privileged Matt P enjoyed a Suite and various bartenders at McFaddens, and I sat in left field telling Ryan Spilborghs how much Indiana Jones sucked. (I think his father directed it)

The most entertaining part for me, however, occurred during the short walk from tailgating in the parking lot to the entrance by the Third Base gate. As my hoodlum friends and I crossed Pattison Ave, we saw a limo parked on the side of the street. Mind you, this was before the start of the game, right around 7:00. So as we cross the street, we see a young lady (I’d say about 19) laying down on the sidewalk taking a nap or something. But as we got closer, we realized this was no nap at all – it was an inebriated girl who collapsed while getting out of the limo door and apparently decided to vomit all over herself before passing out cold.

I was so concerned, I had my buddy stand on top of her with my cell phone camera and snap her picture.

Nice flip-flop

After the jump, a couple more shots.

Thankfully, a bike cop and two landscapers on a John Deere came to her aid.

  • Gaze

    Schools out soon… look forward to 3 straight months of this.

  • Area man

    That’s my girlfriend, she never came home last night did anyone get the landscapers license plate #

  • Gonzo

    Minutes before this photo was taken, she was making out with Meech after he had a Filet o’fish sandwich at Mcdonald’s.

  • johndewar

    Nothing says “I don’t have a real job” more than drinking till the point of total and utter inebriation on a dirty Tuesday night.

    Dig the old schools Phils shirt, though.

  • Honeynut

    It’s not vomit on her shirt, she was practicing her headfirst slide on a red-clay diamond before the game.

  • HuggingHaroldReynolds

    It’s Charlie Hustle – complete with red-clay covered jersey, hair and physique.

  • Tom G,

    Reminds me of a similar thing that happened to a friend of mine a few years ago outside a bar in Georgetown. When the paramedics arrived, we asked if we could draw the chalk outline. They weren’t impressed.

  • Beebs

    More proof of why blogs >> traditional media. This story is great (assuming she’s not dead).

  • Eliot Spitzer

    Did anyone happen to get her phone number??

  • Mayor Wilson Goode

    At any point did the poepole she come with realize that she was not going to make it more than 6inches from the limo? What could she have drank?

  • Tim Noble

    Reminds me of my ex wife Sharon inside the porno theater.

  • YEP

    What comes to your mind when you see a young passed out girl…

  • doggy5-0

    well, at least she pissed on herself and not on the leather seats in the limo.

  • MarkB

    Hot or Not? You Decide. And don’t tell me you never did a girl with puke on her.

  • hulk

    I remember my first beer.

  • Brian

    I wonder if the back was as messy as the front?

  • Alex

    Seriously, you don’t need to hire a limo so you can drink. You can just tailgate and drink in the parking lot. I see it as a waste of money. Daddy must be rich. Stupid rich girls!

  • tony

    if you play your cards right…
    Someone just might make it to 2nd base.

  • Drew “unit commander”

    she reminds me of my ex-wife Maryann, always laying around fatbackin’ sleeping till noon….i had to leave her when she started using the kitchen floor as a terliot

  • fuck the mets

    Yup, this was the best post on this site.

  • maxL

    Such a shining example of the eloquent subtlety of this intrepid bastion of Philadelphia sport.

  • Gonzo

    Ditto, FTM & Max.

  • Chuck

    damn, she vomited all over that nice jersey?

  • Greg

    So…do we no longer get new posts until the Season begins?

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