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Jim Leyland has a strange way of complimenting Placido Polanco
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The Phillies newest former second baseman who returned to the team as a third baseman spent his last four years under the tutelage of legendary baseball manager Jim Leyland.  During that time, the two obviously built up quite the rapport with each other, and now that Placido has returned to Philly, Jim figured he’d tell the press how appreciative he was.

Only problem is, it didn’t sound like much of a compliment (via Dave Murphy, 3rd item):

“I think he’ll be a really outstanding player no matter where he plays or where he goes,” Leyland said. “I like to use the expression, ‘He’s like an old shoe.’ Every once in a while, you might want to get a new, shiny one, but that one is still comfortable. That’s how I describe guys like him. Real comfortable.”

As a fan of new shoes (or as us cool kids call them, “kicks”), I really don’t see who would openly choose to wear a dirty old shoe if they have the means to buy a pair new, shiny ones.  Actually, I still have this old pair of all-white Saucony Jazz sneaks that, for some reason, were discontinued like 10 years ago, but the only time I’d wear those would be so I don’t fuck up one of my nice pairs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t like Jim Leyland’s analogies.

Phillies Notebook | Daily News

  • dlhunter

    Mike Piazza has no comment.

  • fuck the mets

    he /charlie’d the FUCK outta that


    No pain, no gain! Gotta keep Cadillacing the new shoes

  • Argive

    So . . . wait. Placido Polanco smells bad and looks faded and beaten up?

  • Lynniemac

    @Argive: …and quite possibly has fungus.

  • stinkbug

    who has the bigger cranium: tom mccarthy or placido? if someone has the exact dimensions that would be great.

  • Gonzo

    I still have this old pair of all-white Saucony Jazz sneaks that, for some reason, were discontinued like 10 years ago, but the only time I’d wear those would be so I don’t fuck up one of my nice pairs.

    Don’t let Meech fool you. He wears them with jorts at family barbecues and on Delaware Avenue.

  • dlhunter

    TMac’s head is only that way because of the drinking.

  • ill

    I have a pair of Saucony’s that I refuse to throw out even though they each have holes in the toes. They are easily the best pair of casual shoes I have ever owned. I like them much more than the NB’s I bought a few years back. You don’t fuck with what works.

  • Leon Black

    guess he couldn’t say hat because of Polanco big fu*king head.

  • mplant

    Polanco’s at-bat music should be “Old Brown Shoe”

  • will.H

    who throws a polanco, really

  • Busta Big Gload

    Ol’ Peanut Head, how we missed ye in PA!

    Now please don’t suck at 3B, PLEASE?

  • Phylan

    But meech, sometimes the new kicks are all stiff and give you blisters. That’s why you go back to the shoe store and give them $18 million dollars for an old, already-broken in pair that you have to wear for three years. And you convert them to mittens.

  • Joe D

    Maybe T-Mac thinks that if he talks nonstop his head will shrink. One of the better offseason moves they could make this year would be to get rid of that asshat and put Franzke on TV.

  • philip

    this is in no way an insult.. he is saying that he is a good fit and very comfortable.. new shoes are attractive but it is not guaranteed that they will fit, be comfortable, or if you will even like them.. polanco doesn’t stand out when you think of good players (he is underrated) and that is why you would be thinking of getting new shoes.. but you realize that what you already have is working great for you.


    Thanks for clearing that up, philip. I might as well go ahead and delete this post now.

  • jcole

    I am a regular radio listener. you can get rid of tmac, he blows, but keep franzke on the radio. I NEED IT. It’s like my crack, only I won’t suck off some dude to listen to it.

  • bigmyc

    I think the difference is that Franske understands and is young enough where he realizes that true emotion and vested interest in his calls is really the way to go, especially in this town whereas the McCarthy has sold his soul long ago to the demon that is, “Canned, Corporate Playcalling.”

  • Mark

    Meech, you’re obviously not even close to Leyland’s age. People old like that, like my father, are so set in their ways with such insipid factors in life.

    It’s funny he uses shoes becuase my dad had the most worn-out work shoes. I get more grip on the ground from oversized slippers than those Rockports, but they were too comfortable to make him get new ones. Same goes for those other shoes he wears around the house. I still can’t believe Spalding made cross-trainers.

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