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Jimmy & Chase Discuss Charlie Manuel’s Bobblehead
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As if you needed another reason to buy tickets this year, the Phillies treated a large portion of this afternoon’s broadcast against the Twins like an infomercial for all the little trinkets they’re giving out in 2009. One of the most popular of the bunch will most certainly be the April 28th game against the Nationals where every fan in the house will receive their very own Charlie Manuel bobble figurine. Of course, I’m of the opinion that something this great will sell out on it’s own and doesn’t need any extra promoting, but the Phils got Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins to record a segment with it anyway.

The results were pretty funny:

Kudos to Chris Wheeler for that dead-on Charlie Manuel impression at the end there.

I thought it was him for a second!

  • Amanda

    Hahah, yes! Thanks for posting this. I saw it during the game, and didn’t hear what Utley said at first. Hilarious.

  • Shay Roddy

    Have you guys ever heard Joe Conklin’s charlie impression. “Hey, this is for Phil-a-del-phia… This is are for fans!”

    You gotta hear the audio. He did it with Charlie right next to him. the man’s a genius.

  • GM-Carson

    The Fightins are almost single-handedly turning my like into love for good ol’ Chuck.

  • Chris

    Great little video. I knew I wanted to post something about it the second I saw it during the game yesterday. This one minute video was far more entertaining then the actual game. Fuckin R.A. Dickey…

  • Walklett

    Wheels’ impression sounded more like Foghorn Leghorn.

  • Jay Ballz

    Good stuff. I heard LA talking about this on the radio broadcast. Thanks for posting it.

  • maria

    I love the tag, “Chris Wheeler is Easily Amused.”

  • custom bobblehead

    I saw his bobblehead model, I like it. good post

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