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It’s not a joke – nobody wants the Mets
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“It’s laughable, man.”

Brian Costa wrote something today about why the Mets moved their Triple-A affiliate from Buffalo to Las Vegas, and how it’s a pain in the ass to play there. It’s so dry that Zack Wheeler can’t grip his balls, and the ground makes fielding sharp hits that much more difficult. The stadium operations are also lacking, leaving former Las Vegas 51s manager Marty Brown (when they were a Blue Jays affiliate) to often do the work of the grounds crew.

So you have a team that sucks affiliated with another team that sucks. So what’s the problem?

The answer begins with the nature of the business of minor-league baseball. There are 30 Triple-A affiliates, most of which are independently owned, and 30 MLB teams. The MLB teams choose the players, manager and coaches for the affiliates, making promotions or demotions as they please. The affiliates sell tickets and sponsorships and manage the daily operations.

Only a handful of team-affiliate agreements expire each year, and if one of them isn’t renewed, it creates a game of musical chairs. Las Vegas is the chair no team wants.

And the Mets have become the fanny no chair wants.

“They’re undesirable,” said Dave Rosenfield, a longtime Norfolk (Va.) Tides executive. “Nobody wants them.”

Yup. Read more at Wall Street Journal Online.

[ Brian Costa | Las Vegas: The Mets’ Minor Disaster ]

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