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Harry Kalas & Whitey Ashburn Plaques Installed at CBP
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Shortly after the untimely passing of Harry Kalas on April 13th of last year, the Phillies did the right thing and dedicated the television broadcast booth in his name. It was an honor they also bestowed upon his best friend Whitey Ashburn on the radio side, and now they both have shiny new plaques hanging under their respective booths for all Citizens Bank Park goers to see.

Earlier today, the Phillies Twitter account gave us a glimpse of the Harry one, and it’s beautiful. Have a look:

  • Franchise

    Goin 2 the game 2morrom, cant wait 2 c it.

  • Jayson’s 5 o’clock shadow

    I always wanted to seat beneath the broadcast booth. In the Twins series, I will.

  • bigmyc

    You know, maybe this is JUST the thing to vault these Fightins’ out of their doldrums….

    Wouldn’t that be something.

    Boys, I think this is the start of something beautiful…

  • Morandini Turned 3

    They’d better get their act together. I want to hear a lot of High Hopes this weekend.

  • Jay Ballz

    Nice of them to not have any typos on the latest Harry plaque, unlike that Wall of Fame plaque that many people with the team goofed up.

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    Can’t wait until later this summer when they install two more plaques–one to memorialize the death by autoerotic asphyxiation by Tom McCarthy in the broadcast restroom, and one to memorialize the tragic death of Chris Wheeler, caused by a toupee lice infestation.

  • James Fayleez

    If they EVER install a plaque honoring Chris Wheeler, it will mark the 3rd time I will have ever gone to jail…….because that plaque won’t last 24 hrs.


    What ever happened to them playing Harry’s Call after Phils’ HRs? I remember them only doing for like a week after he passed…

  • Steve

    They did for the rest of last season, and through the playoffs. Not sure about this year, haven’t made it to a game yet.

    It could just be that they haven’t hit one at home in so long, nobody remembers..

  • Mariano Duncan

    Some Vintage Harry and a great video of the ’93 Phils to take our minds off the current situation:

  • joe

    HSJIII-They did it all last season and they’ve done it all this season. Sometimes people are screaming so loud it’s hard to hear, though, but it’s always there. Hopefully we’re hear it a lot this homestand.

  • mich

    @Mariano Duncan – thanks for that clip. AWESOME! Got a little teary eyed watching/listening to Harry. Sure do miss him.

    Gotta love Danny Jackson flexing about 6 1/2 mins into the clip. Bunch of crazy asses on the team that year.

    Good times, good times.

  • Big Ben’s Super Bowl Cock Rings

    I think a great tribute to HK (and possibly to jump start the phils) is to defenestrate Wheels. if you arent familiar with defenestration, look it up. perfect thing to do from the booth. look for my new name…

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    hey guys whats up?

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