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Jen Utley and her cat would like you to attend the Pup Rally
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The Megan Fox-ish wife of Chase Utley sashayed into the CSN studio yesterday with her evil cat Azrael to inform viewers about the exciting Pup Rally that’s going on at 5 o’clock this evening over at Rittenhouse Square Park.

Ohjudono?  The PSPCA has all the cuddly details:

Dress your dogs in their Phillies best and join the the Red Phanatic, Phillies Broadcasters, and Phillies Ballgirls to raise funds and awareness for the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA).

Drop off much-needed blankets and toys for the PSPCA. Cash donations will also be accepted and donors will receive a special ticket discount for a future Phillies game. Cats and dogs will be available to adopt.

The event will take place rain or shine in Rittenhouse Square Park from 5 to 7 PM. It is free and open to the public.

At 5:45 PM there will be a pup parade and a costume contest for the best-dressed Phillies dogs. Prizes will be awarded!

If you do attend, PLEASE take pictures of dogs dressed in Phillies outfits so I can hold a cutest puppy contest tomorrow.  I’m begging you.

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  • Tug Haines

    There’s a pup rally in my pants right now.

  • GM-Carson

    I knew she was pretty, but that still shot of her is absolutely capitivating. Utley is a lucky man.

  • Scott B

    Does Chase wear the other half of that heart necklace? If so, he is even more of a man than I thought.

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    I’d rally around her puppies, am I right people? Heyo!

  • j_romes

    Wow. Never compared but she is decidedly Megan Foxish.

    And I applaud everyone’s restraint in not going for the obvious Jen and her cat-by-the-other-name references. I’m struggling like Austin Powers in the “mole” scene here.

  • Tug Haines

    I thought about it. It’s even in her lap.

  • j_romes

    Killing. Me.

    But I couldn’t. She’s looking at me. I feel like she’d be disappointed with me. And I couldn’t live with that.

  • maria

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • J-D

    Chase could have done better

  • Jim

    I would do anything Jen Utley and her p….. umm…. fight it Jim, fight it….. gahhhh…..

    *unzips pants*

  • PhillyCubano

    man i would so be there if my dog had a phillies shirt. my gf gets him new clothes like once a month and i keep telling her to get something with the phils. can birdland help us out??

    id probably still have gone if she didnt have class tonight and if he wasnt a little dog who thinks hes tough and barks at and tries to fight every other dog he sees

  • Gaze

    I actually adopted my dog from the PSPCA 2 years ago… does that entitle me to any one on one time with Mrs. Utley?

  • Joey Wade

    i’d LOVE to get that pussy (cat)!


  • Gonzo

    no matter where you are in the room, her eyes are staring at you. Kinda like George on the one dollar bill.

  • ill

    when you set the pins up this easily, you are bound to get this many bad jokes in the comments.

  • Pets Answers

    thanx a million for this amazing article. It aided me alot.

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