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Franzke Makes the Call
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Rocktober comes crashing down. BEAT LA.

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  • Chris

    I am still going to get the Howard call, but this is what I have for now.

  • dlhunter

    good work, 1000 brownie points.

  • maria

    Thank you Chris. I love LA and Scott Franzke.

  • muscles

    any F bombs make it over the air in tonight’s game/celebration?

  • ericvsthem

    Awesome, thanks Chris!

  • joshb

    anyone notice the rockies fans dont notice a difference between a routine fly and a home run?

  • maria

    Josh, very much like Tom McCarthy.

  • Chris

    You can always count on “the nerd living in his mom’s basement”! haha

  • Chris

    I’m gonna work on my crying Rockies fans collage.

  • Mand

    Lol maria. He gets me hopes up all the freakin time and the ball like doesn’t even leave the infield

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    I can’t wait to destroy Russell Martin, one of my most hated players. What a whiny little bitch.

  • Mike P

    The Howard call is fantastic. I managed to turn on the radio coverage just in time to hear the recap with it. Awesome stuff. I sure wish that Franzke and LA were calling the games on TV.

  • Alexander

    Do we have to endure TBS for the NLCS? sticking with the radio.

  • Lynniemac

    I love Scott Franzke so very, very much.

  • maria

    Alexander, I think it’s FOX, which isn’t much better.

    Mand, that’s what I’m saying.

  • Lynniemac

    Nope, it’s TBS. FOX has the ALCS.

  • Mand

    The nlcs is on tbs which means we’ll probably have to endure mr met Ron darling. Can’t stand him.

    So dos howard just run around the dugout saying get me to the plate or was it in a post game interview?

  • Alexander

    Of course it’s TBS – MLB again hiding the Phillies from the nation. Assholes.

  • maria

    How do they choose that? Last year we were on Fox. I don’t care anymore; I think I’m going to stick to Franzke/LA even if its delayed.

  • Lynniemac

    maria, it does take a bit, but you can get used to the delay. The motivation is that Franzke/LA one pitch behind is still better than the yammering asshats on a national broadcast.

  • will.H

    i doubt it, but i wonder if other cities despise national broadcasts as much as we do. maybe we actually listen and interpret.. these guys are no good

  • Gonzo

    I plan on listening to 1210AM during the next series. TBS was truly awful. Worse than Buck.MCCarver (who arent that bad in my humble opinion).

  • Lynniemac

    Other cities have fans?

  • Phylan

    Here is the Howard double call:

  • Phylan

    And while I’m at it, Francisco’s catch:

  • Gonzo

    Fucking Victorino pulls his stunts in the regular season, that’s fine. But in this situation, it’s inexcusable. damn he drives me nuts.

  • Brandon

    That call only makes me feel worse for having to listen to tbs. Actual emotion from an annoucer, who knew?

  • Lynniemac

    I think Joe Buck set the standard for non-emotion last year: “andthephillies..havewontheworldseries”

  • Kevin M

    Is the clinching call available for download anywhere?

  • Joe

    Good call Franzke. Still miss Harry. Go Fightins! Do it for H the K!!

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Another vote for Franzke & LA. I’ve been listening to em all season. They beat the hell outta T-Bags & crew. And just about any other commentary team in the nation.

  • Shaggy

    When the Phils clinched the East, I listened to LA and Franzke, but to get around the delay, if you just hit your “back 15 seconds” button on your DVR, it actually lines up pretty nicely.

  • Ryan

    Does anybody else’s radio coverage have LA and Franzke ahead of the tbs feed?

  • Lynniemac

    Used to be that the radio feed was ALWAYS ahead of the national coverage, but so far this season, I haven’t had that happen.

  • Scheffski

    Its ahead, but not by much. I generally hear the call a moment or so before I see the ump make it.

  • RyanKnappy

    Hey guys and gals, heres what i do and its fantastic, granted i know not everyone can do it. But either use the radio or if u have the iPhone/iTouch MLB app, you can stream the 1210 WPHT broadcast over the iPhone and plug it into the back of the TV or other speakers and listen to it that way. The stream is like 8-15 seconds slower then the tv and then if you have a DVR box you can pause the game and sync it to the radio broadcast. It takes some practice like listening to when the ball hits the catchers mitts or the bat, but man does it make the game watching experience way more enjoyable. Hope that makes sense to everyone. Go Phils, Beat L.A.!

  • Watrick

    I just watch the tv and have the radio on. On the non HD channels, it’s only a half second behind, really. Franzke will announce the pitcher stretching as he’s pitching, and making the call for what type of pitch it is as the catcher is throwing it back. Almost like the way Harry was a little slower.

  • Joe Routon

    Any progress on Scott Franzke’s call of Ryan Howard’s RBI double?

  • Gonzo

    I got it, Joe.

  • Gonzo

    It’s not great quality, though. hope you enjoy it.

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