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How Many Phillies Did Mike Sweeney Hug?
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This question is actually unanswerable, as the broadcast cut away from the dugout in order to show something much less important (a Raúl Ibáñez at-bat) than the Mike Sweeney Hug Parade. But we do have photographic evidence of no less than four hugs after Sweeney’s first homer as a Phillie Sunday afternoon, of (clockwise from top left) Jayson Werth, Jimmy Rollins, bench coach Pete Mackanin and, of course, Domonic Brown.

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  • Mike Sweeney

    Nothing wrong with a little man love.

    Not the Brokeback kind.

  • Natalie

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  • eyebleaf

    Dom Brown got in an extra ass-slap, too, on Sweeney. Kid is destined for greatness.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Oh look, Brown got hugged again.

    I think Sweeney may love Brown more than he loves Jesus.

  • theKrisheim

    he’s some bizarro version of pat croce + matt stairs, wrapped up in one body, with a sprinkle of tony robbins

  • Tom McCarthy

    he’s BAAAAAACK

  • Franchise

    His postgame speech was inspiring, i fucking love this guy

  • maria

    Free bro hugs from Mike Sweeney. I’ve never seen someone love hugs as much as this guy.

  • Adam Eaton

    Imagine what would have happened if he ran on the field and hugged Scott Barry when Polanco held Howard back…

  • Harold Reynolds

    Oh sure, it’s OK when Sweeney hugs people…

  • yo

    high fives arent sufficient anymore?

  • phillygirl

    wow, didn’t know you could hug jayson werth. go sweeney!
    also, hahah@adam eaton

  • Lenny Dykstra Financial Whiz Kid

    Mike Sweeney = The Danny Tanner of The Phils

  • Ilovesweeney

    I love Mackanin’s reaction.

  • J

    I fricken love this guy

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    When you look at this guys career and just how happy he is to be on the Phillies because of their championship potential, one has to wonder how much of an effect that has on a team….

  • Bozo

    Anyone know who that hot blonde was that Sweeney was pointing out in the stands after his postgame interview with Sarge?

  • Captain Awesome

    Sweeney’s a good dude in my book. Yay for hugs!

  • Joe

    Boy, he got all he could out that J-Roll hug.

  • Big Bertha

    I’m purchasing a Sweeney jersey to hug me at all times.

  • Watrick

    Big Bertha, I think I might also order my first t shirt jersey, too.

    “I wanna be your shirt, I can hug you while you work.”

  • Beth

    That was so cute. You would have thought it was his first HR in Little League or something. Nice to have an all out happy guy around the clubhouse.

  • Hug it out

    Bring it in for the real thing, baby.

  • that guy

    now thats some pure non gay man loving right there

  • beelove

    1. excellent use of accents and tildes, dmac.

    2. wouldn’t we all love to hug mike’s weenie.

  • Greenman!

    I want a Sweeney Jersey too now 😀

  • I went to K-Mart and saw Mike Williams and John Lennon looking at Pampers

    Did he hug teammates when he hit .340 and 30+ HRs, because he would be the best player evahhhhh!

  • Greenman!

    anyone have his post game interview?

  • J

    I love the Roys R Us shirt but may I also suggest a H2O shirt for our AWESOME and deadly top of the rotation? I’d buy it 😛

  • Watrick

    Can the shirt look like this?:

    Cause I already have that.

  • Matt Stairs

    Awesome game by Cole, and some great offense by the likes of Jayson, and Mike Sweeney(!!!)

    I know that we didn’t score a ton during this 3 game series, but we quite clearly scored enough against a very good pitching team in the Padres.

    Great to see us sweep the team that currently has the best record in the NL, which is a pretty big change from when we got swept by one of the NL’s bottom feeders in Houston.

    BUT to be fair to Houston, they have been playing a lot better in the second half…thanks partly to their offense coming alive, and largely good pitching from the likes of Myers,Happ, and Wandy.

    Have to say, i’d totally prefer any of the 3 of them in our rotation over Kendrick any day of the week!

  • Undocorkscrew

    Yeah, well, we got Eric Hinske. Guarantees us a WS birth.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Undo- I’ll worry if you get Jason Marquis back and not until then.

  • Matt Stairs

    Jason Marquis!

    Yeah, i’d definitely take him over Kendrick too…assuming he’s finally healthy again anyway

  • brohug
  • Homeless child from a third world country

    I wish I knew Mike :(

  • Adam Eaton

    @Matt Stairs… why do you use a picture of me as your avatar? Just curious.

  • maria
  • Sally Struthers

    What about me? Don’t you want to hug me? I’ve done all those ads trying to get you adopted for only pennies a day and you go running after Mike friggin Sweeney! Fuck you ungrateful little shits. All of you can fuck off! I’m going to ads for pet adoptions, at least the damn animals with appreciate me.

  • SherryW

    Showing some heart is a good thing. I love how he pointed at the dugout and stuff when he went around the bases. Good acquisition, Rube.

  • fifedog

    This makes Mike Sweeney look so stupid. I’m sure he will take you Phillies all the way to the WS. You guys are amazing!

  • J

    “I’m just embracing being here as a new member of the Philadelphia Phillies,” Sweeney said. “Any time I can go out there and play, whether it’s a pinch-hitter or giving big Ryan a day off, I want to do everything I can to help this team win. I’m thankful I was able to do that today.”


  • game5

    Mike says “Bring me to the plate boys”. Fuck yea baby!

  • Scott Barry

    Mike Sweeny wouldn’t hug me.
    He tried to kick me in the nuts, but I don’t have any.

  • fifedog

    Come on, Scott Barry. Can’t you even spell his name correctly????? You are such a terrible Phillies fan.

  • i want to go to bed with roy oswalt
  • Matt Stairs

    Adam Eaton: Because you are my hero, and greatest Phillies pitcher of all tymez of course!

    How could just a misunderstood ACE be booed at the World Series ring ceremony?


  • BigMiles

    I’m pretty sure I heard TMac say on the air that Sweeney hugged Blanton when he went out to pinch hit for him yesterday. I thought that was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard. Charlie should have Sweeney go out to the mound and make pitching changes so that he can give manhugs for encouragement to the new pitcher as well as the one leaving the game.

    Aside from the hugs, my favorite part of the game was when both Roys were just sitting in the dugout next to each other with their shades on, obviously talking about how badass they both are on the mound.

  • Sally Struthers

    Hi I am Sally Struthers and tonight I am here to talk to you about the plight of those poor wretched souls. Those who are abandoned and no longer loved or wanted. Yes I’m talking about those who have been forsaken and treated with distain and disgust.

    This is Adam Eaton at one time he was loved. At one time he was nurtured. At one time he was happy, But that happiness is now sorrow his smiles are now tears. Will you help this poor soul? Will you show some humanity? For just pennies a day you can adopt Adam and give him the chance for a new lease on life. Thank you.

  • George Carlin

    Fuck Adam Eaton.

  • Sally Struthers

    Hey George take your shit and get out of my fundraiser. I’m trying to do some good here.

  • Anonymous Phillie

    You might think all those hugs are nice but when he hugs you coming in and out of the shower it gets kinda creepy.

  • Next

    Step back.

    You’re hugging kinda close.

    I feel a little poke coming through.

    On you.

  • J

    “my favorite part of the game was when both Roys were just sitting in the dugout next to each other with their shades on, obviously talking about how badass they both are on the mound.”


  • N.

    @Bozo: I don’t remember who Sweeney was pointing at after the interview, but it might have been his wife. She’s blonde and not too bad looking.

  • hans

    This was one of my favorite moments of the season by far!

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    Everybody hugs! Woohoo!

  • Bud

    “my favorite part of the game was when both Roys were just sitting in the dugout next to each other with their shades on, obviously talking about how badass they both are on the mound.
    @ J
    That shit was so cool, I really had to ask myself what team I was watching at that point .
    But Sweeney should have hugged the shades right off of them

  • What’s left of Dutch Daulton’s Hair

    Mike Sweeney is the John Clark of baseball

  • Justin


    You’re tricked.

    Dom Brown is 6’5″, 200 LB, baby Jesus

  • John Clark

    Until Mike Sweeney wears a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt to a Bruce Springsteen concert, he and I may not be mentioned in the same breath

  • Mark

    Mike Sweeney is married to Graig Nettles’ niece. Who knew?

  • Carmine Martinetti


  • Domonic Brown

    Eric Hinske sucks cock. Remember the final out of the 2008 World Series? AKA Tasty Lidge Slide Piece BITCH

  • Jason Heyward

    @Domonic Brown

    He’s a class guy, really. Consistent as one can get. Screams ‘fuck!’ after literally every strike out.

    And I seen your stupid little hand-clap on your first hit as a big-leaguer. I’m like 3 years younger than you, so you do realize you’re emulating a guy who just legally bought his first beer? And it was a fucking double. My first swing was a 3-run, 470 ft blast that gave my team the lead on opening day and set the entire world and web on fire. Take your Mr. Sandman swing and lack of plate discipline and shove it up your 2nd-place ass.

  • AFN

    brothers don’t shake hands…brothers gotta hug.

  • Chris

    The arrogance of a Braves fan, to think 1) Jason Heyward invented the handclap, 2) anybody outside of Atlanta knew that Jason Heyward clapped his hands after his first hit, so as to associate the handclap with Jason Heyward, and 3) Domonic Brown knew exactly what Jason Heyward did after his first hit, and emulated it.

  • Jason Heyward


    Is there anymore to that or are you basically just repeating what I just said for no particular reason? To be honest, I’m not even a Braves fan. Grew up watching the Yankees. But the Braves drafted me, so I’ll defend them to the death.

    Arrogance? I’m 3rd in the NL in WPA(behind Votto and Adrian Gonzalez) while Domo’s riding the tar. 3.2 WAR so far, son. Double that for next year.

  • will.H

    You’re 3rd in WNBA?

  • Jason Heyward

    Just stopping by to let you guys know I’m 2-2 with a 3-run HR so far today against a lefty.

  • Zaahida

    Brothers don’t shake hands, BROTHERS GOTTA HUG! 8D

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