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Jack Taschner’s World Series Ring is Edible
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The Phillies newest reliever, Jack Taschner, obviously wasn’t a part of the 2008 WFC squad that received their rings yesterday at the Citizens Bank Park ceremony. But still, he didn’t want to feel completely left out of the festivities, so he brought his own damn ring.

A delicious cherry-flavored Ring Pop.

  • Get Me outta Cleveland and back to Philly

    I don’t want to fuck up the mojo or anything, but Taschner appears to be a good fit. He has pitched well in is outings and he seems to have a good sense of humor. Hopefully he only sucked in SF.

    Oh yeah…Fuck Adam Eaton.

  • j_romes

    I laughed out loud when I saw the Bling Pop.

  • GM-Carson

    I’d have gone with grape flavor, but nice gesture nonetheless.

  • Hummer

    i lol’d

  • Frank Rizzo

    Taschner is lights out

  • Rudy

    Good shit, Tash…you’ll get along with the WFC’s just fine…

    Vote for me!!!

  • will.H

    good comedy, jack.

  • Jim

    I like this guy. Chalk one up in Rube’s win column.

  • Amanda

    I started cracking up when i saw this last night on the replay!

  • Tiffany

    It’s just about the right size, too….Great humor!

  • D.Whitmore

    he has gained my respect. give a girl a ring pop was a surefire way to get a handy back in 5th grade. i admire his thinking.

  • Lynniemac

    Carson – grape? Really? It’s RED for the Phillies. Duh. Grape would be if he were with the Rockies.

  • Gabrielle

    they should’ve given that one to eaton. seems way more fair.

  • Tug Haines

    Fuck, I keep calling him ‘Steve.’ Why? Anyhow, I like him so far.

  • Harrison

    Fuck Adam Eaton

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