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Jason Marquis completely disrespects Ryan Howard
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What’s the honorable thing to do after you get fucking ROCKED for six earned runs over four innings by the champions of the National League?

Why, cry about giving up a mammoth home run to Ryan Howard of course!

Listen to this jerkoff: (via WaPo)

“He does have holes in his swing,” Marquis said. “You just got to make pitches. That’s really what it comes down to. If you go look at the tape, a lot of the pitches he hits are mistakes. When I made pitches tonight, I got him out. I left one ball up, and that’s what he thrives on. There’s a reason why he strikes out 200 times. It’s because he has holes in his swing. If you make your pitches, he’s going to be an out.”

There’s also a reason Ryan Howard averages 50 home runs a season since he entered the bigs. It’s because he pounces on mistakes from shitty right handed pitchers.

And while we’re at it, Jason, there’s also a reason why you’ve been on four teams in the past five years. It’s because you’re a shitty right handed pitcher.

Jason Marquis has rough first start with Nationals in 8-4 loss to Phillies | Washington Post
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  • jcole


  • GTO

    Haha nice Meech. You got an epic screen grab.

    Notice the dropped bat, and the extension of the arms auto-raising his sleeves in triumph. 2nd deck, yes please.

    “Why yes, I will start my gentle gait to first by pointing my arms in that direction. See what just happened there? A homer. Thanks Jason, your a good friend.”

  • Sal Fasano’s Beard

    Marquis needs to look at his own problems before he goes talking about Ryan Howards problem… The retard walked 3 in the first inning with a hits batsman.

  • Mich

    Jealous much, Jason? Someone needs to shut his pie hole.

  • tom

    love this post!! hahah the fuckin nationals.. lol

  • GTO

    If you make pitches he will be an out.

    Basically he is saying that he didnt make his pitches and he sucks. At least that is what I gathered from this idiot

  • Sarge

    If you make your pitches against Pujols, he’ll be out too. You just suck, Jason, and you’re mad because RYAN HOWARD PUT A DEPOSIT ON IT.

  • The Big Piece

    You have a hole in your swing Jerk face!

  • dUb-iLL

    Jason Marquis is a mistake.

  • I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay

    Jason Marquis put the tool in toolsy.

  • Joe D

    Great piece. Big Piece owns trash heap right handed scrubs.

  • Jackie Treehorn

    Ya know, this guy sounds like a real cupcake. A prime Cooch pot. In my line of work, those aren’t bad things at all. But in his line of work, not so much. Look kid, take it from me; when you get worked like a couple of new starlets by some of the bigger studs in the stable, learn how to take it many times over, clean yourself up and get ready for the next bulldozing. When you get plowed out like a Denver airport parking lot in February and still get up for more, THAT is how you make it, son.

    As for your pitching career, well, I can’t really help you with that. I gotta lotta great things comin’ up, call me.

  • Gaze_NJ

    If you make pitches, he’s going to be an out….
    -Captain obvious.

  • Minty Fresh

    Wear it, wear it, choke on it Jason.

  • Mr. Bryan

    Great post.

  • GenericFanGroup

    Its ok Marquis is gonna prove this year that his streak of making the postseason has nothing to do with him…

  • Scotch Man

    Awww what’s the matter Marquis? Your overrated ass got shelled again? You’re pitching for the Nationals for a reason pussy! And the Big Man won’t let you forget it!

  • pozzo

    “Jason. Marquis has some holes in his delivery, if I get one: it’s landing in the lap of some schlub in the cheap seats.” Ryan Howard.

  • GTO

    I really wonder what goes through Halladays’ mind seeing all of this run support. He has to be creaming himself knowing that he is finally on a winning team.

  • Chase Mutley

    When I first watched this clip this morning on MLB I was like “Oh great, Ryan Howard is doing that Manny Ramierez drop the bat like a jerkoff move now.”

    Reading this, I’m pissed he didn’t lob it in front of the mound.

  • The Bases Are Gloaded

    That was quite a bomb, looking forward to the sweep and being 3-0.

  • Joe D

    @Mutley….Howard has always pimped his bombs. I think his swagger is great. It’s not over the top but it’s just enough to say “Yeah I just took a hot shit on that pitch.”

  • Adam Eaton

    I heard Jason Marquis posted “First” on one of the other threads this morning… You know what means? Just sayin’…

  • Silent Assault


  • John Denny

    the best part about this is that Jason Marquis will always concentrate so hard on throwing perfect pitches to Howard and f-up. Consider Jason Marquis Ryan Howard’s whipping boy the entire season…as if we didn’t know that already. snoogins

  • James Fayleez

    Jason Marquis needs to take his own advice.

  • Dan

    hahaha excellent post, keep up the good work while howard keeps destroying the national league pitching

  • Phylan

    Yes Jason, he does have holes in his swing. Unfortunately for you, only for left-handed pitchers.

  • Nick B.

    For those of you who were in DC Monday, do you remember seeing signs throughout the stadium with a picture of Nats’ players sort of like how the Phillies have banners of the players in the concourse at CBP? Its sort of like that except with shitty taglines. On Jason Marquis’ the tagline was “Game Changer.”

  • Curt Schilling

    Disrespecting Ryan Howard is the stupidest thing Jason Marquis could do.

  • GTO

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. Someone twittered the ‘Cadillac Time’ T-shirt last night.

  • Undocorkscrew

    The last line of this article is absolutely golden……lol

  • Jason Marquis


  • Adam Eaton

    @Nick B. I did see that. Believe it or not the CBP was the architectural inspiration behind the Trashinals park. Right down to the banners in the concourse. Now on to “Game Changer,” I don’t know WHO inspired that but I’ll be damned if Johnny Hotcakes is going to let this one slide without letting us know how Big Brown feels about it. You can count on that.

  • Joe D

    Any chance word of this gets back to Ryan? I’d love to hear what he thinks about it. We’ll talk to Jason at the end of the year when Ryan is hitting over .300 and Marquis is on the first tee at East Potomac Park Golf Course.

  • will.H

    like ive said before. Jason Marquis is a wang. He grew up in Staten Island and he’s a Mets fan.

    more reasons to say “haha, Jason Marquis”

  • uncle cholly’s fupa

    makes you wanna hate those lovable nats


    I don’t MIND a pitcher TAKING ON a hitter, but that was CADILLAC TIME.

  • Watrick

    If this pitcher was so good, why is he not even the ace on a last place team?

  • Watrick

    Oh, and he sounds like Billy Wagner. No matter what you do in life, you never want to sound like Billy Wagner. That means you’re a loser.

  • PolancosHeadIsHuge

    I wish he said this before the game, that ball would have gone out of the stadium and hit Marquis front windshield.

  • bigmyc

    Also, it appears as though Chooch has gained a few ‘lb’s. Ha, my girlfriend thought he was Matt Stairs as he was heading down the first base line..

    “I don’t call that ‘extra’ weight, I call that ‘good’ weight.” – Cholly

  • tofoomeister

    The fan reaction in the gif is priceless… the guy in the W hat who just hangs his head because he can’t even watch, the guy in the blue shirt whose mouth is agape, the woman who’s trying to keep it in the park with body english… nice cap.

  • don

    @Watrick that’s so true. It sounds exactly like what Wagner would say after Burrell took him deep.

  • J-D

    Jason Marquis should have been an abortion

  • will.H


    apparently theres still time because he’s a fucking baby

  • GTO

    @ J-D and will.H

    Nice tag team effort there

  • Eric

    @ Watrick, how do you know he’s not the ace? Lannan has seniority and maybe Riggleman wanted to go with a lefty to try to offset some of our power. I think Marquis is clearly the ace of the staff, which is amusing nonetheless.

  • ill

    Strasburg is the ace of their staff, even if he hasn’t pitched a game in the majors.

  • Joe D

    I think I heard last night that ESPN2 or one of the ESPN networks is going to be airing Strasburg’s first start, well just when he is on the mound, not the actual game.

  • Matt

    You guys are ridiculous with your faux outrage at Jason Marquis. He’s certainly no Nolan Ryan but his pointing out a truth shouldn’t bring on the wrath of the crazies.

    Howard DOES have holes in his swing and he DOES hit mistakes for HR’s. That’s not the same as calling Ryan Howard undeserving of the success he has.

    Is this a blog for intelligent discussion or just an outlet for crybabies.

    Get a grip.

  • Adam Eaton

    Matt, have you ever heard of a poster around here named Lance? Okay, well I’m not going to fill you in. I’m just going to tell you that sticking up for the Washington Nationals is like running in the special oplympics. It doesn’t matter if you win, you’re still retarded…

  • Matt

    PS: Howard himself said – he left the ball out over the plate and was able to hit it out

  • Kev

    Who actually write “PS” anymore? Mr. Marquis should realize that ever single hitter in the MLB has holes in their swings and every single player thrives on mistakes pitchers make. He’s a bum pitcher and that is why he is pitching for the Nationals. Howard is a premier hitter and will be for many years to come. If he continues to hit 50 “mistakes” a year and drive in 130 rbi’s, I am a happy man.

  • Matt

    Adam Eaton: I’m not “sticking up for the Washington Nationals”…I’m just making an observation.

    From what I’ve read on this blog so far I’m starting to get the feeling that this is a blog for graduates of the George W. Bush school of Phillies fans.

    For example – any criticism of US policy under Bush brought on cries that you “hate America” ……I’m seeing the same pattern here in this blog…any criticism of a Phillie, no matter how warranted or correct, and you “hate the Phillies”

    It’s the crazytrain all over again.

  • Adam Eaton

    Matt, don’t be a moron. We toss around our fair share of criticism of phillies players, management, and fans daily.

    Secondly, politics has no place on unless you are suggesting that Sarge should run for political office. In which case, discuss away.

    Finally you reming me of a mild Curt Schilling. In which case you deserve a STFU.

    You’re still retarded all over again.

  • jcole

    Matt’s a douche. That about sums it up.

  • will.H

    matt, your logic and awkward contradictions are silly, don’t you think?

    You take one post and paint a large picture, just like you criticize Eaton for (and George Bush enthusiasts?)

    Call one group narrow minded by judging them with a narrow mind. Priceless shit dude.

  • Joe D

    Christ who is worse? Matt or Marquis? Tough call.

  • bureaucratist

    What an unbelievable fucking pussy. He’s Matt Leinart without a helmet. Leinart pulled that same shit after Texas beat them in the BCS title game.


    “Is this a blog for intelligent discussion or just an outlet for crybabies.”

    Nobody answer that.

  • Matt

    I’m all up for telling Curt Schilling to SFTU. I’m the anti-Curt Schilling.

    What of Hamels’ performance last night? Mediocre at best. If he were pitching against the Yankees he would have been chased alot earlier.

    Warning: The above statement does not imply I’m a Yankees fan.

  • Brandon

    I’m going to stay away from this debate and say Howard hit the shit out of that ball. I could just keep watching that replay.

  • will.H

    Matt, lets play a game. Lets do role reversal.. yaaay!

    Ryan Howard, unprovoked by anyone, says to the media about Jason Marquis: “this is why this guy bounces around the majors, he makes mistakes. I thrive on hitting terrible pitches up in the zone. Jason Marquis only has 6 career complete games in 11 years.. so i was trying to get him out of the game early. His 4.50 career ERA means he thrives on only getting hitters 6-9 out. I bat 4th.”

    hey see what i did, i took a bunch of negative stats from his career and ‘stated’ them. Marquis wasn’t just stating a fact.. he had a purpose. He was discrediting Howards qualities by pointing out flaws. Why does another man need to explain this to you? Tell me.

  • jcole

    If he were facing the Yankees, I’d say the same line, maybe another hit or two.

    But, it was the fucking nationals. Not the Yankees. How can anyone think of defending the nationals?



    will.H is my new spokesperson.

    Please direct all inquiries to him.

  • Jay

    It was his first start, Matt. The strike zone, for some reason, seemed considerably smaller for the starters than it was the relief pitchers. He also kept throwing that damned breaking ball that he hasn’t quite figured out yet. Give him a break for his first start. New York’s starting lineup got couldn’t hit Jaime Moyer the other week so lets hold off on the Yankees are better comments until at least May, shall we?

  • Jay

    “got couldn’t”????

  • will.H

    yeah i get carried away

  • Mark


    It’s not really whether or not Marquis was correct (for the most part, he is.)

    It’s the fact that he got ROCKED and his response after a poor outing is to point out someone else’s flaws (the very someone who exposed YOUR flaws?).

    Howard has some holes in his swing and flaws in his game for sure… but the guy hits HRs like nobody’s business. It just makes Marquis a whiny brat for talking about it after Howard took one for 450 feet off him. If Howard’s got a hole in his swing then expose it… don’t cry about it in a press conference.

    That’s a low and tactless thing to do and it makes Marquis look kinda pathetic.

    Also – if Howard is making 450 foot mistakes… and keeps hitting 50 HRs/150 RBIs a year… I hope he never gets it right.

  • Dan

    yea the “holes” in ryan howard’s swing have only led to an mvp, a ws trophy, an nlcs mvp, a perrenial all star, and the fastest player ever to 200 hrs. what have u done marquis?

  • Joe D

    Mark’s post is awesome.

  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    Light Tower Power — thank you Scott Franzke

  • Crane Kick

    Jason Marquis is from Staten Island. His douche status was certified at a young age.

  • Ugueth Urbina

    I would have to say that anything the #2 pitcher on the Nationals say has to be irrelevant. Obviously he isn’t a good pitcher and should be thankful that Ryan Howard blessed him with his presence. Worry about yourself sucking at pitching before you start commenting anyone apart of the “Bigger Newer More Red Machine”!


    what a pussy. assbag.

  • GTO

    @ will.H

    You did well there bud. I dont think Matt has any sort of comeback after that clear and decisive win.

  • will.H

    Ugueth im having a bond fire tonight, got any tips?

  • will.H

    heey GTO, appreciate that. I have a sneaky feeling you’re right.

  • GTO

    @ will.H

    Your very welcome.

    Ohh the days of bond fires. PALLETS AND GASOLINE are all you need for success.

    Also the 3 B’s:

    Brats (food not whiny fuckin’ kids)

    maybe a chair or 2.

    and a tent for, ya know, touching boobs.

  • Cola Classic

    I love how after Howard hits and drops his bat, he raises his right had as if to signal the chorus of the long ball gods to revel in his glory.

  • GenericFanGroup


  • will.H

    GTO i was hoping Ugueth would have suggested the gasoline. that’s where i was goin.

    i like your idea too, except you forgot whiskey which warms the soul.

  • GTO

    haha ok. sorry for raining on the parade.

    mmm Whisky. I usually bring a little something to sip on at the games.

  • Johnny Cool Stix

    Matt, have you seen the Anti- Obama bumper sticker that goes; “if you aren’t outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

    My immediate thoughts are; “Isn’t that why Obama is in office in the first place?”

    Of course, anyone who summarily dismisses this post as coming from someone who is a left leaning lib is surely an idiot. However, that sort of immediate judgement is to be expected from the same sort of people that this post intends to ridicule, so it’s all good.

  • The Fightins Gets Political

    Nader in 2012!!!

  • Lynniemac

    @will.H: +1314 for whisky, -47 for it being the kind with an “e” in it

  • Dear Fightins’ Circle Jerkers,

    ..and even the cool ones,

    Matt has just gotten piled upon…I’m pretty sure almost everyone on here is involved in a hate crime. This mob minded group ball sack lick can be sickening to those like myself (can’t speak for Matt here) who don’t know…lick balls.

    Perhaps this Matt just hasn’t had a chance to retort. I, myself have a number of ways that I could respond to Mr. H. and his well stated argument, but I feel as though I should let Matt represent himself. Nah, fuck it all.

    Marquis, while his comments were, I believe, in poor taste, didn’t seem to be attempting to disparage Howard. It appeared more like a poorly thought out explanation to the media about what he tried to do and failed. I can almost hear a subtext from his quotation to the tune of; “Hello, he’s Ryan Howard. Duhhhh…we know his a baseball mangler. But he’s not superhuman you know.” Wasn’t there and air of, “maybe I’ll get him next time…and maybe not?”

    Perhaps I’m guilty of over giving the “benefit of the doubt.” Maybe I’m, “missing the point.” It could be that I’ve, “got my head up my baseball watchin’ ass.” Or it could be that I, “can’t turn down the crack rock.”

    Whatever the case may be, you posters apparently took an innocent and concerned poster and did something ugly to him. Do we really need to hate posters who prioritize fair play over the home team knob slobfest? Do we really need to hate bi-partisan folks like a starving man needs a medium rare steak?

  • Matt

    Please don’t judge all commenters named Matt by the Marquis fan above. Thank you.

  • olo567

    I think Marquis is partially right and generally has the right approach to Howard, but that at-bat wasn’t the only mistake. It was just the last one. He was awful all night and Howard is one of the best in the MLB at making guys pay. This post gets it right, Marquis is just a below average RHP, a number 4 on a real contender.

  • Minty Fresh

    Wheels last night…

    “The Nats are really being gnats. The just keep hanging around.”


  • Jason Marquis

    Wait. When is the circle jerk? Did I miss it?

  • Tim


    As someone who enjoys having his balls licked, I don’t appreciate your equating it to a sickening act. And I don’t think the posters who piled on Matt deserved your derision.

    People didn’t jump on him because he disagreed with their take of the situation. People jumped on him because he called everyone who disagreed with him “crybabies” in his original post.

  • The Guy who appealed to the Circle Jerkers

    Shame on you, Imposter Matt. You are attempting to subvert what is, by all natural accounts, a pure and beautiful example of an honest man (me) standing up for the little guy (Matt). A little lattitude is all I ask and fairminded respect is what I demand.

    Jason Marquis might be guilty of sharing a gene with Brett Myers and is certainly guilty of sticking one, if not both of his size 10 1/2’s in his mouth, but I’ll be damned if he purposely attempted to defame the reputation of Dowtown Big Brown.

  • The First John

    jason marquis plays for the Nationals…….do i even need to say more?

  • will.H

    i get it, a large majority of people agree with each other and we’re cyber jerking one another.

    We (or maybe just me) are a little thrown off by people that don’t understand the underlying meaning. Wait, it’s not even underlying, Marquis makes it obvious:

    “There’s a reason why he strikes out 200 times.”

    By reading that, we, the large majority, understand that Jason is pointing out Ryan’s biggest flaw as a ball player. If Marquis wanted to inform Ryan Howard like the good ol boy he’s being made out to be, i’m sure he’d find a better form of communication than the Media. Unprovoked snubs through the media should be judged.. how? Do you think Marquis was asked how many times Ryan strikes out? Doesn’t sound like Marquis thinks too highly of Ryan because he gave him little to no credit, basing Howards HR on a mistake. He could have said “yeaaa, Ryan hit it far.” but he rationalized the situation with an excuse, followed by a slight snub.

    Matt swoops in and calls the collective commenter stupid.


  • The Killer Zs

    Oh where oh where is Johnny Hotcakes

  • j_romes

    @DFCJ: way to bust the quotations quota for the whole group. someone never learned how to share. now we’re all gonna have to make air quotes.

  • The Guy from #88

    Tim, if you are the kinda guy who doesn’t think it’s sickening to get your grape pouch nibbled on by people with names like; Kev, Adam and Joe, then more power to you. This is 2010 and it’s time for this “kinder, gentler nation” that we were promised so long ago…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • shipsass

    Subject change. Anyone else enjoy seeing the Marlins and the Mets club each other to death last night? And how amusing was it to have Paulino bat in Helms, who just beat the tag by Barajas in the 10th?

  • Vitamin D

    The reeks of billy wagner criticizing pat the bat for having a “one-path swing” after serving up a can of corn to he of met-killing fame…

    Marquis, when you allow a run to score on a wild pitch, allow an RBI single to the opposing pitcher, and then “make a mistake” with ryan howard all in the same game, just be a man and keep your cot-damn mouth shut and be thankful for being taken for ride in the cadillac.

  • This Aggression will not Stand, Man

    Well, Will H., apparently we can’t seem to see the “little guy’s” side of things. Lemme illustrate;

    Accused: Jason Marquis (he’s a pitcher on the Nationals)

    Victimized: Ryan Freak’n Howard. (Yep, the WFC, All Star MVP winning first bagger)

    Do you see the inequity yet?
    Let me continue;

    I have lambasted his choice of words, but will not do so to his intent since I can’t say for sure that he was intentionally being boorish. Now, I wouldn’t put it past him to be such as he’s playing for a divisional rival, but I just don’t know.

  • Chris

    @ Adam Eaton: “Secondly, politics has no place on”

    I was under the impression this was a blog about Turkish Communism – am I wrong?

  • Adam Eaton

    Touché Chris. I guess I was wrong.

  • Inigo Montoya (the swash buckling Spaniard)

    Por, mi amigo, Vitamin D;

    “You keep jusing that phrase…I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    Can o’ corn = a pop up, especially one that seemingly comes right down to the fielder where he stands.

  • will.H

    his choice of words represents his statement. If i said “you’re a twat,” would you take it as an insult or give me the benefit of the doubt that im calling you really really (re) productive.

    If Marquis meant it as a snub, he’s a baby. If he goofed with his choice of words, he’s a moron.

    Either way

  • The Guy who wants to fight to protect Matt’s name

    I just don’t see how anyone could have the huevos to snub someone of Howard’s ilk especially in light of his titanic and altogether unsurprising blast.

    He just sounds like a fan talking about another team’s star player. Problem was; he’s not just a fan and needs to realize that.

    So, I’d probably give you the “moron” thing.

  • The Killer Zs

    oh where is Johnny Hotcakes

  • GTO

    did I miss the cyber-Nats-Turkish-circle-jerk?

  • GTO

    @ will.H

    Again, well said.

  • aneeda

    HA! what a joke! jealous much?

  • don

    Johnny Hotcakes is probably out doing LSD with the estimable Mr. Thompson.

  • GTO

    I think aneeda is stoned in her pic. or I am.

  • David Wright’s a Bitch

    You got tht fucking jerkoff meech! i wish he cld see this

  • Ricky Otero

    Anyone else forced into watching the Nat’s broadcast of the game?! Some of the most whiny little clowns around. Dibble and Carpenter were calling the umpire unfair in the first inning over balls and strikes. It seems like an organization wide mentality. You need to lose with integrity before you start winning.

  • Jdashdog

    aneeda might be hot but last time we got in trouble from meech so i’m not gonna say anything about it this time

  • GTO

    @ Jdashdog

    Well if you wont, I will.

    She looks hot.

    Why would meech get mad?

  • maria
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