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Happy Fourth of July, everyone!
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  • TonyIsDynamic

    Quick, someone shop dicks in their hands.

  • Deej

    Fuck this bunch of bums, this homestand has the potential to be like the one in August 04. But will all the homos going to the games this week at CBP care? Nope. Not as long as they stuff their fat faces with dollar hot dogs and shitty overpriced beer and they get to see their precious fireworks. Fuck all these new age Phillies fans. Bring back The Vet, a true home field advantage, with visiting players fearing for their lives playing in front of actual baseball fans. If you cant tell me who Felipe Crespo was, then you shouldnt be allowed to root for this fucking team. You can all go fuck yourselves too.

  • Photographer N

    Happy Independence Day, Deej!

  • Braves2010NLChampions

    Hahahahaha the Phillies couldn’t even split the series with the Pirates! Way too funny.Now here come the 1st place Braves after a (possible) sweep of the Marlins. Doc pitching doesn’t scare anyone anymore,Cole just sucks,and Jamie the 47 year old is your ace.What a sad pathetic team.I almost feel sorry for them but than I remember that Phillie’s fans are douchebags so I just have to laugh and sit back and enjoy watching the 2010 Phillies become the 2009 Mets.

  • Braves2010NLChampions

    I hear there are plenty of tickets left for this upcoming homestand.Bandwagon fans hopping off this hot mess of a team!

  • FlyerGuy18

    Sure man, I’m sure those in Atlanta aren’t bandwagon fans. Remember Matt Ryan’s rookie year? People in ATL couldn’t get enough of his chode. now he isn’t shit. Hats off to your joke of a fanbase & your joke of teams. THRASHERS HAVE BIG BUFF & ANDREW LADD! CUP CHAMPS RIGHT? LOL

  • Braves2010NLChampions

    What does this have to do with the Thrashers? You have to throw them in there because you know Im right when I say the division is ours this year.I wonder what Roy Halladay is thinking right now.Probably regretting coming to this team.Shit he would probably rather be on the Pirates after watching this series.Injuries aren’t even a legit excuse anymore.Look at the Red Sox and how many injuries they have and they are right there behind the Yankees.The Phillies will be lucky to end the season in 4th place.

  • kmart

    A little early to anoint the Braves the 2010 champs dontcha think? Mets tried that in ’07 and well, we all know what happened there.

  • CTM

    I know I know, don’t feed the troll. That being said, a quick check of certainly says the opposite of the “tons of tickets available for this homestand LOLZLOSERS” claim. Thanks for playing, toolbox. Do the world a favor and get testicular cancer.

  • lala

    They need to stay in contention, until we get everyone back (hopefully). In Setptember alone we play the NL East about twenty times.

  • Phylan

    Somebody link me a .gif of some dudes smoking weed. I need it for a . . . thing

  • Braves2010NLChampions

    The Braves may not be the 2010 NL Champs but there is no doubt that they will win the division.

  • Lenny Dykstra Financial Whiz Kid

    You’re gonna stand there, ownin’ a fireworks stand, and tell me you don’t have no whistlin’ bungholes, no spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don’ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or one single whistlin’ kitty chaser?

  • CTM

    Hey, remember when the Braves lost 9 in a row? You don’t? Shame, because it could easily happen again. I’d keep that in mind if I were you.

  • dlhunter

    I keep watching the gif over and over again, hoping eventually TMac and Sarge blow up.

  • Jim

    Braves fan, you’re an idiot. You’re saying that the Braves will be National League Champions in your name but you just said that they won’t be in a comment. Also, I know you’re aware of the spacebar on the keyboard, but it doesn’t disappear after you finish a sentence. Learn how to type. Your opinions that you think are facts about the Phillies and Braves are plain stupid. Go back to doing your cute little tomahawk chop after every good thing you guys do.

  • ThinkRed

    Drink up fuckers. America is almost as old as Jamie Moyer today.

  • Braves2010NLChampions

    I’m not sure how they will do in the playoffs but I know they will win the NL East.If it isn’t the Braves who else would it be?The Mets will fall apart eventually,Your precious Phillies have already fallen apart and are not improving (they just lost a series to the worst team in the NL),and there is no way the Marlins and Nats will win the division. I will be doing the chop alot starting tomorrow won’t I ? This should be another easy sweep.

  • Braves2010NLChampions

    Oh and I’ll be at all three games with my boys who are depressed Phillies fans.This is gonna be fun.Hopefully I see some of you there so I can laugh when you’re all leaving after the 7th inning with the Phillies losing 2-0 because poor Doc won’t get any run support AGAIN.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Know who ELSE is a depressed Phillies fan? You are, Braves2010.

    You’re somebody here.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Braves are losing heading into the 9th inning.

    We missed a chance to be 4 GB, but there’s still a chance we could be 6 GB.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Braves lose.

    We blew a fucking chance.

  • Adamr14

    We’ve been doing that a lot lately…

    But we got 3 big chances coming up so we better pull our heads out of our collective ass

  • Bill Pullman

    With the Braves coming in, it’s time for the Phillies to make a stand, It’s time to tell the rest of hr NL East that we will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on, we’re going to survive.’ Today we celebrate our independence day!”

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Kyle Drabek just threw a no-hitter.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    There’s nothing to be happy about today, Phillies lost another game to the FUCKIN’ PIRATES and our former top pitching prospect apparently just threw a No-Hitter.

    We’re all screwed, aren’t we? :(

  • Braves2010NLChamps

    No I’m a Braves fan who has been suffering through these past 3 years of Phillie’s sucess and I’m glad it is finally coming to an end.The Phillies blow this season and it makes me =).

    YankeesSuckArod: Yes you are screwed.

  • Braves2010NLChamps

    Could you imagine if the Phillies were somewhat decent and swept the Pirates or atleast took 3 out of 4? You would be right in the mix.Now they are just falling closer and closer to .500.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    You know what? It’s getting to the point where I don’t even give a shit if the Braves win the division or not anymore.

    You guys end up winning? That’s great, it must mean the Braves played better than the Phillies this year…BUT you are fucking fooling yourself if you think the Braves have enough to win the World Series this year, and it’s highly debatable if they will even win the NLDS.

    So have fun choking in the playoffs if you make it there guys, but I guess it will all be worth it since BOOBY COCKS and LARRY JONES get to ride out into the sunset with a stupid division title!

  • Fuck the Braves

    Braves2010NLChampions says:
    July 4, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    I’m not sure how they will do in the playoffs but I know they will win the NL East.

    Braves2010 “NL Champions” says:
    I’m not sure how they will do in the playoffs

    Cool story, bro. Way to have an understanding of baseball.

  • Bozo

    Was it a dominant no-hitter or did he walk a ton of guys and get stellar defense?

  • J

    ^ 2 walks, 3 strikeouts. Don’t know much else beyond that.

  • mw

    “Kyle Drabek just threw a no-hitter”

    …against the New Britain, CT Rock Cats.

  • Chris

    @ThinkRed: Best comment ever. You win unlimited internet points.

  • Mike P

    @ ThinkRed Perfect. Well done.

    The funny thing about the Phillies is that they are totally capable of dropping 3 of 4 to Pittsburgh and then coming back and sweeping the Braves. That’s just their schizophrenic style. It should be an interesting series.

  • Mike P

    I should add, after a few drinks, that .gif is mesmerizing. I can’t stop watching it.

  • Braves2010NLChamps

    I want them to do well.I have faith that they will.I obviously cannot predict how they will do but they are capable of making it to the World Series this year unlike the Phillies who could only 2 games on the 7 game road trip.2 losses to the Reds who will probably also be in the playoffs and 3 losses to the worst team in the NL.Sorry they just aren’t the same team they were in 07,08,and 09.

  • Bozo

    Do you have anything better to do? You know… like cheer for your team? Stupid fuck.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    Not the same Phillies team they were in 07-08-09? Maybe not, but that’d only be because of A. injuries, and B. the fact that some of the players don’t seem to give a fuck anymore.

    And if the team doesn’t care, why should the fans?

    I’m fucking serious when I say that I am getting a lot more enjoyment out of watching Blueclaws games right now than watching this rag tag bunch of sub-replacement players, aging and apathetic stars, an incompetent bullpen, and a starting pitching rotation that looks like they want to strangle the position players/bullpen a lot these days.

  • dlhunter


    Cole can only flip his hair angrily and roll his eyes so many times…one day, he might not even recycle his water cup between innings. He might just drop it on the floor of the dugout, or just put in the trash with the non-recyclables. Oh gosh, I fear for that day. I know he does.

  • dlhunter

    Carlos Zambrano gets pissed – he starts yelling and swinging a baseball bat in the dugout. Cole Hamels gets pissed – things just get passive aggressive.

  • Mike P

    The Phils’ record is just as good, if not better, than it was at this point in the season during their 3 previous playoff runs. Let’s not forgot the ridiculous challenges they faced those years in the first half of the season. Brett Myers, anyone? J-Roll’s cold streaks? Howard’s injuries? How about Hamels and Lidge during the entirety of last year? Things have been this bad before, if not worse. It’s just that the subsequent playoff runs have clouded the bad memories in our minds.

    Make fun of the Buccos all you want, but for some reason, the Phils struggle in Pittsburgh. This is nothing new. I can’t explain it, but hey, stupid shit happens. That’s baseball.

    Losing Utley and Polly is tough, but the games before the all-star break don’t mean all that much when push comes to shove, unless they find some way to be 20 games out when the midsummer classic comes along. The Phils have been in much deeper holes than this. Plus, while the Braves are formidable, there’s no way that they continue on the hot streak they’ve been on the past month or so. They’re good, but they’re not a 100-win ballclub. They’ll come back to earth, and when they do, it’ll be up to the Phils to get their shit together and overtake them.

    Look, I’m not saying that this season has been pretty so far, but it’s not time to start screaming that the Phils are done. We’ve seen this team stumble into the all-star break before, time and time again, and I, for one, am not ready to write them off as aging, apathetic, or incompetent based on one half of a season. They’ve looked this pathetic on previous July 4ths, only to rise to the occasion in the second half of the season. I rest in the knowledge that this team ripped off win after win at the start of the season, and that they’re capable of stringing together those kinds of performances in July, August, September, and, yes, October and November.

    This is no time for despair! This is no time for mentally ceding the division to the Braves when there are still 3 months of baseball to be played! Put away your white flags!

    That is all.

  • SherryW

    Seriously Phans, we are feeding the Braves Trolls now? Gimmie a break.

    We suck vs the Bucs for some reason. No new news. Our AAA Phillies will send Atlanta back crying to The Home of the Racist Chop.

  • Mike P

    And this!

  • SherryW

    Oh, and I’m damn proud of having Jamie Moyer as our ace this year. I don’t give a rats ass if he’s 147. Tell me who plays soft pitch better now. Nobody? That’s what I thought. Other fans can laugh at our aging staff, after their players stand looking like dumbstruck morons at the plate. “durrr…he didn’t pitch 200 MPH fast ball, whatdoIdo?”

    Jamie Moyer will fuck you all up. Slowly, slyly and accurately. The end.

  • SherryW

    Oh, and damn it Birdland make me a fucking Moyer shirt.

  • SherryW

    Shit yes Mike. The Phanatic needs to turn his 4 wheeler into a black EAT ME tank.

  • will.H

    fans, don’t be fucking soft. phils are going to burst your tits from time to time.

    You’ll be up, you’ll be down, that’s the game they play. Phil’s play down to their competition. Good news is.. they play up to teams too (2 of 3 from the fakes ((yanks)). Don’t sweat it folks.

    Actually nevermind.. sweat the fuck out of it. Get mad. Get angry. Fuck up opposing fans this week. See a braves fan? Remind him General Sherman burnt his shit down without his permission. Remind him the North confused those southern fucks with bullets, math and warm camp fires not set under people they didn’t approve of.

    Listen, im trying to say: fuck the world, root for the phils and drink a few berrz. They lose a shitty game against the pirates which typifies their struggles through out the entire season.. cool.

    It’s no secret.. Phils, your fans are fuckin weird. We’re a dick load of blue balls just waiting to explode on Tigers mistress. God damn, do somethign exciting. Get wild. Get mean. We’re giddy with the anticipation you’ll fuck up an opponent sending their fans home with a sore asshole. Emotionally stab bitches in other uniforms, go ahead. I (we) want to see you go all out and screw shit up. I’m tired of rationalizing your prolonged slump. I’m tired, period.

    Harry doesn’t approve of your effort. I’d go on futher, but there’s no need to explain what I mean. Just win, gentlemen. Although im wondering..

    Where’s the fire?

  • Mike P

    @ Sherry

    Those are the two best ideas of the night. You know the Phanatic would be wrecking havoc out there. Bobby Cox would clearly be the mayor, and David Wright would be Kevin Bacon. And you gotta love Jamie Moyer. The “zoo with roy” “Moyer’d” .gif might be the best thing ever:

    I’m so sick of this “woe is me” French-esque surrender bull shit I hear from my friends with regards to the Phils. How short are people’s memories? Seriously. This is not the first time that the first half of the season has been ugly. The first half of the season is ALWAYS ugly with this team! Complain away about various things, but let’s not sit around, whining that the season is over and the team is garbage. It’s absurd.

  • Mike P

    @ will.H

    Fuck yeah! Eddie Vedder, in reference to the Cubs’ fans, once sang, “We are not fair weather, but foul weather fans.” I once thought that Phillies’ fans had some of this in them, an ability to take the punches in bad times and know that good times were somewhere over the horizon. But all I’m hearing these days is a bunch of frontrunning despair. One half of a bad season, no worse than the April-through-June of recent playoff years, and it’s, “Oh my God! If Cliff Lee hadn’t been exiled, the Phils would be in first and everything would be dandy! Dandy!” It makes me sick. I sincerely hope that winning hasn’t made the fan base soft, because that’s the impression I get on days like this. A little fire, a little “fuck the world, root for the Phils,” is exactly what is needed on this 4th of July. Bravo.

  • Lynniemac

    will.H: So bursting tits…would be a bad thing, right?

  • Phylan

    Roy Halladay is our ace, not Jamie Moyer. Unless we’re working with some bizarre definition of “ace”

  • Braves2010NLChamps

    The difference between last year’s record and this year’s record being practically the same is that the Brave’s and shit even the METS are playing good baseball.The BoSox have a shit ton of injuries but are about to dethrone the Yankee’s in the AL East.Why don’t your boys care anymore? I thought going into Spring Training they were all about getting back to the WS.That is all they talked about and now suddenly they don’t want to win anymore? Doubt it.They just blow.I know this is cliche but after the whole binocular scandal everyone’s averages went down.Sure they hit like crazy in some games but they are inconsistent this year which leads me and everyone else who isn’t delusional that the Phillies won by cheating.

    I’m happy for Jamie too.Great guy,great pitcher.It just sucks he is pitching for a team that has no chance to take him to the playoffs.Roy too…atleast the Jays gave him run support.What a waste.

  • Braves2010NLChamps

    Oh and if you’re going to any of the upcoming games at home don’t boo the Braves cause your bitter.Instead boo Jayson,Ryan,Shane,and Jimmy for blowing.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    I don’t think the Phillies season is over, but it has been extremely difficult to enjoy a lot of the games recently.

    True that the Phillies usually are weaker during the first half than the second half, but between all the injuries and question marks and inconsistencies, it is awfully hard not to get frustrated right now.

    So no the Phillies aren’t done yet unless they want to be done, and that’s one of my concerns…that complacency and apathy may have started to set in with some of the guys.

    Anyway I still stand by what I said earlier, and I think this upcoming Braves series is VERY important for the Phillies to win.

    They either win 2 of 3 or sweep, but i’m not going to just give them a free pass if they lose all 3 or take only 1 game.

    And all those people who say “OMG if only we hadn’t traded Cliff Lee!” are missing the fucking fact that our recent problems have more to do with offense and bull(shit!)pen than with starting pitching.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    “Oh and if you’re going to any of the upcoming games at home don’t boo the Braves cause your bitter”

    Nah we’ll boo them because they’re the opposite of “the home team”.

    “which leads me and everyone else who isn’t delusional that the Phillies won by cheating.”

    This again? What are the Phillies again? Riiiiiiiight. Baseball players. Know what they’re not? International spies. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    Know Mick Billmeyer was using binoculars when the Phillies were PITCHING, right? Established fact. You know it’s physically impossible for someone to use binoculars, relay a sign, and get it to the hitter in time when the sign is established by the opposing catcher?


    …So? What’s he gonna signal to the batter from the dugout? What’s the batter gonna do, turn his back to the plate so he can look at Vic for the sign?

  • Phylan

    You guys really need to stop responding to that dude

  • ScottGraham

    It’s also not against the rules to steal signs. That’s what bugs me about that entire thing. I mean, it’s good baseball for a runner on second to relay the signs to the batter. If a catcher doesn’t notice it and make adjustments, then it’s their fault. So even if the Phillies were stealing signs with binoculars, that’s good baseball.

  • Rico Brogna

    Ty Wiggington plus Cliff Lee and we’re set baby!

  • Greenman!

    I$ Really! Want, To# Learn% About_ Punctuation.

  • tonyisdynamic

    Chalk up another one to “You think T-Mac is THAT bad compared to _____?”

    I’ve never heard of a 7th inning walkoff before.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Also I don’t know about you guys, but I think Stu Pickles has had enough.

  • Greg

    To those Dominic Brown Lovers, here’s some more good stuff:

    Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 6
    Pawtucket Red Sox 4

    Philadelphia’s top prospect, Domonic Brown, initiated the scoring. After consecutive hits put runners at second and third, Brown lofted a sacrifice fly to center field to give the IronPigs a 1-0 advantage in the bottom of the third inning.

    IronPigs starter J.A. Happ, who went 12-4 with a 2.93 ERA as a rookie with Philadelphia last season, was perfect through the first three innings. Making his final scheduled rehab start, Happ threw just 33 pitches, 25 for strikes, in the first three frames.

    The PawSox busted through with two runs in the fourth, forcing Happ to throw 34 pitches in the inning. Pawtucket showed patience at the plate in the inning, getting two walks, as well as two full-count base hits.

    Lehigh Valley regained the lead in the fifth inning as Brown launched a line drive two-run home run to straightaway center field.

    Pawtucket’s deficit did not last long, as the Sox plated a pair of runs in the top of the sixth. After a leadoff walk by Ryan Shealy, Lars Anderson drove an RBI double to left-center field. Anderson was then driven in by Tug Hulett. The Red Sox second baseman drove a 2-2 pitch to right field, his first hit against Lehigh Valley in 17 at-bats this season.

    Lehigh Valley erased Pawtucket’s lead with its three-run barrage in the seventh, including Brown’s fourth RBI of the game. Lehigh Valley closer Scott Matthieson pitched the final two innings to pick up his 15th save of the season.


    maybe someone should light a fire under the phillies’s assholes

  • It’s all over, folks

    now do you believe me that it’s over? We’re done. Losing 3 of 4 to a pathetic team like the butt Pirates? Christ. We could be sub .500 very very soon.

  • It’s all over, folks

    BTW…STFU you annoying Braves fan…talk about a pathetic fan base and that homo tomahawk chop. Place looks half full at best….

  • TonyIsDynamic

    I say ban anyone who prematurely calls it a season when the Phillies take 1st place in a couple weeks.

  • It’s all over, folks

    LOL….the Phillies might be closer to last place than 1st place in a couple of week…3 out of 4 to the Pirates? Jesus, wait till we play someone decent.

  • bigmyc

    Dom Brown lovers?….I’d be more excited about J.A. Happ’s progress.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  • Bud

    Hey Braves2010NLChamps, how’d your sister’s ass look in those daisy dukes at the BBQ this weekend? Don’t bother replying, I know you thought that shit was HOT!
    I can’t believe you’d be so stupid as to call the division in July. This team loves to chase and we’ll do it again this year.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    Want to know another reason I feel so uneasy?

    The Phillies were in 1st place in their division going into the Allstar break for the past 2 years, and this year we are are 5 games behind Atlanta!

    I extremely doubt that we will see any epic Mets style collapses this year, so the Phillies absolutely need to start closing the gap sooner rather than later.

    The Braves aren’t just going to fucking throw away games against the Phillies, so we are going to have to WIN them.

    They need to win them ugly or win them pretty, all that fucking matters is WINNING!

  • DL_illies

    This series agains the Braves is huge. The Braves have might have a 5 game lead on the Fightins, but by Wednesday night that lead should be down to 2 games. Yeah, we didn’t play well in the series against Pissburgh, blowing good starts in the first two games…but seriously, did you expect anything spectacular from Fat Joe? It was only a matter of time before the explosive inning he has EVERY game happened! We’ve got Doc, Cole and Old Man Moyer @ CBP…I like our chances. It’s $1 night tonight…I’m eating 1 dog for every run the Phils score tonight…hopefully I’ll be purging by the 5th inning.

  • Wilson Valdez

    @DL_ : I’ll hit a home run for every dog you eat, bro.

  • DL_illies

    @Wilson: I think my best chances of eating a dog tonight are coming off your bat and Sardinha’s! I’m hoping for a hot dog by Howard, but those long balls have been few and far between.

  • Mike P


    Sure, they were in first going into the break before, but they’ve also been out of first well after the all-star break. 2008 anybody? And they sure as hell weren’t going into the break in 2007.

    Just relax. The Braves had their big month–a 20-7 May–and they already started coming back to earth in June. The Mets are playing just about as well as they’re going to play this year. The Phils were garbage for an entire month, they haven’t been all that great since, and they’re still easily in this race.

    You didn’t think this was going to be an easy regular season, did you? The Mets and the Braves are both good teams, and while the Marlins aren’t as good as I figured they’d be, that still makes for a tough division. There was a brief moment at the start of the season when the Phils jumped out of the gates and I hoped they’d run away with the division, but it’s not surprising that they aren’t. This isn’t the AL West, where there’s only one respectable team per year. This division has been a slugfest throughout the Phils’ resurgence, and it’s not surprising that even now, when the Phils are the most talented team in the division, things are still competitive.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    But the Phillies have several things working against them this year: A boatload of key players who are on the DL or who have been, a very competitive Braves and a surprisingly legit looking Mets team who don’t look like they are just going to roll over like in previous seasons. But yes I did expect this years race to be tighter and more suspenseful, but I think it’s absolutely crucial that we can show something against the Braves this week.

    Even with the injuries, the Phillies SHOULD be fully capable of taking 2 of 3 from the Braves…but the real question should be WILL THEY?

    I want to see some Phillies offense tonight, I want to see Ryan Howard come through with some big hits and drive some runs home, I want to see Jayson Werth remind us why so many of us were so adamant in seeing him get a contract extension with the Phillies, and I want to see the same “We’re the team to beat!” Jimmy Rollins come through with some clutch hits like he has so many times in the past.

    Above all else though, I just want the Phillies to show us how much they want to win again.

  • John Matrix

    This fucking team never wins 100 games because of shit like this, losing 3 or 4 for to the GOD DAMN PIRATES!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • It’a all over folks

    Here goes another one down the toilet…

  • PhilsBeatBraves

    They won the first game against the Braves at least. Lets go for two tonight!

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