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Jameer Nelson Goes Yard In Citizens Bank Park
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Chester PA’s own Jameer Nelson showed up at The Bank yesterday with a few of his Orlando Magic teammates for a little team bonding road trip to catch a Phillies game in one of those fancy luxury suites. Not only did the St. Joseph’s product witness one hell of an offensive explosion by the WFC’s (12 runs! 3 bombs!), but before the game even started, the All-Star point guard for the Magic put on quite a show himself.

Jameer stepped into the box for a little BP against Phillies hitting coach Milt Thompson (with a wooden bat) wearing Ryan Howard’s batting gloves and his finest Hanes white tank. After taking a few cuts to get himself warmed up, Jameer reared back and smoked a ball to left that cleared the wall and landed in the flower pot for a home run.

After the jump, watch a video that proves everything I just said.

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  • Reverend Paul Revere

    Can he play short or second? Could replace Bruntlett …

  • gm-carson

    Is his hat broken?

  • njpanick

    For a famous basketball player, Jameer gets a pretty big kick out seeing himself on TV.

  • Fightins Newbie

    Nice wife beater T shirt. He really spruced himself up.

  • Dykstra Financial

    Didn’t his teammate just fail a steroid test??? Hmmm questionable at best.

    go nova

  • obligatory fist-pump

    impressive, maybe basketball players are the best athletes

  • will.H

    that explains it.. Tmac used to do basketball. he calls baseball games like basketball games

    how many times has he almost made a homerun call sound like “… and its up and GOOOD, ANOTHER one for JaaySON wERth”


    I think you’re onto something, will.H.

    During Spring Training, he was calling some first round NCAA tournament action from Florida this year. And I did notice his constant yammering is much more entertaining if you’re listening to a radio basketball game.

  • Walklett

    Jameer is one of my favorite Philly athletes ever.


    I still have a red #14 Hawks jersey in my closet.

  • J-D

    The Hawk Will Never Die

  • Jdashdog

    My sister’s friend used to babysit Jameer’s cousins. Just sayin…


    Jdash — you & Jameer are practically related!

  • Sarge

    If I was out there throwing my drop-ball, he wouldn’t have been able to make contact, let along make it Cadillac time.

  • TC

    How many rings has Jameer won? NONE.

    Malik Rose/d

  • Mike

    He looked like a little kid when he hit that out. Big grin and everything. Gotta love that.

  • Jay Wright

    My team is the worst, this guy makes nova look like a high school team. Who wants to buy weed from redding?

  • AJ

    @Fightins Newbie, My dad and I were watching the game and he said the same thing. all that money and hes wearing an undershirt haha


    @AJ & Fightins Newbie: I’m sure Jameer didn’t want to get the t-shirt he was wearing to the game all sweaty and shit, so he just took BP in his undershirt. Afterall, he did have to stay the rest of the game…

  • the dude who change’s his name a lot

    hey, let the 6ers trade for him! They could use another 3 point shooter and a PG. If that doesn’t happen, he could replace Bruntlett. Anyone can replace him, so someone on this page got added to the 40 man roster.

  • will.H

    matt barnes and a stupid mowhawk @ 0:20

  • maria

    @will h.

    I was going to ask if that was Matt Barnes. What a douchebag.

  • Frank Rizzo

    it was hot as balls at the game last night, i cant wait till them october home games

  • the_capital_t

    Maybe Shaq should do a special episode of his new show “Shaq vs.” where he competes against Jameer Nelson at…whatever. I’d definitely watch that. Well…I’d TiVo it. Soon as I buy TiVo.

  • How do you spell retard?

    “…and a couple of coaches, like Bo Outlaw whose right there”

    Love the TMac reference to a relatively unknown person in a screen filled with 30 people.
    /I should lay off the baby-headed man

  • gregotto


    /T for Temple U

  • Harry S. Caterson

    who was that with the gray muscle shirt and the titties?

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