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Howard Eskin Makes Fun of John Clark’s Springsteen Dance
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Just when you thought John Clark couldn’t be any more humiliated from the YouTube clip of him attempting to dance at a Bruce Springsteen concert, the wolfman himself, Howard Eskin, took time out of their Sports Final show on NBC10 last night to basically retell all of the jokes that either I or The Fightins commenters came up with on Friday when the video first surfaced.

Towards the end of the show, Mr. Clark sat there as Eskin — as if he as any room to talk — pointed out all of the douchey dance moves and belittled the oaf-like sportscaster on live TV. Then John, obviously eager to have someone share in the embarrassment with him, outed WIP radio host Brian Startare as the fellow who was on the receiving end of the now famous double-fist-pound-EXPLOSION.

Have a look-see:

And of course, absolutely no mention of the origin of the clip, The Fightins dot com. Not that I’d expect any different from two self-proclaimed tools, but I thought it warrants mentioning.

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  • Tug Haines


  • Mike

    Eskin sucks.

    Nothing new here. TV, radio and print media using blogger content again. Then they turn around and say blogs aren’t newsworthy…

  • Civil Negligence

    That was a cold move by Eskin. He should send some flowers to Clark’s house to make up for it.


    @Civil Negligence: Either that, or Clark should have pushed Eskin out of his chair and dragged him around the studio by his tie.

  • mike

    I think it’s funny that Clark called himself a tool. He was just a goofy white dude dancing, i give him credit. Eskin, still a cunt.

  • kb

    “it’s called bein a tool, i was a tool”

  • PhiPhan5648

    I give credit to John Clark, still.

    Howard Eskin is still the mother of all douchery in Philly. Hate that mother fucker with a passion.

  • Jordan

    “i thought you liked women?” – thats when the gloves should have come off.

    and since its obvious that eskin gets all of his jokes from reading these comments, i hope he reads this one – eskin, suck a choad.

  • Crane Kick

    I wish they would have a death match and both lose.

  • will.H

    i love acting like a 12 year old girl at a concert. no joke. ya get loaded, sing along and make a fool of yourself. everything minus the hogan thing, thats a bit weinerish

  • KevinH

    John Clark is a loser and deserves to be made fun off at every opportunity. He tries to come across as an aw shucks nice guy on the air but in real life this guy is a big timing douchebag. You should see the cell-phone vid of this idiot hitting on a chick at my friends shore house a couple years back. John Clark is a douchebag!

  • Lew Blum

    I’ve towed both of their vehicles. Clark’s – multiple times.

  • John Clark

    Lew, you bastard. I always knew it was you.

  • Shabe

    I’m so proud of my role in this douchbaggery.

    “I thought you liked women,” was a classic.

    Double fist-pound Xplosion to The Fightins.

  • J-D

    Lew, you’re a dick

  • JerryRebes

    I had moved on from Clark’s mad dancing skills until Eskin stole this from The Fightin’s. Where’s the love, asshole?

  • Melissa

    Can someone call him and rip him on this pls, I am sure it will be worth your holding time. What a Jerk off.

    Isn’t that a violation? And since when does Eskin call violations.. it just makes me feel so gay inside.

  • How do you spell retard?

    Howard Eskin Makes Fun of John Clark’s Springsteen Dance

    Another instance of the pot calling the kettle a dipshit cockbag who eats poop and masturbates at Seaworld.

  • Kevin M

    I didn’t realize Eskin was still on that late night round up. Does he add anything to the mix? How are his ratings compared to Missanelli these days?


    He’s been getting CRUSHED by Mikey Miss the past couple Arbitron ratings periods.

  • Tug Haines

    Mikey Miss is beating Eskin like a board op at a remote broadcast right now.

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