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It’s Coming…
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Defend Broad St.

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  • Chris

    I’ll be at the Bank today. Thank god. I’ve missed it so much…

  • Mr. Bryan

    Tonights game isn’t on TV, what a bummer.

  • BigTom

    I’ll be there! Even though its preseason, I am considering this a dry run for Sunday night.

  • werththewait

    I’m moist.

  • GM-Carson

    I’m so stoked for Sunday night. I don’t know how I’ll be able to contain myself. I’ll be right beside the 1st base dugout…oh yeah baby!

  • will.H

    choooseeen one… im coming

    hopefully they remove the tractor before sunday at 8pm. If you look closely at the mound, you can see the ashes Tim scattered before game 3.

  • Tartan69

    The big question is, did they make Moyer buy the new pitching rubber?

  • will.H

    tartan, the story is moyer held out. the phillies are protesting and will not supply the mound with a rubber this season. pat burrell has offered his costco box of condoms in a generous but witty proposal.

  • Gigi

    does this picture not remind you of the opening shots of “Major League?”

    love that movie.

  • Wawa

    I’m hoping there is a ceremonial “replacing of the mound” by Jamie Moyer.

  • Section118

    chills chills chills

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