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.Gif’ton Phifer Lee
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Clifton Phifer Lee

Special thanks to dmac for the source video.

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  • kennedy


  • kennedy

    or Specfuckingtacular

  • crickwooder

    “You people. Honestly.”


    Cliff Lee: *yawn*

  • Tug Haines


  • Dan

    “Yea … just give me my ring why are we even playing these games”

  • Brandon

    Greatest thing ever

  • Sweatzel

    Have we established thAt he never wears the button on his red cap?

  • Totally Werth IT.

    to those who have comcast. rewind to 10:39p or 10:40 WHO is standing next to Chase Utley in the dugout?

  • RJ

    6 more fuckin outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cmon boys we need this

  • Phils Phan

    Only way he could have done more is if he shoved the glove on his wang and proceeded to start the around-the horn–the same way.

  • Max

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
    Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, We’re talkin’ fuckin’ Lee! Go, complete game shutout, go!

  • flav

    Nice. Now you need one with the behind-the-back grab he just made.

  • A-Bomb

    Fucking Boosh. Lee is god

  • Matt

    The way Lee has been playing tonight, I wish he were batting instead of having a DH, because he’d probably hit for the cycle to go along with the amazing pitching performance, the nonchalant catch, and the web gem behind the back grab.

  • Sweatzel

    Cue heart’s magic man

  • Phatty

    So when does choochtober changer over to clifftober? I say now.

  • Yuck the Fankees

    Can we draw attention to the fact that there are dozens of empty seats in the lower level of Yankee Stadium. This would NEVER happen at the Bank.

  • Matt

    @Yuck the Fankees-That’s exactly what I was thinking. How pathetic is that, especially since those are probably $2000 seats. Some “fans” they’ve got their in NY…

  • dlhunter


  • Nick

    Damn, I always forget to turn on the radio for the final out. Hopefully the Franzke call was exciting and will be on tomorrow?

  • Tug Haines

    Easy guys, a lot of turd-burglars left during the 8th inning in this year’s NLCS Game 4.

  • Jordan

    rub amaro jr. – mvp of the game

  • JB

    I love you, Clifton Phifer Lee.

  • stealth

    I wonder where all those Yankee fans are now?…didnt one say that the Yankees were gonna pulverize our pitching?…hmmmmm!

  • mrs.happ

    I Love Ut-Lee.

  • Darkwing Duck

    New York Police are currently on the search for a Cliffton Pheifer Lee, he is wanted in connection with a raping of the New York Yankees this evening. It occured somehwere between the hours of 8 and 11:30 this evening in the vicinity of the Bronx. Anybody with information or complaints should go fuck themselves. OWNED

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    @stealth, don’t kid yourself, they’ll be back claiming that they were saying all along that Lee was our only good pitcher and we won’t win any more

  • youngjames

    Ut-er-Lee Amazing!!

  • stealth

    Yeah your right Moyer…what was I thinking?

  • Yuck the Fankees


    Three things I hope are posted tomorrow on

    1.) Chase’s first jack under the “UTZ” Sign
    2.) Chase’s second jack next to the Yankee’s fan flipping the bird on National TV
    3.) Phifer’s behind the back catch (considering the Willie Mays Hayes catch has already been posted)

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    They might shut up if it gets to 3-0. Maybe.

  • Watrick

    Great game one. If we can win tomorrow night, this might be the best halloween since last one.

  • Watrick

    Main Street versus Wall Street. Let’s hope there’s no bail outs this time.

  • BigMiles

    Cliff is the fuckin man.

  • muscles

    Skinny dipping in a sea of Lee!

  • Mand

    Cliff lee is a smug smug bastard but I’m loving every damn minute of it. His spanking of posada was icing on the cake. I really wanted this one. Glad the boys delivered.

  • RicoBrogna

    Ho Hum just another day at the ball park. Side note…Cholly said Lee was going Willie Mays and wasnt’ too thrilled with it!

  • Phil ‘er up

    I think I heard Moyer in the dugout yelling “TWO HANDS!! TWO HANDS!!

  • Mas


  • Rachel

    I’d have Clifton Phifer Lee’s babies.

  • Mand(i)

    rachel youd have to fight me for it haha

  • Tartan69

    @Watrick — Try BROAD street vs. Wall Street

  • Aaron

    Cliff Lee has a dog named Yankee. Yankee is a fat dog because Cliff Lee does not walk Yankees.

  • eban

    he jus said im tryin to pitch right now getouuuttaheeaaa

  • Joey Wade

    that was the most bad-ass catch in the history of ever.

  • Cizmad

    Lookit! It’s like he’s playing a friendly game of catch with God!

    Oh, Cliff.

  • GMart

    The level of utter “fuck you” that was embodied in that catch was astounding.

  • yes

    Same awesome, different angle

  • DeathByPronger

    i could seriously watch those gifs all day

  • bytheteets

    lee called the ball to his glove, leather, beef, and baseball. Same thing?

  • ryan302

    when i saw this, i fell off the couch laughing.
    it might have been all the foster’s or the shrug after the catch.

  • Steve-O

    Those were Bugs Bunny style catches like when he played against the Gas-House Gorillas. Simply awesome!

  • Bushman

    Hats off to Reuben Amaro for getting fed up with that whole Roy Halladay circus and trading for Cliff Lee when he did. Roy who?

  • ryan302
  • Dav-o

    The whole game could be summed up in this play, as well as the superbly nonchalant behind-the-back catch and throw. BRILLIANT!

  • Stu

    why didn’t he just drop this and double up jeter? was it infield fly.

  • maria

    Infield fly rule I think only applies if there’s 2 or more men on base. I could be wrong though; I think they mentioned it last night on postgame.

  • K Jo

    Someone get this to Chase to have printed up and ready to go in everyone’s lockers when they arrive back in Philly.

  • Schmidtty

    Time to load up those “Phuck the Yankees” shirts and show Joe Buck and the rest of the nation that Broad Street always beats Wall Street!

  • Lynniemac

    Maria’s right: the infield fly only applies with at least 2 men on base (but not if those two are on first and third).

  • UncleJimmy

    this is all so delicious, i don’t know what to say..

    have been a philly fan for good and ill since sneaking into Connie Mack with the Lawler brothers to see Robin Roberts pitch the 8th and 9th SRO..

    it feels like 50 years of futility and humiliation washing away like the scene in Shawshank where Andy looks to the sky and embraces the rain..

    waiting for P-Dro or B-Rad to stick one in A-Rod’s ear the hard way..

    Go Phillies, take down Entitlement Town once and for all..

  • Brent Bouler

    My two favorite teams are the Oakland Raiders (sigh), and whoever is playing the damn Yankees.
    Goooooo Philly. Thank God for Utley and Lee!!!

  • Jennjersnap
  • phillyphan

    broadway vs broad street

    broad street all dayyzzz

  • Jimbo

    Cliff Lee….is a Ninja

    (No I didn’t make this.)


  • Harry Kalas Murder Conspiracy Theory

    It’s like Cliff is annoyed that he has to catch this popup, because it momentarily causes him to stop concentrating on chewing his gum.

    Cliff Lee = the epitome of cool

  • stinkbug

    i love that

  • marps

    Cliff Lee once had an awkward moment…..just to see how it feels

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    He lives vicariously through himself.

  • Lynniemac

    Dammit, Heathcliff. I was just going to type that.

  • Tug Haines

    Cliff Lee speaks French – in Russian.

  • Gonzo

    Cliff Lee’s enemies list him as their emergency contact.

  • Lynniemac

    His reputation is expanding…faster than the universe.

  • Ryan from LV

    Cool Hand Lee

  • Gonzo

    People hang on his every word… even the prepositions.

  • Lynniemac

    He can disarm you with his hands…or voice. Either way.

  • stinkbug


  • Gonzo

    Swisher and Posada out of the line up. Hariston and Molina in.

  • Lynniemac

    Per Leslie Gudel: Dobbs sent home with the flu.

  • Jose Luis

    Cliff Lee sleeps with a pillow under his gun.

  • Yanks

    Too bad Cliff Lee can’t pitch every game. 3-1

  • LOL


  • Phils Phan

    Welcome back, cocksucker.

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