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Jimmy Rollins is a bad nickname-giver
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As you may have heard, Jimmy Rollins held his 3rd annual BaseBowl charity event last Thursday at Lucky Strike lanes in Center City.  His yearly bowl-a-thon allows fans to sort-of interact with the Phillies and bid on various memorbilia with the proceeds going to the Arthritis Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania.  An incredibly nice gesture from Young James.

HOWEVER, each participant is also given their very own bowling shirt, complete with a Rollins-decided nickname.  Most of these choices were questionable to say the least.  For example, Ryan Howard (pictured) was given the moniker ‘UPS’; not for his fondness of delivering runners home, but rather because they’ve been calling him Big Brown in the clubhouse.  Call me crazy, but I’m going to assume if Bill Conlin happened to call him that on DNL, he’d be suspended for life.

Other not-so-clever nicknames include Chase ‘The Model’ Utley, Jamie ‘Dyno’ Moyer, So ‘Asian Magic’ Taguchi (which mightaswell have been ‘Waiver Wire’) and the grammatically incorrect JC ‘Lo Roca’ Romero.  Poor Kyle Kendrick is so bland, his shirt was left blank.

After the jump, watch the explanation for the nicknames in video form…

  • Conroy

    The other day I saw Howard doing a post-game interview from his locker and tacked up behind him was a news-clipping with the headline “Big Brown Delivers.” or something to that effect. Obviously it was a reference to the horse, but I figured that was the nickname he had gotten from the team. Oh, those vaguely racist nicknames, how hilarious Jimmy Rollins.

    By the way, is it true Brett Myers’ shirt said “Boom, outta here” and Jayson Werth’s said “Vagina Chin?”

  • How do you spell retard?

    Brett Myers shirt actually said ‘273D’ (

    The toilets at CBP would disagree with Ryan ‘Big Brown Delivers’ Howard’s nickname being in anyway racist.

  • Phils Phan

    I figured he was called “Big Brown” because of the other story on Deadspin–the one where he, post-game and in the nude, almost took out someone’s eye.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    We can come up with better nicknames for these guys. Any suggestions?

  • Clare

    What? Are you trying to tell me Chutley doesn’t refer to himself as Chutley and Grampy Moyer doesn’t call himself Gramps?

  • Gigi


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