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Pat Burrell still misses Philly, calls Rays fans soft
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It has been over a year since Pat Burrell was signed away from us by the Rays, and after a disappointing first season with his new club, fans down in the Tampa/St. Pete area don’t seem too thrilled about having him back for his second season as DH.

Well guess what, Tampa/St. Pete? The feeling’s mutual:

“I don’t know if there is any way of saying this without getting myself in trouble, but there is definitely a different excitement level [in Philadelphia]. I think more than anything, there is a stronger tradition for baseball there. That goes without saying.”

In other words, Pat’s trying to say that Tampa fans are gimmicky bandwagoneers who couldn’t care less about baseball, nor do they understand the game particularly well. As a matter of fact, it is a such a generally understood or accepted notion, that you don’t even have to say it aloud.

Pat wasn’t done though,

“You talk to a lot of players and certain players don’t like to play in Philly, certain guys love it and I was one of the guys that really enjoyed it. I probably saw the full parameter of the good and the bad. But at all times you knew that people cared. They want you to win and they come out and support you. I’m not sure enough players appreciate that because there aren’t many places like it. You have Chicago, New York, and places like that, but I think it’s the minority.”

Even more impressive than Pat’s correct usage of the word parameter is the fact that Pat still feels that way about a city who — let’s be honest — treated him pretty harsh for being a such a productive player over the course of nine years. Surely the World Series title in ’08 helped his perception, but Pat Burrell can relate to the Philadelphia fan (especially the women) better than a good 90% of the athletes that pass through town.

And I don’t know about you, but if the Phillies are in the market for a right handed bat off the bench for the stretch run, and the Rays were willing to eat a majority of his salary (and by majority, I mean all), I couldn’t think of a more exciting mid-season acquisition than Pat the Bat.

I’m fairly certain it has no chance of happening, but it sure does sound good.

Pat Burrell misses Phillies | Inquirer

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  • That Guy

    I love Pat Burrell.

    And Bobby Abreu is still a pussy.

  • Ed R.

    I would die with excitement if the Phils ever brought P.T.B back, even as a bench player it would be great.

  • Gaze_NJ

    I think we’re going to have to hold off for a couple more years when we do the classic “one day contract” and honor Burrell with a retirement ceremony and a bobble head for all fans in attendance.

  • Cowbell Kid

    We’re soft?! WE’RE SOFT?! You think this is soft, faggot?

    Eat your words, Pat and the rest of you Philly dicksuckers.

  • The Professor

    Bandwagon?!? You’re going to play the bandwagon card? I expect better from you Meech. Oh how short is the memory of those that choose to forget…

    In 2009 the Rays drew 1.9 million fans, an increase over 2008 while most teams saw attendance fall due to the economy. And while 1.9 million still isn’t great. Fuck it ain’t even good. But let’s put it into perspective.

    From 1996-2000 the WFC* AVERAGED 1.7 million fans a season. At least the Rays have the excuse of a shitty stadium in a not very good location and 10 years of absolutely craptastic baseball. The WFC* on the other hand had just been to the World Series 3 years previous.

  • gregotto

    Who knew Rays fans had trolls?


    @TheProf: haha, I was just trying to translate Pat’s quote. That is in no way indicative of my feeling.

  • The Professor

    oh. In that case, screw Pat. But I’d still love to spend a weekend
    hanging out with him.


    @TheProf: Okay, I may have taken a little creative license with that “calls Rays fans soft” and “gimmicky bandwagoneers” parts, but my #1 goal is to entertain.

  • Kori

    Yeah well Phillies ballpark sells out just about every single game. Of course the Rays had a sales increase…they were ALCS champs the year before. Like PTB said…bandwagon jumpers!
    Philly has had many years of “craptasic” baseball too. We still always came out and screamed our heads off. He’s not saying Tampa fans suck, he’s saying the passion isn’t unprecedented the way it is in Philly.

  • Howard Eskin


  • Joe D

    I laugh at the Eskin posts every single time.

  • Eric

    Professor, you may want to look up the Phillies ballpark from 1996-2000. It wasn’t worth the $5 admission to even enter that piece of shit. Also, going to the World Series in 1993 was more of an aberration than a consistency. The Rays attendance went up last year and it should rise this year. Next year will begin the thee year grace period you have randomly anointed, and maybe then we can evaluate your attendance levels. It will be particularly interesting considering your owner is already committed to cutting the payroll in half. I wish we could revisit this post down the road, but I don’t think anybody really gives a fuck about the the Rays.

  • Matt

    @gregotto-Who knew the Rays had fans?

  • Gaze_NJ

    Not to mention the general apathy fans had with baseball in general in the 2nd half of the 90s following the strike of 1994. Comparing 1996-2000 with today is apples and oranges.

  • VanHellion

    wait……wait……a dude in a gigantic blue wig and oversized white sunglasses just called us faggots?

  • The Professor

    haha, I know. Just bustin’ your balls.

    As for the “soft” label. I will agree there are a few. But in our defense most of the Bay Area women at Rays games seem to prefer fake boobs that are built more for speed than comfort. Just sayin’.



    LMAO @ the fag “Gays” fan, go bang a cowbell.

  • will.H

    “At least the Rays have the excuse of a shitty stadium in a not very good location and 10 years of absolutely craptastic baseball.”

    Um, the Vet is notorious for being the biggest shithole in the history of stadiums. You act like we played at Fenway. Bad comparison. You lose.

  • Phylan

    Also the Philly sports complex is located next to absolutely nothing else of interest

  • will.H

    Phylan, that CVS on Broad is bumpin yo

  • don

    The Vet was a shithole but the Rays play in a shithole, too. At least there was nothing in the Vet for popups to bounce off of.

  • ScottRuffcorn

    I’m sure Burrell went on to say “….besides these South Florida chicks don’t put out like they did in the late 90’s when I was at the U, I thought coming back down here would be a constant snatch buffet…”

  • GTO

    It sure was fun watching him make the left-field ball girls wet. This Bud’s for you, Pat.

  • Joe D

    TAMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAA!! (read in Stevie voice from Eastbound & Down)

  • Drew

    The Rays defender calls himself: “Cowbell Kid”?


    Just, wow.

  • Jdashdog

    Did you know???

    Florida Law: It is prohibited for 2 Rays fans to be in the same place at once. If a bomb went off or there was a natural disaster and they both died it would leave the Rays with exactly zero fans.

  • Tim

    I actually really like the Rays as a team. I think they’ve got some great players who are pretty fun to watch, and I like the way they played all through that ’08 season. And taking out the Yankees and Red Sox, if only for a year, was a great public service to the rest of the country.

    It’s just too bad that their fans, with their cowbells and lack of baseball knowledge, are so insufferable. Give them a couple of years of solid baseball and maybe they’ll learn to behave like real fans. Those players deserve a solid fanbase.

  • Eric

    @ Tim: I was in Tampa last weekend and I had this talk with some locals. What you’re saying is fairly common knowledge, of course. However, I was encouraged to hear that many of the older transplants are raising their kids to be Tampa fans. They think that the current kids will be the first wave of true fans. For the sake of the Rays and Bolts, let’s hope it’s true.

  • Matt

    I have nothing against Upton, Longoria, Crawford, and the the rest of team, but the sheer douchiness of the people who attended their games when they won that one year (not fans, they still didn’t even sell that place out in the ALCS) is beyond belief.

  • ScottRuffcorn

    I sware I remember them saying on TV during the 08 WS that the biggest crowd ever in that dome was for a New Kids on the Block concert. Goes to show what you’re dealing with. The Rays play in a dome and now the Twins play outside? WTF? I understand about the South Florida thunderstorms but fuckin a. I don’t know about them building a fan base, people who permanently move there are just old people because Florida is a nice place to go to be old and die.

  • Blaise

    @Scottruffcorn, I think they have a dome cause its so fuckin hot and humid down there in the summer, same for Phoenix.

  • ScottRuffcorn

    I understand all that, I guess I’ve been in the north too long to commiserate. People move down there because it’s warm, then they watch baseball inside……

  • GOnzo

    Phylan, that CVS on Broad is bumpin yo


  • Chase Mutley

    Making fun of Rays fans is sort of like shooting fish in a barrel. However, I just got back from Spring Training and we took a drive down to Port Charlotte to catch a Rays / Red Sox game. I’ve never heard more “YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!”‘s for pop outs in my life. You would think that living in the Spring Training center of the universe that people would have a better understanding of the game.

    (Pat struck out, popped out and hit into a DP while we were there. Sure, he was the only reason we even made the drive but it reminded me of why we loved him and while we were happy to see him go.)

  • World Forking Champions ’11

    I miss Pat The Bat :(

    Then again, I miss Matt Stairs too and I even kinda miss Eric Bruntlett too…so take that for what it’s worth.

  • Brandon

    I always love by the time I get to the end of the comments section that i forget what I want to say because posts like will.H and ruffcorn’s first one. Well played haha.

    But this makes you miss burrell even more.

  • Rob

    I hope you’re kidding about ‘I couldn’t think of a more exciting mid-season acquisition than Pat the Bat.’ Doesn’t anyone remember how he always fell apart in big moments? Or how he would simply beat up on trash middle relievers to pad his numbers? Or the DEPLORABLE defense? I don’t know what the obsession is with him. Yeah he was on the 08′ team, yeah he was always good for an inappropriate comment or two, but that was about it.

  • That Guy

    Yeah Rob – remember when he fell apart in the 7th inning of Game 5 of the World Series? That was awful.

  • K.JO

    +1 That Guy

  • World Forking Champions ’11

    The Pat obsession has to do with the fact he was one of OUR guys who came up through the system, and he just sort of connected with the fans like few others. We loved Pat despite his flaws, and some of us even LIKED his flaws in a “LOL THAT GUY!” kinda way.

  • maggie

    Pat — call me!!!!

  • maggie

    @The Professor —baseball “fans” ringing cow bells? Enough said.

  • Bobby D

    What part of wearing a giant blue afro wig with sunglasses and whacking a cowbell is NOT gimmicky? Rays fans, and Florida fans in general, are as soft as an Eric Hinske whiff.

  • MaryD

    Um, okay, Pat, I’m sure the Rays would be glad to get rid of you. You’ve done absolutely nothing for the team. Just go back to Phillies, which for some reason you consider good. I’m not sure why everyone who has commented on here believes that people living in Florida, specifically in the Tampa Bay area, know nothing about baseball – you’re absolutely wrong. I’ve followed the Rays from their conception, and although they were indeed a joke at first, they’ve come such a long way. And yes, maybe they’ve only been to the playoffs once, but that’s once in ten years, (so far; this is their eleventh season) while the Phillies have only made it to the playoffs twelve times in 126 years. That means that the Rays have been to the playoffs for 10 % of their existence, and the Phillies have only been to them 9.524 %. Also, tonight, just as a example, the Rays beat the Yankees 9 to 3. According to my memory, the Yankees beat the Phillies in the World Series last year, and – huh, who would have thought – the Rays just KILLED the Yankees. Just because a franchise has been around for a long time doesn’t mean that it’s actually good. The Phillies have lost more games in their history than – get this – ANY TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS. Now isn’t that an impressive statistic. As of right now, (April 9th, 2010) the Rays are leading the AL East with 3 wins and 1 loss. They have a .750 average. On the other hand, the Phillies have 2 wins and 1 loss, and are TIED for first in the NL East with another baseball team from Florida – the Marlins. Their average is only .667. True, they have played one less game, but nevertheless, the average is lower, and no one can deny that. As for the Rays’ fans, I must admit that there is a fair number of people that doesn’t know a lot about baseball, but don’t count everyone out. The statement that “Tampa fans are gimmicky bandwagoneers who couldn’t care less about baseball, [and don’t]…understand the game particularly well” is NOT “a generally understood or accepted notion that you don’t even have to say…aloud.” I know many people living here who have a huge amount of baseball knowledge, including some long-time Rays’ fans. I could go on for hours, but I think I’m going to stop now. This isn’t worth any more of my time.

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