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Ladies and gents, have a look at the brand new, svelte manager of the Fightin’ Phils — Charlie Manuel!


With the help of the NUTRISYSTEM® diet plan and some light exercising, Cholly has gone from an unhealthy 274 lbs. to a manageable 215 lbs. and has also dropped from a size 60 jersey down to a 52!

Way to go, Charlie, I knew you could do it!

(pic via NBCPhiladelphia)

  • t-bear


  • superbryant

    wow, that is really great. he looks like a whole new guy!

  • loctastic

    as Charlie himself would say, “that’s good”

  • kara

    Now he doesn’t look like a Phillies manager. I miss the cheesesteak gut.

  • B-mac

    WHOA!!!! Nice!!!

  • Crane Kick

    Epic shirt/tie combo, skinny.

  • kristen

    Lookin’ good Uncle Cholly!

  • GTO

    He could kick Jerry Manuel’s ass.

  • scot

    Fuckin a.

  • Mark

    He looks great, but i’m not sure that Philadelphians will approve. They say don’t trust anyone under a 30 (inch waist).

  • dlhunter

    andy reid will eat anything you don’t, charlie. remember that.

  • tofoomeister

    Charlie showed up for filming that day, and still looked like his old self — clearly, the Nutrisystem product hadn’t been working as well as advertised. Not wanting to find a replacement spokesperson, Nutrisystem realized they needed to take some drastic measures. Just before filming began, they told Charlie that he’d be dressed in an outfit whose color was ‘Yankee Blue’. Charlie promptly vomited out 59 pounds of body weight. Sure, he accidentally got a little on his tie, which is why his arms are crossed. But they couldn’t do much about the I’ve-got-the-taste-of-puke-in-my-mouth look.

  • Kevin

    Good for you Charlie! Looking good! Can’t wait to see this guy lead the team out on the field for player intros on opening day.

  • Chris

    Best manager in Phillies history. If you wanna argue that fact go ahead and try…

  • Moon Shot

    Musta been laying off that pasta salad loaded with the shit ton of bacon bits in it

  • John

    this phillies team just keeps gettin better lookin

    first it was ryan, now its charlie, who’s next? matt stairs?

  • Pasadena_Phan

    Very impressive Cholly!
    You’re a role model!

  • maxL

    A la Deadspin:

    Yes. HELL YES.

  • Chris

    I really hope we get to see Charlie in one of those Nutrisystem commercials with Don Shula and Dan Marino.

    It would start with Berman saying “back back back back!” and Charlie coming from off screen and punching him in his face.

  • Conrad

    can’t make jokes about how i “trust his gut” anymore.

  • Uncle Chollie

    you know like I done good

  • gm-carson

    holy shit, i now feel fat.

  • bigmyc

    I call photo shop.

  • Soco

    he looks like he is ready to stomp someone. like the meats.

  • Big-Kel-215

    “That’s not old school, that’s good school” – Uncle Cholly

  • Dash Treyhorn

    “Life is about having fun, but at the same time, you need to look and feel good.”

  • Andy Reid

    When will my time in hell end?

  • World Fargin Skinny Cholly Champion ‘010

    LOL he looks less like Elmer Fudd with the weight loss!

    He’ll still be our Jolly Hick Uncle Cholly though, just a lighter one!

  • greenman!

    ugh Charlie weighs less than me now, time to diet I guess…

  • The Killer Zs

    Aw man soon he will be wearing Shane’s new clothing line.

  • Lynniemac

    I’d hit th…no, wait. No, I wouldn’t. But congratulations, Charlie. You done good, son.

  • Andy Reid

    The nutrisystem diet? Isn’t that what McNabb ate during halftime at the superbowl… that explains it.

  • Tug Haines

    Cholly is a real contribute to the NutriSystem™ diet; he did real good.

  • Lynniemac

    I felt like…the NutriSystem food worked good, but at the same time…the exercise worked real good, too.


    You look great Cholly.59 lbs that fast is a great achievment.Be careful because when it comes off fast it goes back faster.I lost 40 and gained back 10 over the holidays.Im working it off again.Good luck.

  • http://thefightins Ronnie Gouger

    Looking good Charlie ican’t believe it I’m trying the atkins.Maybe i’ll change,now my belly bigger than his……

  • Droppin Fuckin Gloads

    Keith Brooking got mad when Cholly dropped the last 7 lbs, he said he was piling it on.


    +1, Droppin Fuckin Gloads

  • Watrick

    I just wanted to say that I met a fellow reader at Borders in Wynnwood today, all thanks to a Birdland hoodie. It was cool, I felt like I was part of a secret society.

  • will.H

    lynnie’s post made me laugh. so did gloads.

    i dont have much to say other than.. charlie is one of the few men i want to give a big ol’ hug

  • will.H

    watrick, before we become a secret society, one of the readers has to shoot themselves after their overbearing father is too hard on them. Next, we can play instruments in the woods on the other side of the pond. I’ll stand on my desk first.. you next. Why does our teacher do coke?

  • Shawn

    Come on you know you’d hit that.

  • maria

    Losing weight is another anything that Charlie does better than Andy Reid. But in all seriousness, he looks great. Seeing videos from 2006, he looks like a completely different person.

  • dlhunter


    Dead Poets Society references will never get old.



  • Patty B

    i’d hit it!

  • Echo

    Meech hasn’t been that jacked since he started doin roids in ’94.

    You’ve never seen anyone Tom Chambers from the 3 point line on a 6 foot rim like a juiced up Meech-rocka.

  • Gonzo

    He needs to be rockin the Ed Hardy Triple Wolf Moon shirt.

  • Ed

    Way to go Uncle Charlie!

  • Morandini Turned Three

    I hope this didn’t happen because Chollie came off the roids.

  • BJ

    He obviously didn’t pick that outfit…it was definitely the work of Mrs. Hamels…and by that, I mean Cole

  • Joe D

    He was trying to lose weight and and and at the same time he now looks better.

  • Watrick

    Must be all that time with his hands down his pants. Maybe he was just looking for the spit valve.

  • evan

    Charlie, how do you feel now that you’ve dropped a small elephant?

    you know like… when i sit in the d-dugout and see like joe maddon and his funny spectacles and all them good players that have a heal-health… good body weight i wanna be involved in that… i wanna have an identity, thats how you win ball games and feel good about yourself

  • Tap the Tap

    He really wanted to get thinner for Brandon Duckworth’s return…..

  • Thomas Fuhs

    LaSorda did the same thing ages ago, the weight didn’t stay off. LA started losing; Tommy started eating…


  • Schmitter22

    How I miss Charlie Manuel press conferences.

    On Carlos Ruiz:

    “But like when Chooch got in the lineup, when we started taking off and we started winning, I’ve left him there, mostly because he’s been playing real good and he can catch. He blocks the ball good. He receives the ball good. He’s really improved in calling the game. The pitchers really relate to him good and he throws good. “

  • Schmitter22

    This whole interview is actually quite entertaining. Chooch and Charlie. If you read the responses to the questions that Chooch understands and can anwer, it seems like he learned English from Chollie. He says “at the same time” a few times.

  • Bobby D

    he plans to keep the weight off with his new “5th starter/bullpen” excercise regimen. it consists of walking frequently from the dugout to the mound. seriously though, looking good chollie. i’m glad he’s healthy.

  • Amandah

    I would totally give him a blumpkin.

  • Hammerhead Ballgirl

    That new look and tie make me moist!

    -Sam from Mt. Ephraim

  • Claude Giroux


  • Bill from NJ

    The lighter Charlie can still kick Eskin’s a$s. Then again, so can my daughter.

  • Jen

    he did good

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