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My brain doesn’t work very well. Sometimes it hardly works at all. Other times it works in ways I can’t possibly explain.

So don’t bother asking what came over me when all of a sudden I was consumed entirely by a single burning question: How do they decide which cops get to work the sidelines at sporting events? And then, once the officers are selected, what’s it like to be there?

Fortunately, living in the age of social media makes it pretty easy to get any question you may have answered. In this case, all I had to do was send a tweet to my very favorite member of the Philadelphia Police Department, Detective Joe Murray.

(L to R) Detective Joe Murray with TheFightins.Com Writer Ryan Petzar

Oh, you didn’t know? That’s right, the Philly PD is on Twitter. And they’re verified. It’s totally legit. And it’s the greatest thing ever. If you’re not following these guys, you really should be. And that’s coming from me, the right-wing neo-con whackjob that sits cowering in his basement clutching a revolver, re-counting his hoarded silver, terrified about the impending rise of a Zionist-backed police state.*

So, wait, what was I saying? Oh. Right. Something about the cops at the game.  Whatever. Check it out:


The conversation continues…



So there you have it. The cops on the sidelines at games are lucky to be there and unless your drunk ass is hassling them, they’re probably enjoying the gig.

Lastly, if you’re not already following Detective Murray and his PPD colleagues on Twitter, you’re missing out. Not only is he kind of a badass, but he’s also  a friend of the blog and funny as hell.

* lol just kidding, i’m a lily-white creative-class liberal that said “thank you” to the cop who issued me a speeding ticket last month.
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  • James Fayleez

    Has you confirmed this is a real cop? I don’t want you to get burned like Cuz Gargano did.

  • my beer

    this just made my day

  • amiehartnett

    Ryan, you look pretty good as a rabble-rouser, Maybe start a movement this Summer: “Occupy 2: Solar-powered Boogaloo”

  • edburns

    You totally fooled me with the neocon thing. I thought, “hey, he could live in GOP stronghold Delaware County”.

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