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It’s Ya Boi JP Crawford
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Swag Man Jimmy Rollins gots nothin’ on the Phils’ top man in this year’s draft, JP Crawford.


A quick analysis of his fashion sense will quickly tell any fan that this kid’s got the classic style of a Bradley Cooper mixed with the risque wardrobe of an Antoine Dodson.

Brief rundown of attire shows:

  1. A team USA baseball hat — Yes, a proud American. I love it.
  2. A checkered blue, black and white button down draped across the chest — GQ style without all the fuss of sleeves and mainstream wearability.
  3. Hanes plaid boxers — Conscious about fertility, aspirations of procreating.
  4. Black undershirt hanging out of jeans waistband — Again, complete disregard for the “norm,” i.e. high OPS potential.
  5. Very muscular.

Judging by this photo alone, I can say with complete confidence that Mr. Crawford will be a hall-of-fame caliber, a once-in-a-generation ballplayer.

h/t @JohnnyCage__

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  • scrapplejoe

    Looks like a member of Avon Barksdale’s crew…

  • Mike Altmann

    Why are we ignoring the incredibly fashionable braces his … companion has?

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