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Jamie Moyer receives his honorary doctorate from St. Joe’s
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From the Daily News last week, present tense’d to reflect the fact that it occurred yesterday:

Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer and his wife, Karen, [received] honorary doctorates from Saint Joseph’s University on April 30.

The Moyers [received] degrees as Doctor of Public Service for their charitable work with the Jamie Moyer Foundation at a special academic convocation on campus.

“St. Joseph’s holds a special place in my heart and Karen and I are flattered to be honored by the university in this way,” said Jamie, a 1985 St. Joe’s graduate. “There are a number of great people who help make the Moyer Foundation’s efforts possible, so we dedicate these degrees to them and each child who has participated in our programs.”

A 1999 inductee into the school’s athletic hall of Fame, Moyer holds the school record for strikeouts in a season and ERA. He is the only baseball player in Hawks’ history to have his number retired.

Moyers to receive honorary degrees from St. Joe’s | Daily News

  • Lou Marson’s love interest

    Jamie: “Come on Kar, how about a hand job?”
    Karen: “But Jamie, there’s people around.”
    Jamie: “Fine. See if I eat you out tonight.”
    Karen: “Ok…Just for a little though.”

  • werththewait

    He actually wore robes like that growing up.

    (get it, he’s old. lollerskates)

  • His Dudeness

    Holy shit, Karen Moyer is a total MILF. Who knew the offspring of Digger Phelps would be so attractive.

  • Tug Haines

    I put the lime in the coconut and drank ’em both up. Ain’t there nothing I can take, Jamie?

  • Matt P.

    hey thanks a lot, tugger. should be really easy to get that song out of my head now.

    i ask you this though: Do you like pina coladas? Getting caught in the rain?

  • jefflebowski

    “G-sevoooon. Rolling stones Street fightin man!!!”

    “you pressed G-8”

  • MikeMc26

    Jamie Moyer, Ph.D.

  • will.H

    its dooocta hailey (moyer) now, im a docta

    we always knew ya would be

  • TheOtherJim


    Love that fuckin’ movie. I need to dig it out and watch it again.

    “I’ve never seen so many dead hookers in all my life!”

  • Tug Haines

    @Matt P.

    I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne.

  • The Duke

    Now I know why Jamie took that rubber home after they became the WFC’s

  • Phils Phan

    I want to hear the guy who used to announce those streetball shows on ESPN.



    The Duke wins!

  • Phils Phan

    And to add–

    I like how Jamie wore a normal cuffed shirt (i.e., no French cuffs). The guy is an ordinary dude.

  • Meat

    As a Temple grad, I take comfort in noting this common misconception: Jamie did not actually graduate from St. Joe’s, he left early for the draft (Baseball, not WWII) (He’s old).

  • Mark H SJU ’84

    But he did graduate from College. Indiana. Was with the Cubs at the time.

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