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Jason Heyward gets sonned by Jamie Moyer
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So far this young season, Braves fans have come to expect great things when their newest phenom Jason Heyward steps to the plate. In his very first AB this year, the man-child jacked a home run into the right field bullpen at Turner Field. Jason also hit a GW 2-run single with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th last Sunday against the Rockies, and two days later he hit a game-tying solo shot with 2 outs in the 9th off Ryan Madson to send the game into extras.

Then last night, with the Braves trailing 6-2 in the bottom of the 6th inning, Heyward came up to bat with runners on 2nd & 3rd and 1 out to face a guy old enough to be his father, that cagey veteran Jamie Moyer.

Another perfect setup for some patented Heyward heroics, right?


After falling behind quickly 3-0, Jamie Moyer composed himself and got a couple called strikes and a foul ball to work the count full. THAT’S when Jamie decided to freeze his ass with an 80-mph knee buckling cut-fastball.

Take a seat, rook.

Perhaps my favorite moment so far in 2010.

You can see the K, along with Jamie’s punchouts of Troy Glaus, Yuney Escobar, and Troy Glaus again HERE.

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  • Steve Jeltz

    Heyward blows!

  • Tap the Tab

    Fun fact: Moyer is older than Heyward’s dad.

  • Flash

    haha none of those pitches were above 83 mph. gotta love what those souderton little leagues taught him

  • fuck the mets

    The ump and Chooch together look like they’re forming a K…while he’s calling a K…amirite?


    That’s not an ump, ftm, THAT’S TYLER WALKER!

  • Joe D

    Great work from Jamie last night. But seriously when can we stop with the age comments during the broadcast. Jamie was 12 the first time Chipper Jones beat off. Yeah great. Enough already.

  • Joe D

    And yes I realize that Chipper will be 38 on Saturday which would mean he was beating off at age 3 but I really don’t think that is that far-fetched given Larry’s sexual appetite and illegitimate children.

  • David Duke

    I’m with ya, Joe D. It does get really old.

    Also, how does anyone know that Moyer is older than Heyward’s dad? The chances are good that no one’s seen Mr. Heyward since Jason was born? Plus, where those folks are from, Chase Utley might be older than Heyward’s dad.

  • Watrick

    David Duke strikes again… Trying to cut out the age jokes by making the race jokes, clever. One cliche to the next…

  • Idiot Garage

    Yes, but that was funny. You sir have a prime spot reserved for you in the garage.

  • Watrick

    “But Moyer has proved countless times that he is not your average 47-year-old male, and while the storyline might be as dated as his solid red stirrups, the 3-2 cutter he spotted on the inside corner certainly wasn’t.”

    From Dave Murphy’s article from last night’s game:

  • Chase Bootly

    What people forget is that the crotchety old man is actually having a decent year. Outside of the obvious disaster innings, he’s pitching great. Anyway, the guy is the fifth starter. Fifth.

    You people would try to make a crime scene out of a bloody tampon. Sheesh.

  • Joe D

    Ok well I don’t know what Chase Bootly is talking about.

    But anyway, if Murphy knows that it is dated then he should stop using it. It’s generic and annoying.

  • Jdashdog

    Jamie Moyer’s so old, the candles cost more than the birthday cake. ZIIING!

  • ThinkRed

    What if Jamie Moyer IS Jason Heyward’s dad? Whoa.

  • King Kong’s Dong

    If Moyer was any older, Philly phans would be wonderin’ which would blow up faster; his next outing or his prostate. BAM. That just happened!

  • maria

    @Joe D., generic or geriatric?

  • Watrick

    Moyer invented baseball. Damn!

  • bigmyc

    Moyer is so old that when he pitches, the foul ball souveniers all smell like moth balls.

  • crazy4swayze

    you have to keep in mind how much pops moyer helps the young guys. he’s taught cole so much about which television provider offers the most HD content.

  • Thomas Perez’s Perezidents

    I’d actually like it if somebody talked about it MORE in depth. Like, when was the last time from year to year that he lost some heat on his fastball? Or, more accurately, some warmth on his fastball? Does it happen every year? Have walks issued gone down or up? Are there any horse socks?

  • Watrick

    Moyer is so old, he talks to Cole about before there was any television. He’s still amazed that they can get people into those tiny boxes!

  • Rectal Rage

    When Moyer isn’t yelling, “Stop..STOP,” he’s yelling, “Get off my lawn!”

  • Mr Tambourine Man

    More like does it strap on every queer? And have cocks issued gone In and out. And are they any Horse cocks? More like

  • will.H

    “theres no way he’ll throw that pitch theres no way he’ll throw it theresnoway MUTHA FUCKA HE THREW IT.”

  • the EFF THAT guy

    Moyer too old? EFF THAT.

  • the Lame Guy

    Moyer is so old, he actually has cassette tapes and shit.

  • will.H

    Moyer and Hamels walk into a bar. Cole takes a seat while Jamie stands there looking around, Cole says.. “Lookin for the pisser or somethin?”

    Jamie says “Depends,”

  • Watrick

    Wait, I have cassettes… and I’m not even 30!

  • Big Ben’s Super Bowl Cock Rings

    I heard he snorts boner pills and damages his old lady after a win like that

  • bigmyc

    Watrick, that’s why he’s “the Lame Guy.”

    ’cause like, that’s not really that old.

  • bigmyc

    Moyer is so old that he contends that Doubleday still owes him some signing bonus.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    OMG – Where’s that ‘ba dum bum’ snare drum button when you need it?!

  • maxL
  • Joe D

    What cracks me up about Moyer is that he is real chatty whenever he throws well. Last night after he was pulled he was holding court in the dugout. Now granted he does educate these guys all the time it seems but I feel like it’s amplified after he has a good performance.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Thanks maxl. Team play!

  • Jdashdog

    Hey Joe D, nobody wants to say much when they shit the bed – which Moyer has done often both on and off the field. Change those sheets Mrs. Moyer!

  • Joe D

    lol Jdash

  • bigmyc

    Jamie put that keepsake WS rubber from ’08 right next to the first bottle of alcohol he bought after Prohibition and that Confederate musket ball that he pulled out of his ass at Bull Run.

  • Gabrielle

    I smell a new Wilmer Valderrama show in the works…

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    He got frozen because Heyward hasn’t seen anyone throw that slow since Little League.

  • Watrick

    Jamie Moyer is so old, when he started playing baseball, there were no summers, because it was the ice age!

  • the Lame Guy

    Moyer is so old he has bridgework.

  • bigmyc

    Moyer honed his craft of pitching while learning how to hunt game on his father’s property. Throwing was a neccessity of course, since the bow and arrow was still years from being invented.

  • Adam Eaton

    Is it me… or does it look like Moyer has on an adult diaper in that picture? I really don’t want to see him having accidents mid game.

  • fuckthemets

    Who the fuck is Tyler Walker?

  • Chet Stedman

    These comments are hilarious! Almost as funny as the time pitching coach Phil Brickma got stuck in the locker room when Henry Rowengartner was pitching!

  • Big Ben’s Super Bowl Cock Rings

    Moyer is so old he shared cock space with Marc Antony. Lil miss’ name was Cleopatra

  • Jdashdog

    Moyer still uses the glove he had in high school, made from supple wooly mammoth leather

  • SherryW

    Fuck you all, Moyer is a baseball god. What other pitcher is so treacherous that batters strike out after all these years looking frustrated and confused? They figured out the ‘Ace’ Cole in a couple years. Double fuck to the morons who were calling for squirrelly-ass Kendrick to replace him.

  • Brandon B


  • Carroll B. Merriman

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  • Callia

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