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I Was Wrong: Dom Still Doesn’t Get It
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I was wrong. The guy still does not get it.

Just when the baseball world readies itself to anoint Dom Brown the savior of baseball and I write him a love poem, the guy goes ahead and mocks our great game right in front of our very faces.

Apparently the Miami Marlins were somewhat perturbed by Mr. Brown’s celebration after his two-run homer last night, and vowed to do something about it. And who could blame them?

Now don’t get me wrong, celebrating is a great way to show others one’s happiness or jubilation. And I’m all for showing happiness, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Here are some celebrations I’m OK with:

  • Smiling privately
  • Original handshakes (non-secret versions)


  • Giving thumbs up


  • Saying “I’m celebrating” or “this is cool” in an quiet voice
  • Eating candy
  • Hugging a parent or spouse


  • Listening to James Taylor at a respectable, indoor volume

Celebrations I’m not OK with:

  • Everything else

When Dom Brown so callously flipped his bat and put his hands together in a praying motion so to thank The Lord for giving him the ability to hit his most recent dinger, he was mocking the game. He was saying to us, “I care more about having fun playing a game than your feelings toward keeping it an honorable athletic event.”

Praying to someone? Why do I have to see Dom Brown pray to a god? Why do I have to follow his god? Why do I have to follow any god?

No. Dom Brown simply hates the Marlins and has no respect for their 16-42 record. He hates our great and historic game of baseball, along with its rich history. I hope the Marlins bean him for his heinous acts. Just despicable.

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  • PhilsForever

    Oh, I think Dom Brown is getting it. ‘Cause chicks dig the long ball.

  • Muzz

    Henry Winkler on Dom Brown- “He’s very good”

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