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For your personal amusement: an LOLGiants compilation
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Hey, you guys wanna feel better about yourselves by laughing at the misfortune of others?

Good, me too.

Up first is Sergio Romo falling because I could watch this guy fall all day and with this new .gif technology we’ve incorporated into our site you are now able to do just that:

Do Giants fans understand the concept of a sweep? Doesn’t look that way:

Here’s the starting 1B for the All-Kevin Millar team, Aubrey Huff, attempting to field a ground ball by Shane Victorino when whoopsie! the ball ricocheted off his glove then his knee before coming to a stop somewhere in center field. THAT’S NOT HOW YOU DO IT, AUBREY!

Real subtle, lady:

And finally, here’s Pat Burrell being put to sleep by the Giants offense:

(I basically just ransacked @dhm’s Twitter account for this post, so please follow him. And if you don’t do Twitter, sign up for an account just to follow him. Thank you.)

  • Greenman!

    I enjoy this advanced .gif technology, state of the art meech

  • eyebleaf

    You’ve got to be REALLY high to show up to GAME 5 with a broom.

  • maria

    The first .gif is made of so much win.

    The broom is…well, let’s just say it represents their intelligence.

  • Poster Nutbag

    you should have heard me yell at the teevee when they showed that jackass giants fan with that fucking broom.

    i really hope the loss last night put the stake through the heart of that team. who would have thunk that if you only pitch cody ross away good things will happen.

  • Matt

    I’m not disturbed by the person bringing the broom to a 3-1 series as much as I am with that goofy fucker’s hat in the middle of the same picture. Good life decision, bro.

  • NickFromGermantown

    What exactly is the point of the gifs?

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    still cant get over the tranny singing God bless america….

  • JD


    So you don’t have to leave this whimsical site and go to youtube to watch something funny.

  • stinkbug

    #7 I still can’t get over how many grown men cannot recognize another grown man if he is wearing a hat like that

  • Bobby Weenus!

    I dony know if anyone saw Jimmy’s post game iview where he called for Phils phans to give the Giants hell tomorrow or not but it leads me to believe the san-fans were really rough on our boys out there. For Jroll to basically sick the dogs on the like that and male special emphasis on it… there has to be some BAD friggin blood…

  • Section118

    Day = made. Thank you. Thank you. Difficult week, so much better. Thank you.

  • Blanton

    fuck romo. fuck everyone! said

  • Coach_Matt

    Very much appreciate the Romo .gif. He looks like Hank Azaria trying to answer the door in The Birdcage.

  • Bobby D

    What he said was “”…….but what I heard was “SICK BALLS CHOPPER!!!”

  • PhilsPhan

    The Terrorist Romo fell on his ass, just like the Giants will fall on their faces this series,

    Phillies in 7 SAID!!!

  • Adam Eaton

    What a retarded fan base. Seriously.

  • DBloc

    I heard the Giants signed Romo out of the Al Qaida Instructional League.

  • will.H

    romo, slipping. we’ve seen this before

  • Sherry



  • casual observer

    Ok – let’s be truthful here – we had a guy in a ghuillie suit sitting behind the phillies dugout three weeks ago. You act like the Giants are the only team with weird stuff happening in the stands.

    Aside from the fan with the broom (no excuse for that) this team’s has fans that are just as passionate as we are. Do you hear that place? Haven’t heard baseball like that outside of CBP all year. Kudo’s to them. They have a storied franchise and are proud of their team. In all honestly it looks like a great place to be regardless of which team you support. They are having a ton of fun out there.

    Also – we’ve cost ourselves arguably multiple games for our errors. Post .gif’s up there of utley booting ball after ball after ball.

    Play fair boys.

  • Nikita

    but it leads me to believe the san-fans were really rough on our boys out there.

    Yes I heard a post-game interview, can’t recall if it was a player or an announcer referring to the “boisterous and rowdy san fran home fans”…which is a polite way of saying they were abusive sick jackasses.

  • Lynniemac

    I’m less concerned about the broom than I am about the fact that THEY HAD POM-POMS.

    (Though, that said, the tranny singer totally should have had some.)

  • AP

    @ 20: just wanted to point out that they didn’t even sell out an NLCS game.. in my book that’s not putting their fanbase anywhere close in comparison to us. CBP has been sold out for over 100 games consecutively, and will continue the trend; now that’s passion.


    @casual observer: “Play fair boys.”

    You *do* know what site you’re on, right? Just checking.

    btw, cas, the Giants fans suck and they even admit it:

    Search for “Disappointed in Sacramento”

  • Moose

    Am I the only one that understands the fan brought a broom to game 5 as a message to sweep the phillies at home? the broom actually makes sense folks

  • Fat Panda Sandoval

    You missed me falling down at 3rd!!!

  • Joe D

    No Moose it doesn’t make sense. You don’t separate sweeps based on home games in a series. A sweep is 4 games to none. Pretty simple.

  • Moose

    i know what a sweep is, but i understand what the guy was going for

  • captaindiplomacy

    I’m less concerned with the meaning of the broom than what those fans plan on doing with it. Maybe they should ram it up Joe Buck’s ass. Sideways.

  • maria

    Moose, you’re giving that guy quite the benefit of the doubt.

  • Nikita

    A quick, tidy, out-in-five series wouldn’t do. Oh, no, no, no. The Giants needed to take us out of our comfort zone because they’re twisted monsters.

    That’s from the blog meech posted. Pretty funny, even when we were at our lowest I don’t think we called the Fightins “twisted monsters”…hmmm

    I skimmed thru the comments, some thinking Doc faked the groin pull, some blaming the rally pom-poms for the loss, some wanting to sign Werf. One remembering how the Giants were up 3-2 in 1987, then went to St. Louis and couldn’t win one game there.

  • Sherry

    Maybe that guy rode home on the broom.

  • Tyson

    What everyone is forgetting is that broom isn’t being used to sweep anything. In San Francisco, its the broom handle that gets the most use.

  • Lynniemac

    “some thinking Doc faked the groin pull”

    And what, exactly, would that gain him if he did?

  • Coal Hummels

    Maybe cuz the guys holding the broom is Mexican. Not sure if he really understands……well, anything??!!!!!

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    For a while, these fans didn’t bother me. They’ve been waiting all their lives for the Giants to win one, and I actually could relate to them. Sure, they had the homo factor, but at least they had some passion and they weren’t assholes like the NY or Boston fans. The panda hats reminded me of our flyin hawaiian shirts and stuff.

    But after a week of it, their act wore thin. Volleyballs? Brooms? A drag queen singing God Bless America? Really?

    But the final nail in the coffin were the pom poms. WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THAT???
    This is baseball, you pussies!!!

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    Panda looks like Artie Lange with a dark tan.

  • Joe D

    Yeah the pom poms were a disgrace. How could any (straight) man with self respect wave that?

  • maria

    Pom poms are almost as bad as cowbells.

  • Nikita

    But the final nail in the coffin were the pom poms. WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THAT???
    This is baseball, you pussies!!!

    In a way those poms look like the plumes that stuck out of old-timey soldier hats, so maybe the Giants fans think they’re a butch accessory.

    @34 – it takes away from Doc’s warrior/hero status, you know now he’s in the club with Curt Schilling bloody sock – and thus throws a damper on Philly fandom’s WIN ROCKY fever.

  • Lynniemac

    Ah. So…either he beat them hurt, or he beat them healthy but pretending to be hurt. Either way, he beat them. That’s good enough for me.

  • Pat Burrell’s Dramamine

    The best part of that broom picture is that the broom is pointing EXACTLY to the graphic that says the series is at 3-1

  • Hairy Gary from Castro St.

    ~<3~ Pom-poms are FABULOUS! ~<3~

    Hairy Gary

  • JoeBuckSUCKS

    once again casual observer…kiss my Joe Buck ass

  • j

    Call me old school, but what the fuck was with SF’s choice of God Bless America performers? Between the clown/tranny they trotted out last night and the douche from the game before, it was a fucking freak show out there. Whatever happened to getting a war vet or a man’s man like Ronan Tynan?

  • Dee

    @20 Passionate fans are one thing, but those idiots take the frigging cake. Between the pom-poms, rally thongs, panda hats, fake beards, volleyball cutouts, and brooms on game five in a best-of-seven series, THOSE fans are seriously the most idiotic that I’ve ever seen. And that’s not even getting into the transvestite with the fucked up hat singing “God Bless America.” What. The. Fuck. If anything, I’m just glad we forced a game six just so they won’t get to celebrate in front of those whackjobs.


  • Maera

    To be fair about the comments a couple of fans made about Doc faking/it not being bad I did see a few fans tear into them and give Doc his due credit.

    But, yeah, most of them are pretty pathetic. Especially the one who rationalized that they beat Oswalt the night before (you know when he pitched in the ninth inning) so they can beat him again. I guess that guy totally missed Game 2. Also, the whole group of comments about how much Joe Buck loves the Phillies and was delighted that they won. LOLGIANTSFANS.

  • Dee

    @47 Are they fucking seriously saying that Joe Buck loves the Phillies? LOLOL!!! Okay…between him sounding like he was coming in his shorts every time someone from SF hit a frigging blooper and talking about Timmay like he’s the second coming of Sandy Koufax or Ross like the second coming of Babe Ruth and then sounding like he just found out his mother dropped dead whenever one of us scored a run, I really don’t see how the fuck they could think that, for real. LOLGIANTSFANS, indeed!

  • Johh

    These Giants fans are so gayyyyyy….

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?


    High five. I’ll say it because no one else has. Guy has the broom because he came to the game directly from work.


  • blaqjaq

    Be afraid Giants fans, be very afraid

  • Maera


    But all of that is nothing compared to the fact that Joe Buck “drooled” over Madson’s performance and there was a highlight reel!!! *gasp*

  • jdubz

    Saw someone in the stands last night with a sign that read, “Philly: All cheese, no steak.” What the sign really should have read was, “We’re all fags and our team is a Triple A squad with a dude who has AIDS in the face and guys who dye their beards…but nothing else.” That’d be a big sign, eh?

  • Pat “the rat” Burrell

    Each of those pompoms represents a high school cheerleader I banged this year.

  • captaindiplomacy

    @jdubz I caught that sign, too. Pathetic. Ironic that Huey Lewis and the News sang the National Anthem in Game 4. SF really thinks it’s “hip to be square.”

  • Hitandrun

    That was no “Lady”, that was your boyfriend.

  • Doc’s Patient

    “We’re all fags and our team is a Triple A squad WITH A DUDE WHO HAS AIDS IN THE FACE and guys who dye their beards…but nothing else.”
    —-possibly the funniest thing i’ve heard or read all day

  • Commental

    Funny sh.t.
    I love it.

    The world needs haters like you all. Keeps it balanced.

    Thank you for a great series.


  • Nick

    Hey guys, the Giants won….what now?

  • Coconut Jones

    Goooo Giants!!! This blog is proof of common knowledge in the sports world. Philly fans as a whole are classless.

  • bcaon

    Lolz I love the Giants fans who troll on a two day old thread. It’s so cute.

  • Tiffany

    I fully enjoyed this.

  • Jdashdog

    Giants? More like GINAS? AMIRITE??????


  • Giants Fuck Yeah!


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