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Jorge Cantu celebrates a win by tugging on Scott Olsen’s balls
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What’s the perfect way to cap off a game-winning hit if you’re Jorge Cantu?

By cupping Scott Olsen’s nuts and shaking them, of course.

Following Wednesday evening’s walkoff single to beat the Phillies in 11, Jorge did just that when he was mobbed by his teammates after the winning run scored. Scott Olsen was the first Marlin to congratulate him, and the lucky fella got a celebratory tug ‘o the nuts from today’s hero. I’d also like to point out that since Olsen wasn’t even playing today, there is zero chance he was wearing a cup.

Sexy, right? Judge for yourself:

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  • ray

    haha great video

  • Laughing at you

    What’s the big deal ? The Yankees do that all the time in the clubhouse !

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