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Jayson Werth doesn’t appreciate your catching of a foul ball, sir
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Uh-oh. Jayson Werth is getting angry!

In the top of the 12th inning of a tie ball game vs. the Reds, Jayson Werth was tracking a foul ball off the bat of Drew Stubbs when a fan didn’t allow Mr. Werth the ample space needed to make the catch and accidentally kept the inning going by preventing him from ending the inning. Jayson didn’t appreciate the effort made by the fan and told him to “get out of the fucking way” while his younger son looked on in horror.

It was rather unnecessary, but shit, the Phillies needed a ‘W’ here pretty bad. The way their luck has been going, I’m surprised Stubbs didn’t knock the next pitch into the outfield seats. Instead, he grounded out weakly to 3rd, and the Phillies won it on a Brian Schneider walkoff homer in the bottom half of the inning.

Then, Jayson, the fan, and his son all stuck around for the fireworks display and lived happily ever after.

The End.

Well, not really the end. Here’s the video, nosey.

  • Sophie


    Alright alright, im offically done now!

    *tips hat for thefightins for posting this*

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed


  • Steriods. Lot’s of ’em

    I’m pretty sure that 100% of Phillies fans would have down the same thing. So all the “What a douche that guy is” comments are invalid

  • Jay Ballz

    That kid will forever tell the tale of the time Jayson Werth f-bombed his dad and then ended up on Little f’n punk!

  • Greg Dietz

    In the end, this kid learned a lesson. Don’t be the Philly Bartman like your dad.

  • RicoBrogna

    lol @ philly bartman!

  • Sophie

    lol at the “you dont think that guys gonna do that”. Awwwwwwwww look at that poor kid look around like are they booing US dad :(

  • Amandah

    What makes this story even worse…. That’s not father and son. That’s molester and molestee.




  • RicoBrogna

    Werth is the one reaching in the guy is sitting in the second seat and just reaches up not out. Maybe Werth shoulda went Derek Jeter on him and dove in head first to try to catch it. I just feel bad for the kid.

  • 85

    Felt bad for the guy. It’s not like he reached out over the wall, he was looking straight up and probably never ever knew JW was coming. Just glad it worked out, dude looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock.

  • Sophie

    me too Rico

  • Mike

    Cutie one row back!

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    @roids: FALSE. Epically false. Demonstrably false. YOU LOSE! YOU GET… NOTHING! GOOD DAY, SIR!

  • Eric

    Fuck Werth for reacting that way. Fuck Meech for justifying it by saying “well we needed a win.” Fuck most of you for defending Werth’s reaction. The guy stood straight up in his seat and made a nice grab. In an ideal world the dude dips to the side and lets Werth catch it. The guy was not trying to cost us the fucking game. That’s a terrible reaction from Werth to a paying customer. Worry about hitting the fucking ball, Werth. He spent the night throwing equipment and yelling at fans. When the fuck did you get bigger than the game? Christ, grow the fuck up.

  • RicoBrogna

    This season is like bizarro world where everything is upside down! Last year we had the adorable father daughter moment and what do we get this year? This awkward father son moment. Weird. I will be sure to tune in every night to see what happens next!

  • The Education Specialist

    These would’ve been apt responses by the fan:

    “If you drove a guy or two in once in a while, we wouldn’t have had this chance meeting, jerk.”

    “Why don’t you shave that beard already?”

    “Wait, you’re still a Phillie?”

    “Tell Jen I said hi.”

  • RYAN302

    WOAH! Man, you just ran through a big pile of dog shit!
    – It happens.
    What, shit?
    – Sometimes…

  • weirdo

    Was the fan escorted out? Does that count as interfering with a ball in play?

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    “Letting sympathy for the stupid cloud criticism of the wrong is a common, yet equally unforgivable mistake.”

    -Thomas Jefferson….

    …..Jenkins, my next door neighbor. That guy’s wise as shit and knows the score.

  • I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay

    yo i like those jorts

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    And while we’re at it, Rico…. Sophie… ERIC says Werth was wrong… you guys really sure you want of piece of that action?

  • dmac

    I like this one too.

  • will.H

    “I’m pretty sure that 100% of Phillies fans would have down the same thing. So all the “What a douche that guy is” comments are invalid”

    No, most of us actually like baseball. When you actually watch the game.. you know the difference. Fans are not part of the game, period. Dumb comment part I. When’s part II coming?

  • Sophie



  • RicoBrogna

    I thought we agreed it was a heat of the moment thing. My reaction after seeing that was wow why is werth making a big deal like we were in the last game of the world series. it’s still the first half of the year and cursing at that fan won’t raise your batting average or take the bat off your shoulder with a runner on third.


    That’s just pent up anger from not banging Utley’s wife for a few days.

  • Suz

    Yes, the Phillies needed a W — they’ve been lacking in those, due in good part to Werth’s general suckitude.

    This was a dick move by Werth. As I pointed out in the other thread, the ball was in the stands. The fan did not reach into the field.

    I can understand Werth being upset that he couldn’t get to the ball, but he should not have reamed out the dad, in front of his son. That little kid looked like he wanted to cry.

    Jayson Werth needs to salvage this by making amends to the kid and his dad. I expect this kind of assholery from A-Rod, not from these Phils.

  • RicoBrogna

    Does anyone know what phillies player is on the back of that green shirt? If it’s werth that would be hilarious!

  • will.H

    Eric, if you drove a truck and someone cut you off, making you miss an important light, would you say “aw, gosh darn, that’s the way the cookies crumble! hyuck yuck!!”


  • boxage

    i was there and took part in the booing

  • Bobby Abreu

    Jayson Werth has no right to go in to the stands thinking he can catch a foul ball. Walls were built for a REASON!

  • weirdo

    I bet there are a bunch of female fans out there who wish Werth would use the word fuck in a sentence to them.

    Then again he’s probably stretched a little thin what with Jen and all.

  • Sophie

    hope Werth comes on here today more than any other day.

  • J

    Were the people at the game booing Werth or the fan?

  • RicoBrogna

    Werth shoulda made that catch. He’s got a glove for crying out loud! The fan barehanded it like a champ!

  • will.H

    J, definitely the fan. From most angles at the stadium, it looked like the fan might have interfered even though he didnt.

  • Sophie

    J I think the kid was thinking the same ?.

  • Rickey Otero

    To sum up the situation as a whole. The fan is not to blame, he stood up straight in the air and the ball was coming right towards him he had to catch it. Werth overreacted in the heat of the moment. You have to ask yourself to you want a right fielder that is content with not catching a ball within reach. I’m personally fine with Werth being upset, but in the end I would like him to apologize to the fan for his reaction. If the apology happens every thing will be hopefully fine.

  • Suz


    You know what’s even weirder with this bizarro world?

    That adorable father/daughter moment happened last year because of a foul ball hit by … Jayson Werth.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Suz: “I can understand Werth being upset that he couldn’t get to the ball,”

    But he DID get to the ball… he was there. It was about to drop into his glove… then a Green shadow drifted in like a fast moving storm and STOLE it.

    “but he should not have reamed out the dad, in front of his son.”

    Why not? I’m sure the dad’s yelled at the kid in public for being a bastard. Turnabout’s fair play. Besides, watch the clip… it’s pretty clear Werth doesn’t even see the kid.

    “That little kid looked like he wanted to cry.”

    It’s always a sad day when a child realizes his dad’s a moron. Part of growin’ up. That kid went home tonight… wiser.

    @Rico – no worries, bro. I still disagree about the hustle thing (same effort in april as in october, I don’t care). But I actually was just making fun of Eric.

    I’m also getting pretty annoyed by the comments disparaging Jen Utley’s honor. She’s a lovely lady with a badass husband who could very well open up a can of ass whooping on purveyors of this nonsense.

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    “GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE WAY” reminds me of a scene from one the greatest movies ever.

  • Sophie

    “you dont think that guys gonna do that”.

  • Suz

    @Chutley: You’re pretty sure the dad has yelled at the kid in public for being a bastard?


    Do me a favor: Don’t have kids.

    The ball was in the stands. The fan didn’t reach into the field of play. He moved instinctively to catch a foul ball, and realized his mistake immediately.

    Werth acted like a douchebag. And I imagine the Phillies PR department is going to make sure he makes amends.

  • will.H

    i cant believe what pussies we’ve become

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Incidentally, REGARDLESS of what was said, this would have been my reaction had I been that guy.

  • Sophie

    anybody care that James signed with the Heat? No?……………OK then. It was Werth a shot!

  • joe wade (IPWT)

    calling it: this exact moment is the beginning of the end for werth in this city if he doesn’t apologize.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Amen, Will… it’s disheartening.

  • will.H

    fan acts out of impusle–honest mistake

    werth acts ouf impusle–hes a “douchbag.”

    Not only is that one of the biggets poser insults, but it’s awful, twisted logic

  • Sophie

    hey Chutley, i thought you’d changed……

  • will.H

    haha JoeWade, if people dislike Jayson over this, they’ve stamped their case as the most fickle people in America. That’s about as unreasonable as it gets.

  • weirdo

    Well, Werth is presumably used to be on a baseball field and in the public limelight. The fan presumably isn’t.

    So no, Will, the one does not equate to the other. Werth is paid millions to know better. The fan paid $50-60 bucks for the 1:1000 chance to catch a foul ball.

    Nope not the same.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    @Suz – “Werth acted like a douchebag. And I imagine the Phillies PR department is going to make sure he makes amends.”

    If they do, get ready every 5th game to hear sections 302 & 303 chanting “FUCK THAT GUY! YOU WERE RIGHT, JAYSON!”

    And as far as a fielder (and fan) is concerned – the “Field of play” stops wherever the fielder’s reach ends.

  • ScottGraham

    Even though the ownership hasn’t been the greatest over the last, I dunno, ever, the Phillies have always taken pretty good care about the fans in the seats, I’m pretty sure as soon as the inning ended a stadium employee was over there to get that guy’s information. I’d be stunned if he didn’t leave with at least a ball signed by somebody, if not Werth. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Werth made to issue and apology and have to have a catch with that kid or something like that.

  • Suz


    I’m not sure what an impusle is … but even Kevin Millar, on the MLB network, was ripping Jayson for tossing the F-bomb at that dad, sitting there with his kid.

  • Freddie the K

    Game repla is on. I bet Werth gets caught with his foot off first again. And he still yells at the fan for getting in his way.

  • CTM

    @Chutley – Not sure if you’re just joking around like the rest of us or if your surprisingly heterosexual hard-on for all things Chase is making you go into shining armor mode, but yeah, we’re not seriously thinking Werth is dining on some Jen Utley brand tuna. To sum up, a troll brought it up from a RELIABLE SOURCE (read: an article some douche posted on a blog because he was bored), and it’s becoming a running gag here. Join in! It’s fun and easy! For example:

    “Speaking of catching balls, I’m sure Jen caught a couple after the game – IN HER FACE COURTESY OF JAYSON.”

    BAM! Comedy. Or something like that.

  • weirdo

    Scott, no way! Because to hear these “real fans” talk about it, Werth was totally in the right. The fan is just lucky Werth didn’t beat him to death with his glove.

    Why on earth would the Phils PR department do anything about that when Werth didn’t actually do anything wrong?

    That was sarcasm, in case anyone missed it BTW.

  • Freddie the K

    That is a lot to chant. Good luck.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Sophie – I apologized for being a misogynistic asshole in that one comment. That was totally out of line. I stand by the overall argument though. I’m frankly shocked & dismayed about everyone bagging on Werth. I don’t even know what city this is anymore.

  • will.H

    weirdo, im not sure how to respond to that nonsense. I’m insanely confused by what you’re even trying to say.

    If i came to your job and messed up your shit.. would a calm cool wave of serenity come over you if i reminded you that you made way more money than i did? How.. weird (o)

  • Sophie


    the apology needs to be PUBLIC. Who gives a shit what he does with the fan in private. This was a nationally televised game. The rest of the fanbase needs to know he’s sorry as well. Website apology maybe.

  • will.H

    suz ya got me, Kevin Milliar is actually The Lord.

    no wait, he’s also another goober sitting on hindsight

  • weirdo

    Sophie, no no. Werth didn’t do anything wrong according to these guys. What does he need to apologize for? The fan should get on his hands and knees and thank Werth for not beating him to death.

  • Sophie


    the city of brotherly love.

  • weirdo

    Will: So we don’t hold the professional baseball player making millions of dollars off the backs of the fans to a higher standard than said fan who was probably creaming himself when a fly ball even came in his general direction?

    Interesting take on that.

  • Freddie the K

    I don’t even think it has to be that big of a deal. A simple set of tickets to a game where Werth throws him a signed ball would be enough. If the media makes a big deal out of it you know fat-ass Sue Serio on Fox will waddle down to the ballpark to “cover it”, but the Phillies can find out who the guy and his kid are and give them seats behind the dugout where he and Werth don’t interact, and Werth can run by during warmups.

  • Suz


    I’m not exactly a fan of Kevin Millar. But that goober was a major-league baseball player, and I think it’s telling that he criticized Jayson for this.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed


    40% joking around
    60% surprisingly-heterosexual-hard-on-inspired Jen Defense.

    Girl’s a class act, is all.

    Now if you want to bust chops about all of the “Oh you just KNOW he fucked her” smiles/winks J-Dub’s thrown to the balls girls on his way out to Right, I’m your man.

    Freddie – “We’re Here. We’re Queer. We don’t want anymore Bears!” Right rhythm, ANYTHING can catch on.

  • joe wade (IPWT)

    @Will.H: this is negadelphia. i’ve been watching crap like this happen since the day i started watching sports in this city and it’s little instances like this that make or break a relationship with the fans. if they think he’s a jackass over THIS, then he’s a jackass for life.

    scott rolen, much?

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    EXACTLY, Sophie! So love a brother for doing his job with passion!

  • Freddie the K

    I actually once chanted “We’ll chant anything.” for about twenty minutes.

  • will.H

    weirdo, you’re assuming the fan that stopped werth from making the final out doesn’t make millions himself. Either way, each guys paycheck doens’t change the issue. Dummy thought he’d be big hero and catch a ball for his son. No big deal i suppose, neither is a naughty word. Both acted out of impulse so im not sure how you can take the one guys side because he makes less money come payday. Awful.

    suz, If 51 out of 100 MLB players side with Werth, I assume you’ll be ok with the situation?

  • TonyIsDynamic

    What the FUCK, Fightins?

    Is this like that animal movie where we’re trying to tell Jayson to GIT because we don’t want him to see us cry?

    Are we TRYING to distance ourselves from him so we don’t hurt if we trade him at the deadline?

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Joe Wade – Scott Rolen is a jackass for leaving. JD Drew is a jackass for snubbing us. Wes Helms is a jackass for sucking.

    Name one – ONE – player who was driven out of this town for showing TOO MUCH hustle and intensity. Christ on a crutch, that used to be the ONE THING we valued above all!

  • Lynniemac

    Chutley: I’m a girl. I have no problem with Werth yelling at the guy. While I think it would be nice if he apologized to him, I don’t think he needs to do so publicly (and really, to me, that would look orchestrated and fake, no matter how it was done, so what’s the point?). I know you apologized for your original comment, but I just wanted you to know it’s not ALL girls, k?

  • ScottGraham

    It’ll be a written statement that they’ll post on the website and that’ll probably get to ESPN that’s the usual “My behavior was not acceptable as an athlete or a role model, and I hope that this experience does not sour that family on the experience of attending a live baseball game.” He’ll probably field some questions before the game, maybe have some WIP time talking about it with The Cuz or something.

    I don’t think there was any problem with the initial F-Bomb, it was a heat of the moment type thing and the guy should have stayed in his seat if he saw the giant dude with a enormous beard barreling towards him. But when Werth saw the kid, he should have shut up. He shouldn’t have looked back and said it yet again.

    The best part about the clip is what Wheels is saying he told the guy, though. I just picture Werth saying exactly that, in Wheels’ voice.

    I still think this pales in comparison to basically LeBron telling the entire city of Cleveland to go fuck itself, though.

  • Freddie the K

    Not gonna lie. I still disagree with you and don’t appreciate you calling me retarded etc., but i remembered I’m on the internet, so think what you will and I will too. You can even call me a pussy for siding with the fan. At least we agree that chanting is decent. Shit you could even chant that.’ Chanting is decent… Chanting is decent… Chanting is decent.”

  • will.H

    haha wait wait wait, you buncha fakes

    Chase Utely offended millions of families when he said World Fucking Champions, yet most, not all, treat him like he’s Jesus Ghandi Christ Washington Obama

  • Sophie

    @ Freddie

    first lol @ run by during warmups. You sure know you’re baseball.

    Second-I disagree, i think it does have to be that big a deal. It all goes back to the game being nationally televised. Contrary to our beliefs Phillies Phans also live outside the Philly area. I’m sure most of them do. I mean, here we all are on a website that is well enough frequented by fans, but of course not all Phillies Phans. We may hear it through the grape vine in Philly and via this site that the fan got tickets and a t-shirt, but what about Phans throughout the rest of the country?

    Cant believe than MLB has this shit on their site. They should be fucking embarassed!

  • weirdo

    Werth’s held to a higher standard because he’s a professional making millions of dollars to act like a professional on the baseball field. That’s his job. And he’s got millions of reasons not to loose his cool at the fans (who pay his frickin’ salary.)

  • ChoochiMan

    At least it wasn’t on the level of Bartman. He got his son a souvenir. Nbd. We won the game later that inning. Lmao. But JDub was PISSSSSSEDDD! I never knew Jesus was so intense.

  • Howard Eskin


  • will.H

    weirdo, im sorry. Not for my opinion, but for yours. Money doesn’t hold anyone to a higher standard. A cop responding to a domestic disupute should ask one question.

    ‘excuse me, maam, sir, how much money do you both make?’

    spare me dude

  • 0157H7

    Hey Red Sox fan here

    I’m not here to troll or to be an asshole. Just wondering what you’ve heard about Werth possibly being traded by the end of next week because of problems in the clubhouse ? I’m hearing all of these crazy rumors. Do you think they are going to trade him ?

  • Phils Phan

    Listen: All will be well tomorrow when Werth presents father and son with a minibat which Werth used to perform an amateur colonoscopy on Amandah.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Freddie – I was being facetious calling you retarded. I often forget that on the internet, no one can your sarcasm. Chanting is great. And the “Chanting is Great” chant is, itself, great.

    Lynnie – I don’t think it’s all girls! That was a stupid comment I made to be “That guy.” honestly. I know there are plenty of equally phanatical vagina’d die-hards out there, no worries!

    Sophie – honestly, I don’t mean to keep picking on you, I don’t! But… who gives a shit if it was nationally televised?! When did we start giving a shit what ANY other city thinks about us? If he apologized, fine (but I hope the Green Meanie apologized right back…), but making a big deal about it is what MAKES IT A BIG DEAL.

    And finally, Tony – while your comment is hilarious, I actually thought about that. Like… psychologically… is the city actually YELLING at the dog it can’t bare to say goodbye to?

  • Freddie the K

    It took a couple of views, but I’m over it.
    Wonder if Green shirt Guy is?

  • Dont mess with werth
  • Sophie

    @ Chutley

    I dont mean to keep picking on you either, i dont, but when you type “making a big deal about it is what MAKES IT A BIG DEAL”. This makes me understand that you are serioulsy and asshole! How long have we been on this site now, talking about something that according to you “isint a bit deaL”. Come one dude……….

  • will.H

    89 made me LOL at 2:07am

  • ScottGraham

    Don’t mess, Werth isn’t injured enough to be Edge.

  • weirdo

    Will: So being a professional in a particular field doesn’t hold one to a higher standard than a nonprofessional?

    Interesting. So if your doctor botches your surgery, I’m sure you’ll hold him to the same standard as the homeless bum on the corner who can’t tell an artery from his ass. Or maybe you’ll expect him to be a professional and tell him he better do a good job because you’re paying him to do it.

    I would demand the latter but it sounds like you’d be ok with the former. Takes all kinds I guess.

  • Sophie

    typing too fast to spell words right but fuck it!

  • Freddie the K

    On the replay Werth just got doubled off again. T-Mac makes the wrong call, as usual (saying that it doesn’t matter that Werth’s foot is on the bag even though it is off), and Werth is standing there with his foot off the bag because he is a sulky bitch. I might keep watching the game to see if he redeems himself by making a nice catch of a foul ball in the stands. If he can’t do that maybe he pops a homer in extras to win the game. Either or, and I’ll give him a pass for his shit performance and body language tonight.

  • Mr. Strategery

    I’m pretty sure Jayson just wrote his ticket out of town. He reacted like there was a contract extension falling out of the sky in which he was attempting to catch, rather than a baseball.

    Thanks for the memories Jayson, it’s been an incredible ride.

    Everybody ready for the Dominic Brown era?

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    I’m glad others see the likeness. My buddy in NY is a Muts fan, and everytime the Phils play them, when Werth is up, I get this text: “You think you know me….”

    As for the other topic… I’m done. It’s clear Will, myself and others are in the outnumbered (albeit CORRECT) minority.

    City of Philadelphia
    1701 – 2010
    Cause of Death: Pussified

  • will.H

    weirdo, analogies aren’t your thing. If a bum sat in on the surgery and bumped the doctors arm.. yeah i’d be pissed. get it? It has to do with one person interfering with another, not asking a homeless man to perform heart surgery which he’s obviously not qualified for. Your analogy would pertain if Werth went for the catch or Radio went for the catch.

    Really.. with that analogy? Now my head hurts. What a weirdo.

  • Greenman!

    Fuck anyone that is pissed at Werth, Sure it’s “look at Werth’s lack of effort” or “damn we suck why can’t we win!” but nooo when Werth shows a little frustration after losing two to the Braves you freak out. If the next ball went out of the park and we lost you’d be singing a different tune. Piss the fuck off.

    Aw poor retarded mohawk kid.

  • will.H

    97.. Chutley, that last line is brilliant. Thank you for reminding the repeat offenders.

  • Lynniemac

    will, if the bum bumped the doctor’s arm, I hope the doctor would yell at him for it.

  • weirdo

    Chutley, if you really want to take that view of it, the city really died last year when that dad didn’t beat his kid to death for throwing that foul ball back on the field. I mean jeezus, she was only like 5, but it was a foul ball for crissakes! What a pussy!

    (And yes, that was a joke I in no way advocate child beating. Just beating on adults.)

  • Ashley

    Wow what a jack hole. I feel so bad for that guy and his kid. Anyone else would’ve done the same thing. Now I hope we trade Jayson Werth for some bullpen action.

  • Sophie

    I gotta work today….

    In the words of Kenny Powers, Werth: YOUR FUCKING OUT!

  • will.H

    haha Lynnie, YES

  • Lynniemac

    Oh wait, no. No, I don’t. Because the doctor makes so much more money than the bum.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    except to say this, then I’m done for tonight:

    To Strategery and others of similar sentiment:

    Fuck you, you front-running, thankless, fickle fans.

    If they trade Werth and bring up Brown (instead of putting him in left when Raul’s done)…. as much as I love Brown and I’m excited to see him, I’d laugh my ass of if his knee fucking exploded and ended his career, because it’s exactly what you fake fucking fans deserve.

  • will.H

    weirdo, you have a weird way of making a point. You’re purely exaggerating to grasp the final thread of a failing argument. No one thinks the father should have beat his girl (yay you were joking!), it was a meaningless foul ball. Jayson vs. fan was a meaningful foul ball. Fan got selfish, Werth reacted out of anger. Stop doing the analogy thing, it’s making me stay up later and later.

  • Greenman!

    Chutley go soon, they will certainly tell the Mets where you are.

  • Sophie

    @ Chutley

    Mr Angry has basically forgotten that we’re all rooting for the home team here. You’ve disproved all your asshole arguments with that last one.

  • weirdo

    Will: If the doctor invited the bum to watch him perform surgery and the bum was paying his salary, I wouldn’t expect the doctor to scream at him because he accidentally bumped his arm.

    But I’m the kind of person who thinks it’s completely unnecessary for a professional to chew out someone who makes a mistake, instantly realizes it, is sorry for it, and it doesn’t impact anything.

    Guess I’m the crazy one here. What this world needs is more cursing at folks who make innocent mistakes.

  • will.H

    Lynnie, it’s nul. The bum makes zero dollars so the doctors insults are void.

    Wait, so if we disagree on something.. can we expose how much money we make so we know who should act way more professional-erzz

  • Mr. Strategery

    Wow, Chutley. I’m rather impressed with your hostility, not so much your speed

    Fickle and thankless? You’re mistaken, my friend. I’m simply stating the facts. I love Werth and think he’s an amazing player who’s contributed massively to the efforts over the past few seasons.

    By the way, we won tonight, remember?

    Get some sleep, sounds like you need it.

  • will.H

    “Will: If the doctor invited the bum to watch him perform surgery and the bum was paying his salary, I wouldn’t expect the doctor to scream at him because he accidentally bumped his arm.”
    Oh ok, because Jayson Werth invited the guy to the park to steal the foul ball. Keep on rockin those analogies.

  • Sophie

    hate then Will.H and Lynnie are having cool convo whilst Chutley and myself keep biting each others head off.

    All those for Will.H and Lynnie to go to bed say FUCK WERTH!

  • will.H

    weirdo, im pretty sure Werth screamed Get the fuck out of the way approximately .912 seconds after the incident. If he ran back over after the play and peed on the boy, we’d be having upset conversations.

  • joe wade (IPWT)

    above all i’m worried about werth. it’s just the kid of thing that the media around here could tear apart.

    “could be blow up on a fan like this again?”

    “is his attitude a problem behind the scenes?”

    “could his negativity be affecting his play at the plate?”

    they could pile meaningless, agitating questions on him, or they could see it as nothing. I hope to god it’s the latter.

  • weirdo

    I admit it Will and Lynnie. You won me over.

    More cursing at folks who make innocent mistakes is in order! When in doubt, curse, blame, and curse some more!

  • Greenman!

    I hope Werth gets signed to a 4 year deal just to piss you people off now, Viva La Beardy!

  • Lynniemac

    will, I was being sarcastic. I was also going to add that the bum probably brought his kid with him to watch your surgery.

    Sophie, um…huh?

  • Sophie

    whose side are you on Greenman?

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Sophie, I was clearly being hyperbolic. I’ve rooted for this team, as well as attended their games, since quite literally longer than I can remember – 2 years old. I shall continue to root for them, even when (hopefully not for a long time) they suck again… and the one thing I can look forward to then? knowing that the true fans are in the not-exactly-sold-out seats around me.

    “Werth just wrote his ticket out of here?”

    “Acting like a contract extension was falling”?

    “Hope we trade him for some bullpen action”?!

    Jesus… Now I know Jimmy was right about at least some of us…

    bunch of fucking preening, whiney, prima donna bitches. Unbelievable.

    Greenman, I’m beginning to think this blog has been taken over by the conspiracy! I don’t recognize it right now….

  • will.H

    weirdo, when in doubt, ask someone their salary and we can clear it up.

    i like what you do though.. you proclaim we’re advocating everyone curses at eachother. I said that in comment twen.. thirt… fifty… when?

  • Sophie


    its fucking late-keep your posts to two sentences max.

  • Greenman!

    I’m on Werth’s side of course, I mean the guy is a dick yeah (my close personal source went to high school with him and said so) but he got caught up in the moment and yelled. Doesn’t even notice the kid. Adrenaline and losing can do a lot to you.

  • weirdo

    Will, you’re defending Jayson cursing at that guy with his kid there for an innocent mistake. So uhm, yeah. Bring on the blaming, yelling, and cursing. Unless you’re saying it’s ok for Jayson but not ok for everyone else.

  • StevieKeys

    I watched that play about 10 times on MLB.TV, trying to put myself in both person’s shoes. I think the play just happened so fast. Sometimes, you just see that ball falling, and NOTHING else. You see guys screaming all kinds of obscenities after a strike out or a bad pitch, it just so happened that this time, a fan was involved. God, think about how much you yell at the TV during a game, and you’re not even playing! I do believe Jayson was 100 percent wrong, but I also think that he will make amends for that. He has to, because I don’t believe that the rest of the team would let it go down like that. That poor kid! When I ball is hit in your direction that hard, it isn’t always about catching it, its about not getting your teeth knocked in for not paying attention! Say the fan DID see Werth coming, what would happen if he missed the catch and someone got hurt? The play was unavoidable, and Jayson showed poor sportsmanship. Hopefully, he will fix it. But thank GOD for Schneider’s little wack tonight!! =)

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Everyone needs to just have this bullshit STOP, ok?

    Cut the crap RIGHT NOW.

    Everybody listen to this. It’ll chill everyone out, ok? Good:

  • @0157H7: I haven’t heard that rumor, but who knows really. I remember reading or hearing that they would look at where they are in the standings and see if they have a chance at the playoffs/wildcard. Then yesterday the GM said he would consider trading a player from his 25-man roster. “We don’t want to weaken our club, but if it weakens one area and strengthens another we might do that.”

  • ScottGraham

    Will, it was fine that he yelled get the fuck out of the way. But he turned and said it again after he had already walked away and had to have noticed the kid there.

    I mean, I guess we have to realize that this isn’t a guy like Jim Thome or Jamie Moyer. Most of the core of this team are guys in their late 20s-Early 30s, don’t have kids, and maybe it doesn’t even cross his mind to be a role model or watch his mouth.

  • Sophie

    @ Lynnie

    it was a tired joke, fuck it.

    @ Greenman

    I guess, but im not letting him off the hook that easily

  • Jayson Werth

    Buncha slack-jawed faggots in here.

    You all just can’t handle that I’m a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Impossible Sophie… It’s not my fault… I’ve tried to be succinct, but… I’m Irish.

    I do need sleep, though. This thread has turned an AWESOME night into one that finds me, half a bottle of Jameson later, ready to grow out a Jesus beard and troll the streets hunting fat morons in green tee-shirts.

    Good night all.

    Forgive them, Oh Bearded One. They know not what they do.

    Go Phils.

  • Ghettoduce

    Sources told me the dad in question is bangin Werth’s niece.

  • Greenman!

    The conspiracy is spreadin! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • will.H

    weirdo, we need to draw the line between innocent and flagrent. The fan wasn’t being innocent.. he meant to go for the ball, knowing there were 2 outs in the top of the 12th. Jayson knew what he was saying when he said it.

    both acted abruptly. I do not think it’s ok to yell at kids, but, i dont tuck in my polo shirt to my dockers. I don’t belong to the PTA board. I’m not a big pussy. People do/say shit. I’m going to interfere with your job and expect a gift card and a few souveniers in return.

  • Sophie

    the kid should have cried.

  • Choochie Man

    Lmfao 132 Lmfao

  • Chase Utley

    I banged Jason’s mom while she was sitting in the exact seat the guy was who caught the foul ball.

    Fair is fair.

  • Milt Thompson

    Why is nobody talking about the obvious stories? We hit TWO solo homeruns!

  • mas

    it looks like Werth just bitchslapped the shit out of that dude in the pic

  • will.H

    big hairy scary man yelled at me!

    I hope someone files a lawsuit like that lazy fuck of a lady did against the Phillie Phanatic. That’ll make me feel really good about America.

  • Sophie

    @ Milt

    Your looking for the recap thread.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    I am SO glad I hit refresh one last time. I was 1st left wondering how it was possible that Tony’s comment 128 made me smile while simultaneously increasing my homicidal rage, but then J-Dub’s Jesse Ventura “Predator” reference on #132 made me quite literally “LOL.” There’s the Fightins I know and love.

    Night, all.

    In the name of the Ryho, The Beard, and the Young James. Utley.

  • Kyle

    Werth, bad move. This guy, and the thousands like him, who take their kid out for a good time, pay Werth’s paycheck. Real classy Werth. You obviously appreciate your blessing to be where you are.

    I wish I was there, I would of drilled the coward.

  • Greenman!

    You know my favorite part of this whole incident is A. a classic and enjoyable Fightins thread and B. no retarded trolls. Enjoy it people.

  • Mike Zagurski

    I just bought a Cuisinart Stainless Steel Griddle & Panini Maker for my locker. Thanks Woot!

    Now if that damn Carlos would stop asking me to make Chicken Cases of Dildos, whatever those are.

  • Sophie

    @ Greenman

    i could always change my name and troll :)

  • weirdo

    Yeah Will I gotcha about maybe doing something on the spur of the moment. The fan did something on the spur of the moment. So did Jayson. I don’t agree with what either one did. I do think that Jayson should be more professional since he’s probably been there done that and the fan hasn’t.

    All that being said, the fan immediately realized he was a dumbass. Jayson kept jawing at the guy even as he walked away.

    I just don’t like that esp. since at that point he could see the kid standing there next to his dad. You don’t rip a guy a new asshole in front of his kid. That’s just douchy.

    That being said hopefully Jayson realizes the error of his ways and apologies. I certainly hope so. I like to think the players on the Phillies are “good guys” (maybe I shouldn’t, I dunno.) I guess I am just disappointed in a player I thought was a “good guy.”

  • Sophie

    81st sellout in a row! werth could have acted better, we’re about to break 100.

  • Greenman!

    You could Sophie, but honestly I think people are getting flustered over Wertz so I might be the only one paying attention.

  • Greenman!

    But anywho now we need the bat thrusting gif of shane from home plate after the walk off and I will be happy.

  • Sophie

    i’m fuckin out

  • Choochie Man

    Rated R Superstar was about to Edgeacution the dude and his son over the rail and onto the warning track

  • ScottGraham

    There’s no trolls because there’s nothing they can say. Werth emasculated some guy in front of his kid and will undoubtedly, whether it’s forced or not, issue some sort of apology. Johan Santana is a rapist and Chipper Jones cheated on his wife.

    I think those trump Jayson.

  • Choochie Man

    Damn kid shouldn’t have broke his dad’s nuts about getting him a ball during batting practice. Dude wasn’t thinking staright.

  • Rich

    What is with half the comments on here taking shots at Werth’s hitting? Newsflash, retards, Werth has been the best hitter on the team.

  • Joe Blanton

    Wow that literally took me 15 minutes to read all of those comments… and reading makes me hungry. Time to go heat up some popcorn.

  • ScottGraham

    Rich, have you watched a game in say, the last month?

    Seriously, I spit water out of my nose when I read that. Best hitter on the team? Really. What’s his average with RISP?

  • Mike Zagurski

    I have a panini maker. Let’s do sixteenth dinner.

  • Phils Phan

    I digress:

    I know this isn’t a basketball blog, but you must respect someone who fires a salvo like this.

    In the words of Eric Cartman, this is so awesome…

  • Bartolo Colon

    Hey Mike and Joe, give me some!

  • weirdo

    Scott: I know there are other asshats who are worse, but those guys don’t play for my team. I guess I’m harder on “my guys” because I expect more out of them then I expect out of asshat Santana.

  • Mike Zagurski

    That piece of shit Dimitri Young just stole my panini maker! And it had a panini on it!

    Quick, Joe, to the Smart Car!

  • Greenman!
  • weirdo

    Phils Phan: That letter is fucking awesome. I don’t give a rats ass about basketball but I will def. have to root for the Cavs after this. Man, I wish one of our Philly team owners would have the balls to pen a letter like that. Awesome.

  • Phils Phan

    @ Greenman!:

    That is awesome. But even awesomer is this conspiracy theory diagram. ZwR really blurs that line between genius and insane. And I love it.

  • chris

    hahahha YESSSS at 160

  • ScottGraham

    Phan, that letter is awesome. If I was him I would sign a bunch of enforcer type guys and just stack my bench with them, and then whenever we played the Heat, send them after LeBron’s knees.

    LeBron’s gonna find out real quick he doesn’t like sharing the spotlight, three guys are gonna take every shot, and I bet that team’s broken up within two years.

  • alexander the so-so

    Apparently Jayson apologized and is now an honorary member of their family.

  • Phils Phan

    @ alexander the so-so:

    Bangin’ a member of the guy’s family doesn’t make him an honorary member of the family. It’s faulty logic like that which caused Delonte West to show up, uninvited, to LeBron’s Thanksgiving Dinner for the past two years.

  • alexander the so-so

    Wow, what the fuck are you talking about? haha.

  • Lloyd Christmas

    Hey, So So !

    Where did you get my 1979 family greeting card?!

  • jcole

    He can’t catch anything anyway, why would he be able to have made this catch?

  • Rich

    My mistake; I was not aware that anything that happened more than a month ago no longer counts.
    Also, yes, I have been watching.

    Werth since June 10th
    .279 .371 .442

    Holy crap! That shiz is KILLING the team. Get a clue, bro

  • YankeesSuckArod

    While Werth probably did get out of line, I don’t think many of us would have acted much better in his situation. We needed this win, VERY badly… and Jayson was trying to close out the inning. Maybe he wouldn’t have caught the ball either way, but he was clearly very frustrated and reasonably so.

  • Uncle Charlie’s hands

    Lets get it straight. Even though Jayson is “athletic” and 6 feet 8 inches, but if you look at the video carefully, he wouldn’t catch up to the ball. Therefor it that innocent fan didn’t do shit but made a better catch than Cueto. Jayson should be pissed for not having Hawaiian speed, not at the fan. Trade him for the Sixers since he has caused shenanigans ever since he banged Mrs. Utley.

  • nICCIg101

    I’m a girl…and if i saw this moment live, you’re damn right i would be screaming the good old ASSSSSS HOLLLLLE chant

  • Not the Rich from post 157

    Oddly enough Joey Votto asked Werth to get out of the way of 1B earlier in the game. Werth obliged. Shuddup Werth

  • TonyIsDynamic
  • YankeesSuckArod

    I would almost rather have the Mets get Cliff Lee…at least they aren’t the trendy fucking pick to win the World Series EVERY.FUCKING.YEAR!

    Nothing gets in the way of my absolute hatred for the Yankees,their players,their owners,their coaches, their manager, and especially their arrogant douchebag fans!

  • TBOH

    Yeah, catching the ball would be the fan’s instinctive reaction. But when you just lost 2-3 to the first place Braves, nothing seems to be going right, everybody just found out about you wailing on your friend’s wife, and it’s almost the All-Star Game and you’re still in 3rd place after promising a turnaround at some point, the player’s instinctive reaction is going to be to scream at the guy. I am totally fine with that. He should probably apologize, but man. We all have bad days. Jayson’s just had several thousand in a row, that would make anyone edgy. Imagine if people decided YOU should be run out of town just because the Pearson account slipped through your fingers.

    Yeah. THE Pearson account.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    this is just par for the course at the Bank in 2010. being a season ticket holder for a few years now i see the fans this year have become more and more about “me” down then any other. the crowds are just awful and very complacent and not really getting into it, whether it be an idiot kid getting tazed, the fat moron ruining a game by running on the field or the “fans” in general getting up and walking around in the middle of an at bat or not getting loud on 3-2 counts. that was a catchable ball (if a player can touch the ball is still in the field of play)and green shirts should have gotten clear for the home team to end the inning, you know what a fan should be more concerned about

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Also, LET’S GO METS

    They’ve got Dickey, Pelfrey, and Santana. Sweep the Braves.

    Then fuck off.

  • Meat

    You people (except will.H) are totally insane. No one has a problem with Werth when the team is playing well and he’s hitting home runs but now all of a sudden because of this stupid shit he’s not even fit to play in Philly anymore?

    Any real baseball fan would see the dude in the stands was wrong. If Werth even conceivably has a shot catching that ball, you have to get the f out of the way and let him try. This is one of the problems with seats close to the field. People sitting there have the ability to impact the game but often care the least about what is happening on the field.

    And if you think Werth owes the dude/his kid an apology, you are further insane-er. This might be getting a little deep but this is the biggest problem in American society today: everyone feels that they’re entitled to something. Werth doesn’t owe that dude shit, the Phillies don’t owe that dude shit. When he paid for the ticket, the Phillies agreed to play a baseball game and he agreed to have the right to watch. That’s it.

  • grapes911

    Maybe Werth should care less about a foul ball and more about not stepping off the base. The fan should have responded, “Stay on the fucking base.”

  • Tess

    If I see a ball coming right at me, I’m putting my hands up and catching it. What was he supposed to do? If Werth missed, it would have probably hit him or his kid. He did the right thing.

  • Adam Eaton

    Wow…… I have a viewing party and cookout to watch “The Decision” and entirely have no interaction with the Phillies for one night and this is what I come home to? One hundred and eighty some comments later and I still don’t know how I feel about this. Don’t do that to a father in front of his child.

    Yea, I know I got serious on this one. It will never happen again.

  • Capt Murdock

    I have read through this whole thing and I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the fans true motivation in catching this ball.


    Its not like it was a bunch of college guys being overly aggressive. It was a father trying to protect his kid.

    I think a lot of this anger toward Werth has to do with the game as a whole. Dude got tagged out on a play that is on par with “The Hidden Ball Trick” and then like 30 seconds earlier acted like he just made a Willie Mays-ish catch by hanging on the gate like a total tool.

  • The Sad Kid who’s Dad Fucked Up

    I don’t agree with what Werth did but he is human & just let his frustration go a bit. All the trade rumors & struggling play has to be taking a toll on him mentally.

  • Adam Eaton



  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    what does him being a father and having a kid have anything to do with this? NOTHING!!!!!! guy in the green shirt fucked up, kid or not. having a child with you does excuse your ability to be a fuktard. he should be teaching his kid from right and wrong (right – dont interfere with a ball in play and wrong – cheering for von hayes)also, have none of you been to a game during the vet days? god this city is it turning into Flusings, NY with the pansy fans showing up, i think shane was right about what he was saying the other now

  • freshlikeuhhn

    he deserves it for giving his kid that stupid haircut and wearing JORTS!

  • dmac

    The Mighty Dan Gross writes the Utley/Werth stuff “pure and utter horseshit.”

  • Steve Bartman

    Meat’s right…when it is the home team’s foul ball coming your way, you do everything in your power to hold your ground and try to catch the ball. When it’s the opposing team’s foul ball coming your way, you do everything in your power to GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY so he can catch the ball.

    I was going to games for years and never appreciated this RULE because I always wanted to catch a foul ball while I dreamed that one day the Cubs would win a World Series in my lifetime. Then look what happened to me….

  • Dan Gross

    @Adam Eaton- it’s not true but the Jeff Carter having relations with Scott Hartnall’s wife were.

  • Kevin

    it’s kinda hard when a ball is going to land on top of your head to get out of the way and expect werth to make the play. what if he doesn’t make the plan, and the ball hits his son right in the face? i think he would get boo’ed worsee for that. that being said, if he does get out of the way and lets werth make the play, i am sure werth would have given his son the ball. werth can be mad all he wants, he wants to win the game, but it’s not right to curse a father out in front of his young son.

  • Minty Fresh

    Where the fuck is That Guy?

  • Capt Murdock

    @ LA’s Liver: Him being a father has nothing to do with his actions. Him having a child sitting next to him about to take a ball off the skull if he doesn’t catch it has everything to do with it.

  • acasualobserver

    It seems pretty obious that the ball was NOT going to land on this guy. He moved forward an entire row in order to get it which means it was not as much of a reaction as people are making it out to be.

    Also, why is everybody so surprised about Jayson Werth being an asshole? Everything I’ve heard is that this guy has a history of being increidbly rude to fans and having an unwarrented sense of entitlment. When I saw this happen last night I wasn’t surprised by his reaction at all, right or wrong.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Hot rumor is right now that we ship Werth to the Yankees for Javy Vasquez if this Lee deal goes through.

    Say goodbye to Beard. Literally.

  • Weems

    We should put that guy in the field. Great hands.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @Capt Murdock
    if his child is that important, then why not shield his son or move him away from the ball coming at him instead of being more concerned about trying to catch it

  • WhyCan’tWeScore?

    How about you get angry by doing something with your bat, Jayson? You’ve been pretty werthless lately.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @acasualobserver iv’e met him an it’s all true. he is an asshole, he is dismissive, he loved his weeds and women. i guess i’m different here and dont need the player on the “field” to be role models, just win… and that is exactly what the Phillies have done

  • Nikita

    Somebody needs to add this as the soundtrack to that clip:

    If Mr. Greenshirt was so concerned about his son’s safety he could have thrown his body over the kid. Who’s paid $7MM to field the stinkin’ ball – Werf or Greenie?


  • Curt Schilling

    Catching a foul ball that Jayson Werth could have caught to end the inning is the stupidest thing that fan ever did. Yelling at the fan is the stupidest thing Jayson Werth ever did.

  • Capt Murdock

    @ LA’s Liver: Did you see the play? How would he have moved his kid? There was a railing on one side and a packed row on the other. To your next point, isn’t what he did the definition of trying to “shield his son”?

  • Joe

    That kid probably wishes Werth was his did.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @Capt Murdock yes i saw the play, i was there and saw the replay. they guy was boo’ed last night as he should have.

    shielding a child also isnt making a play for the play, it’s actually making the kid the priority… not the ball. now instead of looking like an emasculated douche-nozzle to his son, he would get to live on in obscurity

  • Fightins Fan

    Say bye bye Jayson Werth — this guy has done nothing for the team for a while now…… frustrations are high and he took it out on a fan in front of a young boy! NICE!!! That’s class for you! Not such a tragedy to see him get traded now! The guy did not reach over to get the ball — it was hit directly at him! It appears that he wasn’t even aware that Werth was going for the ball. If anything, Werth should have been yelling at his team mates for not covering home on the passed 3rd strike ball — which allowed the run that tied up the game in the first place! Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!! Should have never gone into extra innings!!

  • tofoomeister

    @Greg Dietz: Way too late, but considering how this town loves to prepend ‘ph’ to every damn thing, Philly + Bartman = …..PHARTMAN

    (I smell a t-shirt)

  • TonyIsDynamic

    No one wants to talk about the Lee to the Yankees, Werth to the Yankees, Vasquez to the Phillies rumors?

    This is big shit.

  • don

    Jesus H. Christ are a lot of people overreacting. He yelled about 3 words in the heat of the moment and then walked away, like if you got cut off in traffic on your way out of the parking lot. It’s not like he stood there for 30 seconds belittling the guy.

    If Werth didn’t go for it you’d be calling him soft.

  • John K

    yeah, love werth but cursing at a father in front of his kid like that was really bad. i know the father didn’t think about it like this, but his son would have remembered jayson werth catching that ball in front of him for a long time. now he’s just going to remember his dad getting cursed out by a baseball player…

  • Capt Murdock

    @ LA’s Liver: I think I would be agreeing with you 100% if the guy moved into the field of play to catch the ball but that never happened. He literally stood straight up in his seat and caught the ball as it came close to hitting his son. That is making his son a priority.

    Again, if he moved away from his seat and reached over the rail for the ball then I see your point. It just seems pretty cut and dry to me.

  • Nikita

    @Ghost of LA’s Liver:

    “have none of you been to a game during the vet days?”

    It’s pretty obvious from the thread who did and didn’t. Some of us used to go to day games at the Vet just for the Experience. It didn’t matter if the team was playing good bad or indifferent.

    And it was before the Era of the Soccer Mommy.

  • Tim

    Hey it could have been worse. could have happend during a playoff game in which the kid would watch his dad get verbally and depending on surrounding crowd physically abused

  • TonyIsDynamic
  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @Capt Murdock

    watch the video again please, he did not just stand up and catch the ball, he got up and made a play for it. if a player can reach the ball, it’s still in the field of play and yes he did take step up and in front of the kid. if he was concerned in the first place he’d be on the last seat by the edge, not the kid

  • Capt Murdock

    @ Nikita: Is it really obvious?

    So because some of us think it might be wrong to curse at a kid and his father then there is no way we could have ever been to The Vet? That seems like some pretty solid logic.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @Nikita thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! this culture of “everyone gets a trophy/parent schedule play dates/no one fails” is disgusting. i remember the mid to late 90’s of being on of 100 in all of the 700 hundred level watching the Phillies go 25-137 year after year. it’s amazing at such a short memory people have and what pansy people have become

  • TonyIsDynamic

    “I’ve been a fan of a team that used to be a real shitty team longer than you have! Give me my owed sense of entitlement!”

  • BJ

    Werth said in an interview that he would love the opportunity to play in NY, and on top of that, nail every teammate’s wife and/or girlfriend

  • Nikita

    “That seems like some pretty solid logic.”

    It’s my claim to fame, babe.

  • Ed

    Maybe if Werth hit a ball or two in the later innings and drove in a run, he would not be diving into the stands to steal a ball from a kid and his dad. Hey Mr. Coolguy Werth, why not try swinging at the ball when you are at the plate instead of getting backwards K’s!!!!!!!! The dad stood up, caught the ball and sat down, THAT IS WHAT YOU DO IN THE STANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for D-Brown to be in the field and this bearded clam to be not swinging at the plate for another team.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    May 2010: BEARD!!! WERTH IS MONEY =D


  • JP

    I say trade Werth to the Yanks for Phil Hughes and some prospects, or to the Red Sox for Jon Lester and a bowl of baked beans. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, it’s Friday.

  • Adam Eaton

    @JP Don’t even feel bad. I’ll bet J-roll loves baked beans and I like that you are looking to spread the wealth through a trade. Two thumbs up.

  • Capt Murdock

    @LA’s Liver: I watched it again and I stand (no pun intended) corrected. Dude did stand up and move in front of his kid. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree because I see nothing wrong with trying to protect your kid which is what I think he was doing. You believe he was making a play for the ball which is fine. We have no real way of knowing what his true intentions were.

    With that said, I think we can agree that the first outburst from Werth is understandable. It was a gut reaction. What bothered me was him turning back around, looking at the Dad and cursing at him again.

  • Sarge’s Ballboy

    Jayson and that dad both deserve a kick in the dick

  • JP

    They both should look for something “middle-in” in that case.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Holy Christ… I can’t believe what’s going on here. All of you. All of you – with the notable exceptions of those who are obvious – are johnny come lately sons of bitches. Seriously. Whoever made the comment about the bank changing this year… they’re right. Now everyone hates Werth?! Are you fucking kidding me?! And now everyone (including the Red Sox/Yankees) see this as a trade-worthy incident? Someone’s actually excited about the prospect of Javy fucking Vasquez? I’m… I think I’m having a hatred aneurism…

    you bastards are ruining the team I love…. and this happened fucking FAST. It’s not even the all star break and you fickle, forgetful, frontrunning fucks are DONE with a key contributor to the first World Fucking Championship season in 28 years?! Fuck you. I hate you. I hate the fatass in the green shirt. I hate his little mulleted bastard. I hate all of you. Fuck you all.

    Go back to bitching about the Eagles, you stupid twats.

  • don

    Werth leads the league in pitches/PA every year. It’s what he does. Power, patience, and virtue of taking a bunch of pitches his fair share of Ks looking. It adds up to a very good player. Not everyone is Chase Utley or Mike Schmidt. Wait, people booed Schmidt for taking too many pitches too, never mind.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @Capt Murdock – without knowing the guys true intentions is true, we both are just seeing it differently but i do not agree that the guy had an malicious intent. he was just at potsy of bartman type levels.

    @Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed that was me. and it really is absurd. didnt the Phillies just win the cities 1st world title in over 25+ years and then go back to the WS the following year, oh plus back to back to back East champions? theses are the same people trying to run cole and now werth out of town at the 1st sign of a problem

  • Natalie

    I can’t believe I’m waking up to hundreds of comments about Werth’s cursing. I *agree* that Werth was rude by cursing at the guy. But I GUARANTEE that I would have also lost my temper and yelled/cursed in a situation like that. I am not only a fragile, delicate, woman (I get my butler to type these comments so my fingers don’t touch the keyboard) but I am also a Sunday school teacher (for real).

    Werth looks like he could and would kill a man. Do we really expect better etiquette from him than from me?

    Losing temper happens. The people calling for his head make it sound like he went on a racist tirade, beat his wife, or beat Chase Utley’s wife.

    I 100% agree that he should apologize (and for all we know he has), but relax.

  • Luther Mac

    I woulda killed him

  • Capt Murdock

    My favorite thing to come out of this is the idea that “If you don’t agree with me then there is no way you have been a fan for more than 3 years.”

    Oh and I’m not excited about VaZquez but I am excited about Brown.

  • maria

    I’m disappointed in Werth, but I’m sure as hell not ready to see him go. All the talk of trading him is being overdramatic and completely unnecessary. I will say though that agreeing with Werth’s actions doesn’t make you any more of a fan than those that hated seeing him do that. Also, I don’t look for MLB players to be my moral compass, but I would prefer them not to act like ginormous tools to the fans paying to see them play.

  • Mr. Strategery

    Chutley you are completely misguided. You accuse everyone of being whiney bitches, but listen to yourself. Accusing people of being frontrunners and thankless is irresponsible and ridiculous.

    I’m a season ticket holder and have been a diehard Phillies fan for nearly 30 years. Nobody, especially a douchebag like you, is going to question my fanhood and the fanhood of many others who frequent this site.

    Werth’s reaction last night was simply an overreaction. I’m sure he’s apologized and probably signed the ball for the little kid. Attacking people on this blog because they have an opinion is extremely childish.

    Get over yourself. Nothing makes you better than any other Phillie fan. As a matter of fact, your comments fit the classic stereotype that most Philly fans get a bad wrap for. Congratulations.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Nutbag in green wasn’t seeing him play, though. He was trying to catch a ball and impress his kid. Had he been watching the game, he would have realized that it was a game we needed to win psychologically, it was the 12th fucking inning after 2 blown saves and that the ball was playable. Fans like that, we don’t need.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Strategery –

    I embrace those stereotypes, sir, because they befit a passionate and knowledgeable sports city. This new pussified, “aw, that poor kid is upset and his dad feels like the jackass he is, let’s trade the mean ballplayer!” attitude disgusts me, and as a fan for 30 years, I’m surprised it doesn’t disgust you.

  • Nikita

    “I hate the fatass in the green shirt. I hate his little mulleted bastard.”

    If it turns out that mullets and kelly green t-shirts on fatasses are forevermore banned from CBP – then this incident was so WERTH it! Get it? LOLZlolz all day long.

    *My favorite thing to come out of this is the idea that “If you don’t agree with me then there is no way you have been a fan for more than 3 years.”*

    There’s that, and the fact that one of Amandah’s posts finally got a laugh out of me. Sick as it was.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    oh, and also – caring about a random dick who pooched a guaranteed out over the ballplayer and team said dick and – if you truthfully are a season ticket holder, than YOU – pay to cheer on and support? THAT does make you an inferior fan to me.

    PS – Fuck yourself.

  • Capt Murdock

    @ Nikita: Agreed! Then again it is the first one that doesn’t follow the tried and true formula of:

    I would like to in my .

  • Lebron

    stop what you’re doing and look at me

  • Capt Murdock

    Allow me to try again:
    I would like (insert player) to (insert innuendo) in my (insert second innuendo but use baseball terminology this time) .

  • maria

    The guy and his son were at a game and stayed until the end. He saw a foul ball coming towards him and he stood up to catch it. After the fact, he saw Jayson Werth had a shot to catch the ball and felt bad. He didn’t need it to be compounded by having Jayson Werth cuss him out and in front of his kid no less.

    God forbid, we feel bad for that guy, because if we do, we’re not real fans. I am actually really over this and think we have to agree to disagree.

  • Mr. Strategery

    I just figured it out… Chutley is Jeff Francoeur!

    Only a Met could be that big of a douchebag.

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    Honestly who gives a shit about anyone elses’ opinion?! Its Philly for christ sakes. I dont particularly care for the Eagles becuase andy ried is morbidly obese. We can hate people for retarded shit and thats what makes us great.

    The only reason im pissed at Werth right now is becuase he banged Jen and didnt have the decency to text me any action pics…

  • Nikita

    “Had he been watching the game, he would have realized that it was a game we needed to win psychologically, it was the 12th fucking inning after 2 blown saves and that the ball was playable.”

    You just cut to the chase. How many of us were watching, or listening to this game, saying: just END.THIS.GAME Phils, come on already! Close it down! Instead Greenie was in his seat waiting for the moment – HIS moment – when he could grab a ball to take home with him. “dum dee dum dum, I’ll just wait to get a ball for my trophy case, dum dee dum dum…” (DUDE where’s your priorities?)

    Well at least Junior will never commit such a heinous faux pas.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    HA-fucking-ha, Strategery.

    “Oh god, he’s pointing out that I’m a feckless fake-fan…. quick, who’s the guy on the Mets with the teeth who complained about something?!”

    Turns out this new incarnation of Phightins’ fans sell out not only our ballpark, but the team that plays in it.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Amen, Nikita. A-fucking-men.

  • Mr. Strategery

    Francoeur, I actually don’t have a clue what your last post even meant.

    I’m sure it was some sort of meaningless criticism, like the rest of your posts, but I’m starting to figure out that you didn’t do well in English class.

  • Phillies!

    You cant blame Werth for being pissed. I watched the game and I was pissed. Chances are Werth would of gave him him the ball anyway. Now the guy was trying to be a great dad and give his son a ball, but at the time and situation what he hell would you interfere with the game. Stupid.

    That kid is traumatized for a while. And can any of us forget the time a fan caught the ball and made the away team win the game. Note to fans if they have the potential out and its your team that needs the out. DONT CATCH THE FUCKING BALL!!!

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    Capt Murdock says:
    July 9, 2010 at 10:43 am
    Allow me to try again:
    I would like (insert player) to (insert innuendo) in my (insert second innuendo but use baseball terminology this time) .

    ok, i’ll admit, this game me a good laugh

  • YankeesSuckArod

    Hey everyone, let’s just go ahead and trade Jayson Werth for a bag of balls, and then sign Frank Thomas to a Minor League deal!

    He’s retired and can’t field any position anymore, but i’m pretty fucking sure he could still spark more offense as a pinch-hitter than we’ve been seeing out of the Phillies lately!

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    quotations denoted an inner monologue on the part of the mocked (you) as related by he who is doing the mocking (me).

    It was an imaginary rendering – or little scene, if you will – intended to humorously point out that faux fans often hide their shame by accusing their betters of being the most obvious enemy that even a tourist from Micronesia would know is hated by the Phillies.

    Notice, also, that until you called me out, I did not specifically mention your name in the “I hate you” tirades. I was lashing out at the idiots calling for Werth to be traded and wasn’t, at the time, even aware of your existence. The guilty newbie doth protest too much, methinks.

    Fucking Sanctimonious Cunt….

  • Jordan

    jayson werth should be traded for this. i don’t care who we get in return. he just bought his ticket out of town. go to the yankees you piece of shit bearded asshole.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    That was directed at Strategery, by the way, lest anyone else get their panties in a bunch…

  • BJ

    Cliff Lee to the yankees? well fuck me with a brick

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    I take that back as I just now see Jordan’s asinine comment above. You can apply all of my hate-filled wrath to “Wrong-Place, Wrong-Time Retard #1” aka Jordan.

  • Watrick

    I’ve been finding it rather funny that people have been using curse words while saying that Werth was in the wrong.

    For me, I find it offensive that people get so offended by somone yelling. That kid heard that same phrase from the people around him all night, and probably heard about 100x’s worse after his dad made a move on the ball to make the catch.

    And why aren’t the Phillies making ethnic themed shirts for guys that are actually on the team? I’m sick of seeing those damn green shirts everywhere. I used to like them, but only when they wore them for St. Paddy’s Day. I could understand getting one with McGraw’s number and everything on it, but aside from that, it doesn’t make any sense. And the ones with the shamrock in them? Hell, isn’t that the same as getting a jersey and putting your own name on it? And yes, I’m Irish, but only in decent, not in rooting interests in a baseball team. Give me someone from Ireland, not someone who’s descended from Ireland.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed i 2nd this

  • Mr. Strategery

    Francoeur… whoa, whoa, whoa. I made my “Werth just wrote his ticket out of town” comment, and YOU accused ME for being a “fickle and thankless fan.” I did not antagonize you in any way. Funny how quickly you forget the course of events.

    I think this issue’s been beat to death and there’s no point in arguing with someone who embraces the Philly stereotype.

    See you at the game tonight, I suppose? Or will you be analyzing the game and the fans in the stands from your couch again?

  • Helene Stephens

    I think Werth showed a lot of restraint, considering the situation. Fans are NOT supposed to interfere with ball-play.

  • diane

    i am sick watching this, Werth is a dick and should make a formal apology to this man and his kid and compensate them in some way. what a way to ruin a night out for father and son. he didn’t reach into the field of play, it was a foul, it was coming right for his child, what father wouldn’t try to catch it and protect his child/get a foul ball that is coming his way. Werth is classless and no way to show appreciation to his fans that look up to him, especially children. what a dick.

  • don

    Mr. Strategery, the people trying to send Werth out of town for a two second long overreaction to losing a possible out to a fan are fulfilling the Philly stereotype. Booing good players for no good reason, permanently unhappy with everything.

  • Lebron

    diane, you’re so classy

  • will.H

    anyway, i bet the dad still had a good time. He caught the ball and the phils won the game.. then he saw some fireworks. If someone yells at you, does it really ruin your night? If it does.. toughen up a bit. Werth was wrong, but he didn’t beat the kid with a sack of dead seaguls.

  • name (required)

    FUCK THE FUCKING KID! WHO CARES! I was screaming at the tv also! I’m sorry if some soft wimpy kid from the suburbs got his feelings hurt! BFD! We all need to get a kick in the balls sometime! Werth was in the heat of the moment trying to win the game. I’m sure he wishes he didnt terrorize that kid after the fact, BUT GODDAMN, LET A MAN BE PASSIONATE ABOUT HIS PROFESSION

  • name (required)

    And for everyone talking about ruining the father and son’s night – That asshat almost ruined 45,000 other fans’ night!

  • Frank

    Per a very good source – “Werth gave the guy and his son a bat, ball and signed glove between innings. Just an FYI and he apologized.”

  • Shirts

    what the person above me said

  • That kid from the stands

    My dad sux. Boooooo.

  • bigmyc

    Ah Jesus. Give it a rest already, people.

    Werth didn’t catch it. The guy did. The guy and the kid will never forget the moment. He didn’t interfere with the field of play, he just didn’t have the awareness to get out of Werth’s way. He made a nice catch. His son is now confused about the whole thing. It wasn’t a playoff or any really meaningful type of ballgame. The Phils’ won anyhow. The guy will probably let that type of ball go to the right fielder next time….unless it’s Bobby Abreu.

  • name (required)

    There are no little games. You along with all the post 2008 frontrunner fans who just want to pay their ticket price and enjoy the scenery are exactly what’s wrong with these softening phillies fans (fans?) these days.


  • …..

    Anybody see how the other players reacted to this?

  • JohnMatrix

    Jayson is playing hard just like you want him too. we all would have reacted(acutally we all did react watching at home) the same way. it really angers me how people are turning on werth just because hes slumping and is in a contract year.

  • Frank
  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think Werth ever saw the kid. Looking at the video way more times than I would like to admit it, it appears to me that Werth’s feet are barely back on the ground and he’s saying something to the Phartman. I believe he couldn’t have seen the kid at that point. Then as he walks away in the first segment of the video he looked over his shoulder then turned his head back away from the stands and said something. He appeared at that point to just be displaying frustration as he would after a strikeout and it seemed that he was a good distance away by that time, so I don’t believe it could be considered another admonishment of Phartman.

    I also don’t see why there is so much of a problem with Chutley, it’s my belief his initial displeasre with some posters wasn’t so much their disagreement of what occured and who did what wrong. Chutley seemed to take offense to the kneejerk reaction of people calling for Werth’s dismissal from the team as though he were a criminal.

    Jason shouldn’t have reacted as he did but I understand why he did. (3rd out fan fucked up)

    Phartman shouldn’t have done what he did but I also understand why he did it. (I want ball)

    If Phartman was right in doing what he did he would have been cheered. 45,000 others didn’t see it that way.

    Even the Cinncinatti announcers commented that Phartman was wrong.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Frank Ichiro’s play involved the young lady directly not a big dude obscuring her from his vision.

  • Eric

    Will.h and Chutley, I could only read about 20 posts from the two of you before my head almost exploded. You guys are collectively the stupidest single person I have ever met. This isn’t about the pussification of Philadelphia or a heat of the moment reaction from Werth. He screamed at a father in front of his fucking kid. How in the world is that comparable to what Utley did during the parade? If I have to type out the difference to you, then you’re even more useless than I had imagined.

    Werth kept up the charade as he sauntered back to RF. As I previously mentioned, he also spent the game looking like shit, arguing with umpires, and throwing his equipment all over the field. This is a fucking professional baseball player. If Milton Bradley wants to act that way, fine, let other organizations deal with that bullshit. When I watch my professional teams, I take pride in knowing they tend to play the game right and honest. What I saw last night was a disappointment on so many levels. I don’t care if you lose, just give it a hell of a shot (see: Flyers). But yelling at a paying customer for an honest action (can’t even call it a mistake)… that’s fucking absurd and indefensible. To make matters infinitely worse.. it was a fucking game in July against the Reds. Christ. Again, grow the fuck up Werth.

  • Steve

    Eric 283. Right on. Werth showed himself to be a total and complete pussy. Take the disappointment like a man and get back to work. Unprofessional, spoiled bitch of a player. You’d never see that crap from the real stars like Utley, (no, the parade thing is not the same), Ichiro, (he showed the high road), Jeter or any other super star. Werth is a flash in the pan who’s scared because every day he sucks on the field he’s losing the $’s he thought the Yankees were going to pay him. What a douche.

  • Steve

    Further, if Werthless said that to me in front of my kid I wouldn’t hit him in the back of the head with the ball. Prick.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    I came in to work & laughingly talked about this ‘incident’ in a total of – oh – 3 min to an office bud. Per usual first thing clicked the Fightins site & I saw …. allll of THIS. I’m stunned, seriously staggered at the negative reaction toward Werth. I expected the knowledgeable, sports-loving, passionate Phila fans to side with Werth. Phila fans generally demand that their players be equally PASSIONATE b/c they’re constantly calling players on the carpet when they believe they see even 1 split second of heel-dragging. Instead I read all kinds of bizarre, PC, modern-America excuses of hatred for Werth, irrelevency about his play of late and his paycheck, and how he should be traded?!

    Solidly 1 month ago every person here was lauding him for the exact same passion he exhibited last night, loving the beard, and fighting over exactly how much money he should be paid. Now people have always known he was a dick, now he’s a hairy monster, now he’s werthless? Even his patience at the plate has gone from being amazingly great baseball & ruining pitchers, to standing stock still & keeping the bat on his shoulder & watching the ball go by. WHAT?

    God. Damn. It’s almost 1:00pm — It took me all that time to catch my breath.

    Since when have Fightins posters EVER sided with a guy wearing a GREEN Phillies shirt? Those shirts should be banned (I’m half Irish). Those seats they were sitting in should be banned. Fans interfering with plays should be banned. Sports writers & tv commentators who fuel this shit should be banned. GM’s who listen to fans & make trades based on fans should be banned.

    Omg, okay, I’m turning into Lewis Black as I type. Calm calm.

    Chutley, Will.H, Meat – Pure brilliance, keep on. Greenman, Larry’s Liver, Lynnie, Steve Bartman, Tony, Maria, Nikita, Don, Natalie, Phillies! & Helene Stephens: Each of you said at least something or all of what I thought & said it better & funnier than I could’ve as I read through the posts. No need to repeat, thanks.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed


    Section 303, Row 5, Seat 17. For the uninitiated (which you’re not, you 30-year-fan, you…), that’s in the outfield, fair territory, 2 sections to the right of the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is a Philadelphia symbol stemming from its origins in Carpenter’s Hall, where the 2nd Continental Congress voted for Independence. Independence is the state of freedom won from a hated oppressor, such as America from England, or Me from unfunny, moronic, casual fans who would rather coddle someone else’s kid then see his team win a psychologically important & hard fought game.

    So I say again: 303, 5, 17. Come say hi. Call me random Mets names. Tell the whole section how I was being unreasonable and how Jayson Werth should be traded for offending your delicate sensibilities & giving you the vapors by doing his job with the hustle and intensity that we’ve historically demanded from all of our players.

    Then be prepared to have them laugh at you and call you names while I shove your glib, pretentious, front-running tongue up your own fucking ass. Who knows, maybe J-Dub can stop by and we can share a joint along with a huge group of fans who appreciates his effort in between rounds of the game, “Make the terrible fan cry, apologize, and then thank you for the lesson.”

    Go Phils.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Sorry, I meant to mention D3 & Name for their thoughts. Great points, well said.

  • maria

    Jayson Werth’s reaction to that fan was not passion, it was aggression. I would also love for him to take out his aggression on a ball instead of a fan.

  • don

    It may have been aggression but it’s the same sort of reaction anyone with a pulse would have in the same situation.

    But lets go on and force trades of good players and watch 70 win teams again, that’ll be fun.

  • Meat

    Damn, Phan, I can’t believe you read back that far. Thanks. So how long before national media makes a story of this, or does it stay relegated to local blogs?

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    I think he was trying to take out his aggression on the ball. Dad might’ve gotten in the way.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    i miss when philly was tough, the fans didnt give a fuck and just wanted to win

  • will.H

    Eric I read 2 sentences of your post before I realized you’re lumping Chutley’s opinion with mine.

    Talk about an overreaction. You’re acting as if Werth raped a nun. I could care less about the feelings of a fan, just like you could care less about everyone’s opinion but your own. I care about the out, not some fake ass philosophy on Professionalism. He yelled at a guy a split second a fan ruined the chances of ending the inning. They were both being selfish. If you’re such a crusader for all things right in the world, why come down so hard on Werth for showing some emotion and not on the fan for showing nothing but stupidity? How about protecting your son? Somehow this guy is a hero to you. Before you act like i’m giving Jayson Werth a trophy, you should have realized i dont think he acted perfectly. I just don’t think fans are entitled to anything such as ‘free tickets,’ as someone suggested elsewhere.

    How do you feel about Chase Utley? You lemmings are so proud of “WFC.” Sure, so am I because im not a vagina.. but where was your dissertation on professionalism? Name a Phillie you’re proud of and i’ll give you an example where they’ve used foul language on the field of play. What are we even talking about anymore? picking and choosing

  • will.H

    “Werth is a flash in the pan”


  • Robert

    With the vulgarity and sexuality that is on regular TV at family hours, we are going to condemn this guy for saying something on an impulse in a live professional sports game? Watch Keeping up with the Kardashians or some of the other crappy reality shows that show nudity and vulgarity as a matter of pride. Go to the CD rack of your store and see what your kid can see for free.

    Our country is no longer a country that cares about morality. This incident is one of the cleanest on TV in comparison. The guy should apologize, give the kid something and move on. And Dad if you are a Phillies fan, help the team not yourself when you go to the game. Or not and say you paid for the tickets and are entitled to it. Everyone just making way too much out of this.

  • Jb

    Werth owes an apology. I would have lost my F’ng mind if he did that to me with my kid next to me. Werth needs to yell at himself for not performing and not take it out on the fans. That goes for all of these athletes. Shane stopped short of calling us frontrunners only because he didn’t want to feel the same wrath J-Roll got. You know what? If you’re sucking, we are going to tell you and NO we aren’t going to CHEER when you’re losing. Feed off of us when you not doing anything and playing unfundamental BB? Please!!! BTW Werth is now a DoucheBag in my book.

    And BTW @ #79 Will H. Douchebag Werth directed vehement use of the F word toward a fan AND in proximity to his kid. Utley was celebrating and used it in that context. You’re a tool.

  • Sari

    Paar for the course for Jayson… make the fans feel good, especially the son…..

    I was in Washington, opening day…..Phillies fans all around. watching them stretch and getting ready for batting practice. Werth had shaved.. lady in the stands says that he looked soooooo good. Jayson, sitting on the ground, stretching, looks at the lady, shrugs his shoulders and says, “So??? I didn’t ask!”. I’m sure he made her feel like a piece of crap.

    No class.

  • jayson werth

    Im sorry to the dad and kid. I was upset at the moment and I let my emotions get the best of me. Now everybody get off my back and stop twittering me and requesting to unfriend me on facebook. LOL

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Meat: I’m laughing at your last post. I didn’t intend to read all of it but I seriously could NOT believe that foul ball in the extra inning that I wanted to be over so badly turned into all of this. I just kept reading all the hatred in complete disbelief.

    Are you kidding, Meat? Oh, it’s out there already. There’s nothing the sports press loves more than beating the crap out of Phila, its fans, and its teams. The rest of the baseball world loves Jayson Werth. And sadly, they want him. It’s only g.d. Phila & their newly found PC attitudes (and possible amnesia of baseball passion?) that apparently does not. Boy, I really wish someone with an ounce of brains & a lot of power would bring all of this hideous nonsense to a stop. Just end it.

  • will.H

    i met this girl sari once and she like “ew mister” and i was like “naw” and she was like “grrr” and i was like “stooop.”

    no class

  • Jude Newcomb

    i think the dad should sacrifice his son to appease the god.

  • Eric

    Will you lost me when you said the fan showed stupidity. The guy immediately cowered into his seat because he knew he messed up by not allowing his team to record the final out. He made a mistake and clearly was upset with himself. I’m not sure how that is showing stupidity. Keep grasping for straws. You are what is wrong with Philadelphia and its fan base. You have this.. romantic view that Philadelphia fans are supposed to be battery-throwing neanderthals. Fuck that stereotype. That is the type of fandom that ESPN promotes and we all HATE. We try to show some minimal level of class – holding a local player accountable – and you would rather us all yell at eachother (fans yelling at fans). Why in the world would you advocate that as the type of behavior we should STRIVE for? You just want to feed into the notion that we’re all assholes so ESPN can keep saying it. You seem to love the bad guy rep we have. That’s fine, but learn where the line is. Applauding Werth for yelling at the fans is indefensible. Do us all a favor, go back to WIP where the ‘real’ fans debate sports. You clearly have no fucking clue how the real world works.

  • will.H

    “Will you lost me when you said the fan showed stupidity. The guy immediately cowered into his seat because he knew he messed up by not allowing his team to record the final out. He made a mistake”

    Mistakes are stupid sometimes.

  • will.H

    and um, haha wait.. I have a romantic view that we’re supposed to throw batteries?

    What size shoe do i wear? Do i like handjobs? Am I good at poker?

    The way i see it, you’ve been waiting to dish out that commentary for a while and you picked a poor moment. lets start with what you dont know

    1. I dont advocate violence
    2. I didnt applaud werth
    3. You’re criticizing Werth for making a rash decision to yell at a guy, but yet you’re taking your time to act like a prick.
    4. I’m not whats wrong with Philadelphia because I think both parties acted selfish.
    5. You don’t know everything no matter how hard you fake it
    6. You take arguments to an outrageous, disappointing level. what class!

  • Nikita

    @298 –
    “lady in the stands says that he looked soooooo good. Jayson, sitting on the ground, stretching, looks at the lady, shrugs his shoulders and says, “So??? I didn’t ask!”. I’m sure he made her feel like a piece of crap.”

    Like he hasn’t already heard ten thousand lameass lines from women trying to boink him. The only thing she felt crappy about was that she didn’t succeed.

    Girl trying to pork J-Dub: mmm baby you look sooooooo good. Dam you hot.

    Jayson to girl: GTFO before I taze your ugly ass.

    I think that demonstrates a LOT of class and also a good appreciation of protecting oneself from any number of nasty microbes.

  • Watrick

    “You clearly have no fucking clue how the real world works.” –written on an internet blog comment section. Also, using the same curse word that you’re crucifying Werth for using.

  • Scott

    AMEN to point this out!!!! It was not the playoffs and even if it was Jayson Werthless has proven that he is an ass. I am a Phillies fan and the look on the poor kid’s face was heartbreaking. Ummmmmm let’s see how many fans would have thought to let it go in the hopes that JW would come to the rescue. Almost as big a jerk as Ron Jaworski, but at least you could feel good when Jaws got his bell rung.

    Last night JW went down a notch in my book. I was hoping to hear of an apology to the father and kid, but nope, Werthless went home and plopped his huge head down on his huge pillow and dreamt about himself.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Green-Dad might’ve realized he’d made a mistake b/c passionate Werth (albeit in the heat of the moment) yelled at him for his “mistake” and b/c passionate Phila fans (albeit in the heat of the moment) booed him for his “mistake”. I think that might be where his contrite behavior came from. But I’m not entirely sure he would’ve otherwise believed he’d made a “mistake”.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Phan Stuck in NY-

    Brother, I’ve been trying. But my attempts have been met with contempt and poorly-thought-out zingers by “diehard fans” who think Bystrom is another name for buffalo, Bunning is what a pitcher does to move a runner over and fondly remember tuning in to Dick Allen’s New Years’ Rockin’ Eve.

    I fear the new “golden age” is fast becoming the “good old days” and that now every all star we develop or discover will have to pass a potty mouth test, or so help us god, we’ll ship you to our incredibly successful rivals! Don’t think we won’t!

    Fucking embarrassing.

  • PhillyBorn664

    Seriously? Can’t believe 287 of you wasted time on something so irrelevant.

    Don’t worry – Yanks are getting Lee, and we won’t make the playoffs, and if Werth goes, we can always get Ichiro who treats fans a bit more nicely when they get in the way.;_ylt=Ag0XHcCo9XGwoHVX3re1bWsRvLYF?urn=mlb,254874

  • Jayson Werth

    Come on, PhillyBorn.

    If Green Shirt had tits like that I would have given her a bat.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    didnt we run Rod Barajas out of town for his lack of passion? and now werth’s overly passionate reaction is being villified?!?!?! wtf people? when did athletes have to be good people? wasnt the Round mound of rebound an piece garbage and the city loved him? the new PC/”daddy protect me from everything” Philly blows goat

  • Sari

    you missed my point will.h. read post 81. said perfectly.

    Driving a truck, miss a turn, no one around, say what you want. Professional ball player, in the public eye, there’s an assumed behavior to be upheld. And dropping the f’bomb on a fan is not one of those behaviors expected of him.

    The fans look up to these athletes…. is there no human compassion any more? How he made that kid and his dad feel.

    Lighten up dude!

  • Eric

    Watrick – it has nothing to do with the words he chose. It’s his decision to yell at a paying customer. I would be just as upset if he didn’t use any foul language at all.

    Will – Nice list. Not sure what relevance it has. You have fallen into the trap that 1) the FAN made a mistake and 2) this is all about the choice of words. Both of those points have lead you down a ridiculous path of nonsense. The fan didn’t do anything wrong and he still felt bad about it – point fan. Werth screamed at the dude in front of his kid for no good reason – negative points. The fan wins this little bout, that’s all this is about. If Werth would have jogged over and apologized, I would have felt much better about it. For you guys to justify that type of bullshit on any level is just absurd.

  • Swift

    @PhillyBorn664, that posted link says it all folks.

  • Todd

    To all the people defending Jayson Werth and to Jayson himself:

    Jayson, I would assume your 3rd Grade Son would be devastated if say Joe Bruce ran over during the World Series (assume you are in the stands) and yelled at you to get the &*^&* out of his way.

    Here is the deal bud. God gave you grace and talent, and you got lucky to be playing MLB for a living. You owe it to that kid, to apologize to that dad and send him some signed baseballs, etc.

    Be a bigger man – the Schofield way!

  • PhillyBorn664

    When I was young, players knew respect!! Now they are a buncha hoodlems!… ; )

    What if the puking philly fan met Jay-son Werf? Hmmmm….

  • Watrick

    I would just like to announce to everyone that hates Jayson Werth, you should burn your tickets in protest. I’ll host the first burning, right out front of my house tonight. You get a free beer if it’s down the right field line. I’ll be collecting tickets starting at 5:30

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Chutley, Chutley, I missed you for a few days there. Thank the stars you and others with solid thinking gray-matter are here today.

    Mother of God, what is happening, man? Is it a Middle Eastern plot? Have we all been poisoned? I was right with the world this morning. Things were fine. Did my workout & faced the steaming gauntlet of stinking nyc. Normal day. I was dead certain that I’d open theFightins site to find everyone making mild fun of the green-shirted Dad who extended the already over-time game. Instead my heart sank.

    All these posts, the trade rumors, the sports writers, Christ, I’m so seriously distressed by so many different aspects of people’s reactions to this now that I’m sure I’m going to end the day crying like a stereotypical girl, which of course – I am.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    Todd says:
    July 9, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    “Jayson, I would assume your 3rd Grade Son would be devastated if say Joe Bruce ran over during the World Series (assume you are in the stands) and yelled at you to get the &*^&* out of his way.”

    Jayson on cares about weed and women… get it right!

    “Here is the deal bud. God gave you grace and talent, and you got lucky to be playing MLB for a living.”

    god didnt give him anything it was genetic luck of the draw with years of hard work and sacrifice to get where he is.

    “You owe it to that kid, to apologize to that dad and send him some signed baseballs, etc.”

    he doesn’t’ owe the dad, kid or any of us an apology. he is ball player, he is paid to play baseball not appease the rubes

  • Scott

    Todd’s right. If JW couldn’t play ball he would either be in a kennel being groomed or painting fences.
    That wasn’t passion last night, that was being a spoiled little kid with no maturity. Everyone knew one growing up and he just hasn’t grown up. Remember Shane getting a beer dumped on him? He didn’t even carry on like that.

  • Watrick

    In my day, players took steroids, called them special vitamins, and then drove around drunk.
    In my day, Major League was a great film.
    In my day, fans that made a move to catch a ball along the foul line were thrown out of the stadium.
    My day wasn’t that long ago…

  • Watrick

    @Phan, you’re not allowed to act like a stereotype, even if it’s what you do. I think that’s the lesson so many people are trying to get across today….. Like we didn’t earn that reputation for a reason…

  • Watrick

    @Scott, I’m sure Shane used vulgar language. I mean, he did in the dugout when Jimmy got a big hit…

  • Eric

    @ 321 Ghost: “he doesn’t’ owe the dad, kid or any of us an apology. he is ball player, he is paid to play baseball not appease the rubes”

    You fucking idiot, baseball (and sports in general) are a form of ENTERTAINMENT. Jesus Christ. We pay good money to watch the game and be entertained. The players don’t have free license to take out their angers on us. You have officially won the thread for stupidest post. My god.

  • Swift

    Really, I think you guys are debating this waaaaaay too much. People are going in loops over this. Comments stopped being original in thought about 200 posts ago. You’ve all said your piece. You’re not going to convince the other party that you’re right, or wrong. Seriously people, enough is enough.

  • Bobby D

    First and foremost, enough with the fucking green shirts. The teams wears red, white, blue, and the road grays. No green. I don’t care if your grandmother shit out the blarney stone. Stop it.

    Second, security should have taken the guy and his at-home-hair-cut kid and tossed them out of the stadium. That’s Werth’s ball. Two outs in the 12th inning. That prick could have cost them the game. He’s lucky Werth didn’t jump the railing and bust his head open.

    Third, if you’re offended and think he should apologize then you’re in the wrong city.


  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver


    dude he didn’t assault the kid or the dad, he yelled at him for getting of the way. Barkley spit is a fans face and was like so… like a man should

  • Jordan

    jayson werth will never hit more than 20 homeruns or drive in more than 80 rbi’s after this season. .270 hitter at best. he sucks. shave your beard and play baseball you fucking caveman.

  • Jordan

    that dad would be a better right fielder than dumbass worth. at least he can catch a baseball. if werth really wanted that ball he would have cought it. the dad just wanted it more. and thats the type of player i want in my outfielder. that play last night just goes to show how werth is treating this season and thats why the phillies are in 3rd

  • Eric

    I have been a Phillies fan my entire life and it’s killing me that the team is hurt, trading players away (Cliff Lee) and losing far more then they should. However, I think Jason Werth was completely wrong for yelling at the fan. Jason is the baseball player, he should know the rules that when a ball is in the stands it’s fair game. I have been to many a ball game and when a foul ball is hit, just like a player you stare up at it and see if it’s going to land by you. At the very least, Jason should have been yelling, ” I got it !!” That’s what they do on the field because they know everyone is looking up at the ball. This guy had no idea Jason was there, and don’t get me the line.. he should have. If you have ever been to a ball game and had a ball hit towards you, you know what I am talking about. You stare at the ball, and you also know that the ball does not fly in a straight line. It’s spinning like a top and curving. Jason should be embarrassed about his behavior. It’s the fans that play is salary. Yes, we would like to win, but not if it means that you have to watch a jerk on the field. BTW…I do not think Jason would have acted that way if we were playing better and not up for a big free agent deal next season, he’s feeling the pressure and knows that his lack of performance is costing him major dollars.

  • Phillies.suck

    the phillies suck dick anyways, it doesn’t matter about a fly ball…..good job to the fan!!!!

  • Wes Chamberlain

    Dudes – The comments section is for making funny/awesome comments. Instead, all I’m seeing is a heartfelt circle-jerk pity party for some retard wearing jean shorts and douchey, heated e-Squabble debating. For the love of babyfucking Jesus, just make a comment about how Werth is going to revenge fuck this guy’s wife and go back to Photoshopping pictures of LOLcats and spare the Phightins community from your dumbfuck, comments section cluttering opinions.

    P.S. I want all of you to die IRL

  • Jordan

    jayson werth has no respect for the game, the fans, or this team. TRADE HIS ASS NOW!!! I HATE WERTH!!! I HOPE HE GETS HIT BY A CAR AFTER THE GAME FOR TELLING THAT KID TO FUCK OFF!!!!!

  • CTM

    OK, I have to step in here. No good reason? You need to understand the scenario:

    – Extra Innings game
    – Had Jayson caught that, it would’ve ended the inning and given the Phils another shot at winning
    – Werth couldn’t predict the future – for all we know the next pitch would’ve ended up in Ashburn Alley
    – Phillies were in a bad way after the Braves series and didn’t need to be losing three in a row…again. In fact, staying in playoff contention would be rather nice nowadays…

    Oh, and please nobody compare this to Ichiro’s attempt. The scenarios are completely different:

    – Top of the 1st (that is, not extra innings so even if the next pitch ended up crossing over into Canada the Mariners had all game to get the run back)
    – Zero Outs
    – He had no chance of getting that ball short of leaping into the seats
    – It’s the Mariners, firmly chilling in last place in their division

    To me, it’s two completely different scenarios, and two different levels of intensity. If Werth freaked out like that in Ichiro’s spot? Yeah, that’s pretty damn indefensible. But the fact is the guy was trying to get the Phils out of the inning and maybe win the game. Like a player should be doing. Does it make it right to have yelled at the fan? No. It was certainly uncalled for to curse the guy out. Doesn’t mean I don’t see where he’s coming from, nor am I saying I wouldn’t do the exact same thing in that situation. Both people were in the wrong here. It just so happens one of those people is a very public figure, so if he’s not some sort of moral compass, people freak the hell out and want him run out of town. Frankly, I find that ridiculous. I hate putting anyone on a pedestal. We’re all only human. And if a guy’s frustrated, we’re going to call for his head because he yelled at someone? Like no one else would do something like that in that situation.

    While both were in the wrong, I don’t blame either for their motivation. Jayson wanted to help his team win, and the guy wanted a probably once in a lifetime opportunity, and focused on that and not the game. I’m sure that some sort of reparations were made for the guy, so I’m not too worried about that. I personally am going to mark it down as “water under the bridge” and I look forward to seeing Jayson represent our team to the best of his ability.

    Seriously though dude, start getting some fucking hits.

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @ Eric

    “…Jason is the baseball player, he should know the rules that when a ball is in the stands it’s fair game. I have been to many a ball game and when a foul ball is hit, just like a player you stare up at it and see if it’s going to land by you. At the very least, Jason should have been yelling, ” I got it !!” That’s what they do on the field because they know everyone is looking up at the ball…”

    wow, i really feel sorry for you now

  • Jordan


  • Lynniemac

    Jordan? You hope a father of two dies in a car accident after yelling at a guy? Dear god, I hope you’re not serious.

  • Jordan


  • Lisa

    Wow, show some class. I thought making millions of dollars a year would also require you to show some self control. I’m gonna go to work tomorrow and curse out a customer, then say I should get a raise like Jayson Werth. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll go over great.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Watrick – I’m trying really hard. I was taught the rules at a very young age, chief among them: “There’s no crying in baseball.” (Technically I’m not really IN baseball, so if the worst happens, could you find it in your newly refined, Philadelphia Phan PC’d heart to forgive me?? Pretty please? I have better boobs than the girl Ichiro gave the bat to….)

    But I was also taught that a fan shouldn’t try to catch a ball (foul or otherwise) that close to an area where an outfielder is capable of catching it (especially in extra innings with the added emotional pressure of a team that hasn’t been winning & a player that’s been in a slump). I was also told by my Dad that those seats shouldn’t be in RF to begin with.

    And my own good taste tells me that green Phillies t-shirts should not be worn on any day other than March 17th.

    And this is the one that really hurt: I thought the very first rule for the oldest pro baseball team’s fans was that they were more passionate & knowledgeable than any others (and they wanted their players to be too). They didn’t believe any of that PC b.s. running around the other stadiums that are banning foods w/peanut oils & milk products.

    Now I feel as if the ground under me has shifted and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

  • Eric

    Ghost – that wasn’t even my post you’re responding to. I do like the fake Eric though.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Jordan were you sitting right there?

    Did you actually hear him yell at the kid?

    Please inform us of the facts if that were the case.

    Jordan are you really Chase Utley incognito?

  • will.H

    When I was young, players knew respect!! Now they are a buncha hoodlems!… ; )

    didnt Juan Marichal attack a pitcher with a bat and club him in the head?

  • Meat

    Wow Phan’s posts just keep getting better. Finding out she’s a girl, has a great rack…as long as you’re not as annoying as the Ichiro girl too, feel like making a weekend trip to Connecticut? You can try to catch my foul balls while I swear at you…

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    @Phan Stuck in nyc

    i love u

  • Watrick

    @Phan, do what ever you want. And the whole better boobs thing? Wasn’t that girl like 14 or 16, or do they already stop growing by then?

    Boobs or no boobs, be passionate if you feel like it, even if some people here feel the need to act “professional.”

  • Phillies Fan

    how many people here would lose their jobs if they yelled at a customer for something, even if its the customers fault? I understand werth’s frustration, but rule #1 do not bite the hand that feeds you. Wouldnt it have been awesome if the same thing happened but afterwards werth tells the fans and the kid…”Don’t worry kid, we’re still gonna win this one” and then win it.

  • http://fightin mark

    jayson werth is a peice of shit an all these players are they think they are god. these guys really need to grow up. n these fans need to stop acting like assholes an make these players think they are awsome the players can care less about u guys so why the hell do u praise these guys.

  • will.H

    mark, you set such a nice example all by yourself.

    some of you guys are stone cold hypocrites

  • guiness2

    Listen. Werth’s a prick. How can the guy watch for a baseball coming toward him and his son and also watch to see if Werth is heading his way? Good thing he is heading to NY. Say goodbye and bring up Brown.

  • Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    LA’s Liver, Tony, (Name), Watrick, Don, Dubester, Nikita, Bobby D, Will, Phan in NYC and anyone else that I missed… glad to see the old breed is still alive and well, albeit slowly being supplanted new breed of atmosphere-craving, wave-starting, prematurely-evacuating hug-it-out types with a terminal case of Sand-in-the-Vajayjay.

    Phan in NYC – much love for getting my back and much props for reviewing the whole Phightins Civil War and then jumping in and getting your hands dirty – your father taught you well. I apologize for referring to you as “brother” – didn’t know you were a girl. Still wasn’t sure even after the “Boobs” comment, in fact… let’s face facts, the average male CBP patron has a cup size of at least B….

  • Smack

    Not fans fault. I like how everyone says this stuff about him getting out of the way but if they were in that guys shoes in the heat of the moment would have probably done the same thing. The guy stood up when the ball was coming right at him, it’s not like he reached out into fair play to catch it. Yeah it’s frustrating for Werth because of the time it happened during the game, but get over it. Maybe if Werth would get some freakin hits we wouldn’t be in these extra inninig 3 run games. The guy’s kid is right there too, i would have thrown that ball right at Werth’s beard if he shouted like that right in my kid’s face. I wanna know if the kid had a Werth jersey on, that would make the whole thing even better.

  • azzholewerth

    I’ve never really liked that WERTHLESS asshole, I would have thrown the ball right in his face.

  • Mo

    I agree with #14 Eric. The hell with Werth. He looks like a Douche Bag and the Geico Caveman had a love child. When a player crosses into the fans domain then it’s a different story. Like it was said. In a perfect world the fan gets out of the way. But if you really watched the video, Werth came bouncing into the stands, practically running over the guy. it wasnt like the guy leaned over into the play or on the field. ” So Werth, you Douche Bag you owe that guy and his son an apology. I also like what #350 Mark said. For all you Damn fans who treat these guys like there Gods or think they are awesome, your the idiots and fools for spending your money on this crap. It isnt anything but minor league baseball anymore. To many teams, not enough real talent to go atround. The crapiest players being paid millions while the stars are paid hundreds of millions. What a joke of all time. The economy is horrible and alot of fans are paying to go see this crap while they don’t even have jobs themselves. Quit giving your money to the Bud Seligs of the world and throw there butts out by putting them out of business once and for all.

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