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As you can probably tell by the activated URL, The Fightins dot com is BACK, homeboy.

And not BACK in the “hey we got kinda bored and decided what the hell we might as well bring back that site about the Phillies” sense of the word. BACK as in prepare to be bombarded with meaningless Phillies news, player quotes taken out of context, active game threads, new writers, .GIFS (all blogs are required to have .GIFS) and the general nonsense that made people interested in coming here prior to shutting down in November of ’11.

There is one slight change, however. I will no longer be in charge of the daily operations here on The Fightins. I shall remain retired. That’s not to say I won’t be involved, it’ll just be on some Pat Gillick advisory shit. And perhaps if inspiration strikes or Ryan Howard manages to steal another base, I might contribute the occasional post. But for the most part, I’ll be a commenter/fan just like you guys.

Of course, I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting just any ol’ body take over this site if I didn’t feel that they were dedicated to “covering” the squad on a day-to-day basis all while producing material that is worthy of being published on this highbrow, award-winning webpage. And those gentlemen that I’ve handed over the keys to are very familiar among the Phillies internet contingent. They would be longtime The Fightins writer and South Philly resident, Mr. Tug Haines, as well as face-breaker extraordinaire, Zoo With Roy. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better people to take this place over, and I’m hoping you’re as excited for what they have in store as I am.

Not that I’m saying you are/will be, but don’t be disappointed that I’m not returning as a consistent contributor. After all, The Fightins was never about *me*. The Fightins is a cot damn state of mind. The Fightins was born out of a need to stay entertained throughout a grueling 162 game season even if your team doesn’t realistically have a chance to win it all. The Fightins are those of us who enjoy the little quirks and idiosyncrasies of our squad and can poke fun without malice. And there aren’t two people on earth who encapsulate the spirit of The Fightins better than Tug & ZWR.

So trust me, you’ll want to re-bookmark the site or put it on your Google Reader or sign up for SMS alerts or whatever the hell it is that you do when you want to keep going back to a site because it’s only gonna get funner.

And if you have any questions/complaints/tips/concerns/ideas/recipes/solicitations, please address them to Tug and Zooey, I’m sure they’re anxious to hear from you.

  • Displaced Phan

    Thank the sweet Baby Jesus in Heaven!

  • sbs
  • lame_newton

    aw man!

  • Rhymeface

    No one yelled FIRST? There’s something..

  • chilly

    fuckin ay right.

  • Kevin from Macho Row

    Welcome back you guys. Very happy to add this back in to my daily reading.

  • MPP

    Great news, guys. This should be fun.

  • Hendy

    Very Excited, Can’t Wait

  • FightinsSince09

    Should of kept Dash Treyhorn

  • T-Mac’s Titties


  • 85

    Baseball Christmas.



  • TH

    Miss’d u

  • morandiiiiiniiiii

    Thank God! At least something about this cot damn team will be entertaining again. Welcome back to the show, fightins.

  • Kenny Powers


  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    We’re BACK!

    …does this mean the Phils will start winning some games again?

  • ToastFace Killah

    “Player quotes taken out of context”

    Isn’t this like, the backbone of Philadelphia?

  • ChickPhilA

    To quote our ice cream loving catcher, “I so happy.”

  • Watrick

    A shitty baseball team needs a website like this. Thank you Fightins dot com for fulfilling that civic duty.

  • D Whitmore

    Ah jeeze. You guys are wacky

  • AD

    Can someone please link me to Leonard Weaver’s Twitter account? Thanks! Oh and FIGHTNS BACKKKKKK!!

  • Noble Steed


  • CRosselloPhils

    Playing Kashmir and breaking shit

  • william crouthamel

    Lord in heaven, I thank thee.

  • jcw

    It’s about cot damn time.

  • Thomas


  • crazy4swayze

    niceNIIIIIIIIIIICE! i’m glad i left this broke ass link on my favorites bar for the last year and a half.

  • will.H

    Big gulps huh

  • Fire wheels

    What happened to all those Philly high posts? I was looking forward to reading them again when the site relaunched… O well can’t have it all

  • Faceplant

    Where’s the .gif? You said you were going to have .gif’s.

  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    Can’t wait for the next episode of Phillies High.

  • Chris


  • USFSuck

    Our prayers have been answered finally.

  • echz

    Just a thought, but instead of Tug and ZWR, there’s two other capable free agents in my boys SHEP N’ GIL. Either way, WELCOME BACK!

  • Generic Fan Group

    Welcome back! How long until CB takes something from the site and claims parallel thinking?

  • JerryRebes

    Oh thank sweet merciful Christ, I’ve needed this smartassery back in my life.

  • gootman

    Just another Phillies marketing ploy to steal attention away from the Eagles draft. (someone had to say it… welcome back!)

  • timbear

    boo ya!

  • BigJoeG

    Yes. This is exciting.

  • PhilsSuckMooseBalls


  • iwannahugChaseUtley

    back and it feels so good.

    a lot’s changed…but a lot hasn’t.

    ready to laugh and wince at this season with the best of em

  • buzzkill_ed


  • Ryan

    hi everybody

  • schwennifer

    can i get a hell yeah????

  • Rob

    shit yeah!

  • dongasaurus

    Best Thursday ever

  • That Guy

    i met him last year outside a pub on 4th of July, he is so fuckin jacked, kinda scared me lol, but he’s really cool, my fuckin friend made us sound like retards tho, cuz he thought Bonaduce was on 93.3 wmmr
    i thought that woulda made danny mad but it didnt so we survived haha

  • Wing2J




  • dr_pizza_md

    i saw this site was back and i says to myself i says this to my self i says: OH WOW

  • DrogbeastDestroy

    past, current, and continued success!

  • labelle_19

    there was never a time that we needed this website more. welcome back :)

  • CRK

    Now show that CrossingBroad how it’s done!!!

  • Amandah

    I’m fingering my soaked pussy!

    • Ryne@3rd

      Previously KruksLeftNut, I missed lots of you (and will continue to miss Mark@626) but if this season continues to suck even with Chooch back, at least we’ll have Amandah to make sucking funner.

  • labelle_19

    lololololololololol Amandah is the best.

  • Kyle Scott

    Nice! More content to steal! Thanks, guys! Literally!

  • MPP

    While commenters on most sites detract from the product, The Fightins is the one place on the internets that actually benefits from its commenters. Well done. I think.

  • Werth the Wait

    The Fightins are back! Time to Rock Around the COCK!

  • SchmidtUltra

    Zooey Royschanel!

  • Estebomb

    Ahhh geez, you hate to see that. Bunch of space cadets over here.

  • ZWR


  • Seth

    Welcome back. Don’t fargle this one up.

  • soundofphilly

    I never unbookmarked the site. I just went to and cried every day.

  • Joe Blanton

    Wooo! News of this site just got to me here on the west coast! Welcome back!

  • BrianBrown25


  • CK

    who is this

  • Delmon Young



    @CK: Is that Tyler Walker?

  • ChickPhilA

    @meech @ CK – is he sweating??

  • brianmietz

    Killer. You guys had the best shirts.

  • BigMiles

    Which one of you assholes am I not following on twitter yet? Fuck Scott Barry.

  • Bill

    This site was a little before my time the first time around, but I’ve heard only the best of things. Pretty excited to see what it’s all about!

  • Adam Eaton

    Welcome back guys. The internet needed this.


  • hal mes


  • Tommy Business

    I so hoppy!!!

  • Kurt

    Should of kept Blanton so we could of still used this pic:

  • my beer

    Oh my God after last nights game something to make me smile! Hey guys I’ve missed you!

  • chilly

    open game day thread for the 1:05 start? need something to do at work today…

  • Ryan

    Chilly: YUP. Game thread drops at noon, I think.

  • Photographer N.

    Welcome back, bastardo! Now, if we can only get T-Mac to leave.

  • DaMustang1holla

    Meech my man you breeze into my life agin. In case yalls wonderin I had to leave tha grave diggaz in tha dust and join a new league cuz tha champ need some consistancy in his life. Been a while since I holler at some white folks like on this site but one night the champ be feelin his oats so he went to fishtown to drink with yall white people. Man what happen to yall. Yall dressed like lunberjacks but with tiny hats only on tha back of yalls heads. I mean not YALL yall but yalls white people. Then homeboy order Hummaz thinkin it be ham. Aint ham. tha waiter brought some tha blandest salsa champ ever taste. Anyways much love meech and all yall.

  • Murt

    I have often thought that the reason the Phils were shitting the bed was because of the lack of dipshits, knuckleheads, and goofballs commenting here. I was having a shithole day until I saw that you guys are back. Order is restored.

  • Kate

    balance has been restored to the world

    welcome back!

    • Pasadena_Phan

      Testify! All is right in the world!

  • Murt

    No old Cliff Lee or Wilson Valdez Dance Party but there is this guy:

  • Greenman!


  • HummerX

    Pretty excited, you guys

  • Amaury Telemaco Parody Account

    Enemies of the Fightins:

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    What ever happened to HDYSR?

  • Delmon Young’s Fat Ass


  • SwiftOnSports

    Well holy shit. There is a god.

  • MPP

    hey lance thats a great story can i have ur digits

  • SwiftOnSports

    …and the Lance Chronicles resume, ugh.

  • Greg Legg

    I’ve missed each and every one of you.

  • jb

    Lance is epitome of fansince09 RTs

  • JaysonWerthisaF*cktard

    Can you please take that bearded f*cktard Jayson Werth off the header… welcome back….that is all

  • Shoeless Joe

    Welcome back…

  • The Killer Zs

    OMG – This is the most awesome news and will get us through this season. Thanks for coming back!

  • Beelove

    Holy fuckin’ heck!

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