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Jimmy Rollins would like to tell the Philly fans something…
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Sayeth James:

“Be out there, let ’em have it. LET THEM HAVE IT. All of ’em. For real.

Run tell dat.”

(via The 700 Level)

  • Section118

    Right back at ya, Young James

  • PhillyGameday

    Just glad you didn’t type it “Run and Tell That”

  • JT


  • Defenestrate Wheels

    this site is on point today.

  • Coal Hummels


  • Jocksniffer

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife…

  • TomasPerez

    and hide ya husband cuz they rapin eerrrboy out here

  • GM-Carson


  • Mikey Miss


  • jimmy


  • chen

    home home homeboy


  • Joe D


  • JohnMatrix

    and hide yo husban cuas they rapin evbody out hea

  • JohnMatrix

    PS. leslie guidell is sexy!

  • Joe D

    I was so out of the loop on this Dodson thing…just watched the video…tremendous.

  • JohnMatrix

    Dodson! Dodson! weve got Dodson here!

  • Nikita

    Just glad you didn’t type it “Run and Tell That”

    Can’t you just hear some Masterpiece Theatre guy saying, “Run and Tell That, Old Cock”

  • Joe D

    This Dodson guy and SAID should throw out the first balls Saturday.

  • Nino Espinosa

    SAID! James, SAID!
    We often say as fans that we have an effect on the opponent. Based on Jimmy’s comments, I wonder how much the SF so called fans got under their skin? I bet they must have for him to say something like this….

  • Coal Hummels

    nino, you forgot the link

  • ChickPhilA

    4RELL! ha ha

  • James Fayleez

    Fadool > Guidel


  • Nino Espinosa

    Coal, I meant his comments about the fans that he told Leslie.
    My period key got stuck. Too much porn.

  • Dennis Nedry

    Nice hat Dodson

  • Max Power

    Well OBVIOUSLY we have a rapist in Citizens Bank Park

  • Dee

    Fuck yeah Jimmy! SAID!

  • the Dodson Experience

    well, ya’ll hearin me out there, I DID say, “run and tell that.”

    Ya’ll just need to open on up them ears and listen to what Ima tellin’ y’all.

  • James Anthony Happ


  • I love jimmy

    But JIMMY better bring it. ALL of it.

  • Gtrpower

    Anyway we could get this as a downloadable soundbite? I would love to make it into a ringtone!

  • Jdashdog

    Somebody that’s going tomorrow make a Pat the Rat sign

  • TonyIsDynamic

    SAID…SAID is the new Wear It, Suck On It.

  • ?

    Has anyone found the SF players to be extra obnoxious toward the Phillies? For some reason I feel this partially directed at the aggravation with the players in SF as well as the fans.

  • Jdashdog

    Why does Cody Ross wear all of that eye black at night? Who the fuck does he think he is?

  • Paul

    @Jdashdog i’d love it if a sign could span across left field that says “NO BODY MISSES PAT BURRELL”

    also, cody ross is a a combination of two of the gayest names in world history. the reason he wears all that eye black is because he’s a douche nozzle.

  • Maera

    Jimmy wouldn’t be making the call if he didn’t know Phillies fans could make Giants fans look like amateurs. Those at CBP better answer the call.

  • AP

    i’m going to be at the game tomorrow night, and i will make sure to bring it…SAID!

  • Schmitter22

    I’m just sayin’…………

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    This is Rollins’ reply to Timmy saying, “YOU STAY THERE.”

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    Oh, I forgot to put SAID after my previous comment.

  • PHLinPDX

    I can’t wait until the code for this site is updated to change the “submit comment” button to SAID!

  • Pat “the rat” Burrell

    Oh Boy, somebody is going to let me have it…hard.

  • Schmitter

    The deeper we get into the playoffs, the more expensive the tickets and hence the more “corporate types” sho up…we need the down and dirty yelling cheering whistling fans to somehow get into the stadium…

  • Dix


    He wears eyeblack because he’s not quite cool enough to wear his sunglasses at night.

  • AFN

    The rest of this team needs to take Roy’s lead and leave it all out there on the field.

    Let’s go.

  • SAID!

    San Fran ….You are SO DUMB…. You are really DUMB

  • BroadnPattison08

    run en tell dat nukka!

  • Jess

    You don’t have to come and contest, Roy lookin’ for you, Cole gon’ find you, Cole gon’ find you.


  • Pat burrell

    fuck u phils fans, I’ll hit a 2 run hr and steal your girlfriend

  • will.H

    pat, more like you’ll hit some 32 year old roastbeef and get the herp

  • Bobby Weenus!

    Only thing Pat’s gonna be stealing is a look at a called third strike.

  • I love jimmy

    The Phils have such pretty eyes!

  • teabaggler

    Question to Oswalt: Do you have a message for the fans or anything in terms of the ones that come to the game tomorrow?

    Oswalt’s reply: “They usually do a pretty good job on their own.”

  • Kate

    Hahaha, Little Roy continues to climb the ladder of awesomeness!

  • Victor Frankenstein


    Thass’ a raspberry. Yo.

  • GiantsWinThePennant

    Giants let you have it!!! muahahaha.

  • PHAN

    jimmy WTF, bro.. we knock out Sanchez in the 3rd, go up 2-0 in the first and we can finish? i couldnt be more pissed.. i wanted this team to go down in history! we were more than capable.. get everyone ready to play next year buddy! we have a 3 year window of where something ‘could’ happen if we get some hits… the pitching is gonna be there. stay focused and do this!

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