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.GIFs From Last Night: Ben Revere and Kayak
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Gregg Murphy, the itinerant Phillies broadcaster, found himself kayaking in McCovey Cove early in yesterday’s loss to the Giants. He happened upon a man known only as “Typhoon Chuck” doing barrel rolls in his kayak. He was unwilling to do one for Murph, until he realized he was on television. Then Barry Zito tried to kill Ben “Rampage” Revere five minutes later. Typhoon Ben avoided his own untimely demise in a similar fashion.


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  • john matrix

    murph looks awesome in a kyak, he shoudl do all of this phillies notebook updates in one, even of their is no water around

  • TC

    How did Angel Hernandez call Revere out at second in the 10th inning THEN get to Cleveland to blow that HR call. MLB double shifting the umps?

  • chilly

    Murph looks like the happiest guy in the world on that kayak!

  • chilly

    whats with grizzly adams rocking the backwards baseball cap in the first row?

  • Chuck Freedman

    Its tsunamichuck

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