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Jamie Apody Experiences The Joy of Champagne Celebrations
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Jamie Apody should be quite familiar with the celebrations that go on in the clubhouse after a big win. While in Los Angeles working for KNBC, she covered 2002 Anaheim Angels World Series victory, the Lakers back-to-back-to-back championships, as well as the Mighty Ducks Stanley Cup win. However, it appears as though the current 6abc Action News anchor has never faced the celebratory wrath of Brett Myers and/or Pedro Feliz.

After yesterday’s incredible win, Miss Apody was attempting to get some player interviews, but wound up getting soaking wet from a combination of Myers’ Bud Light and Feliz’s champagne. Her immediate cry of “Not cool!” was completely ignored and after she asked Pedro why he’s wearing googles, he proceeded to pour champagne on her head. While she was struggling to see, he told her, “If you would have them on, you wouldn’t be like that.”

Enjoy the visuals, which aren’t quite as hot as last year’s Champagne Bukkake recipient, Jade McCarthy:

  • PhiPhan5648

    Jade McCarthy was hotter.

  • JMS

    My goodness, Brett Myers is just such a …jerk.

  • BigTom

    They need to put Erin O’Hearn in the locker room when they win the NLCS.

  • JBizzle

    Was that Adam Eaton celebrating? Who fucked up and let him in the clubhouse?

  • Mets Suck

    What did she expect? Jeez, what a ditz! Brett Myers is FUN, dude… SO not a jerk. Again – what did she expect? To stay dry and pretty? What a priss!

  • Jim

    I agree Jade McCarthy is hotter!

  • nicole

    jamie is soooo not a priss…. she is looking foward to her next bout with the champange shooting phillies! pod cast Preston and Steve’s wmmr interview with her from this morning to hear….

  • Ranchorich

    Why wasn’t she nude?

  • Mets Suck

    She’s still a priss. I am female and I just can’t stand chicks who do sports. Leave it to the men, PLEASE!

  • Chamomiles Davis


    You’re thinking of a different Champagne Room.

  • big dizz

    Erin O Hearn rules. Get that hottie wet! Mets still fuckin blow dinks!!!!

  • How do you spell retard?

    Lori Delgado has a nice pooper.


    Yes i agree a very nice pooper! Hell yeah get Erin O’Hern in their after they win the ALDS! GO PHIGHTENS!

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