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If you thought Pat Burrell was a bad defender…
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…meet Raul Ibañez.

Thanks to the folks at Lookout Landing, we have proof of Raul’s fielding skills in animated .GIF form:

(Bullet-pointed bold-faced stylee ripped directly from the brilliant Walkoff Walk)

  • Scott B

    so what you’re saying is that they are the same?

  • The Juggernaut

    The people at lookout landing apparently think that Raul plays horrible DEFENCE??!!!???? Idiots

  • Joe

    holy shit animated .GIFs. Are we in 1997?

  • MikeY

    @ the Juggernaut:


    ….only the French and French-Canadians spell it with a “C”. You’re not one of them…are you?

  • Scott B

    i read this somewhere else… Doesnt seem worse than The Bat…

    Last season, Burrell was last among qualified NL left fielders in Revised Zone Rating (.829), meaning he didn’t get to many balls that were hit near him. Ibanez’s Revised Zone Rating was second among qualified AL left fielders (.893). Advantage: Ibanez.

    Over the past three seasons, Burrell has thrown out 25 percent more runners than the average left fielder, but he’s been less successful holding runners — holding two fewer runners than average. Ibanez (who didn’t play the outfield in 2006), threw out almost 28 more runners than the average left fielder (in 2005, 2007 and 2008), but he was just average when it came to preventing runners from advancing. Advantage: Ibanez.


    Sometimes, Joe, all you really need is a tiny box with no sound looping choppy footage over and over.

    But I can guarantee you that when he does it with the Phillies, I will post the video immediately. With sound and everything.

  • The Juggernaut

    @ Mike Y

    I was pointing out that’s how they spelled it. That’s why i put ????!!!!!!! next to DEFENCE and idiots.

  • Gigi

    Scott B, you can take your sabermetrics and fancy potions and get your ass out of here!

    This is a legitimate philadelphia style snowball of propoganda and hate growing right on this very website – we will have none of these silly facts and logical reasoning!

    But for serious, my only beef is that he’s ooooooold….I’m happy that he hits lefties better than ‘the bat’ but isn’t he taking up future money that we’ll have to pay werth, victo, hamels and howard? And for what return?

  • Jeff Sullivan

    Graham is British. Britons spell it “defence”.


    Don’t mind us, Jeff.

  • joe

    see?!?!? the bat leaves the Phillies and we’re falling apart!!! *runs to acme to buy canned food and bottled water*

  • Tony

    They paid 30 million over three years for a 36 year old LEFT hander who is going to hit where in the line up?? 6th….7th….8th…. I hope he proves me wrong like Lidge did, because all this has me wondering if we can get Gillick back…

  • T

    jesus fucking christ

  • Dave

    Gillick and Amaro knew what they were doing all along. They gave Pat the swan song in the parade. These guys are cowards in that they should have been straight with him after the series. The strung him along knowing full well how it was going to end. Pat deserved better. There are those that say he couldn’t play a full game. That wasn’t his doing and on one occasion, he expressed his desire to play a full game. I can’t believe that Charlie had no say in players who play for him. He’s made numerous comments about wanting Pat back, but probably kept his mouth shut until after he had his contract extension. I’m convinced this was all personal with Amaro. Gillick wanted to do something for Ibanez. Pat must have pictures of Amaro fucking a sheep.

  • Matt

    T said it best. This could be a long 3 years.

  • Jeff

    How do you guys feel now?


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