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Fayleez vs. Murphy
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So I was all jazzed they were bringing back the #askthebooth segment. I fired up a bunch of relevant questions, like this one…


…and then I hear Gregg Murphy begin to rattle off a question to the booth. In my opinion, it was not capturing the spirit of the promotion. If the question was any softer, it would’ve floated to the booth.

So I took to Twitter to investigate why the questions I was seeing on my feed were not being represented.


I was surprised Gregg wrote me back. My instincts were telling me he was either (a) not familiar with all of the vitriol generated by our current broadcast team or (b) just a good employee trying to engage with a fan.

I can admit, I misdirected the venom I feel toward McCarthy and Wheeler and Greg was the victim.



That last tweet cracked me up and I imagined Gregg in his head going, “WTF with this guy? I’m just trying to get through this segment. I got a guy over here who asked me to ask them about assplay and now I have to deal with this S too?”

(BTW, the assplay one really happened)


So Gregg and I had a private conversation – the gist of it being that he gets that there are many different opinions on the work of McCarthy and Wheeler. He said when you get into their business that some will like you and some will hate you. He doesn’t get the hate, thinks it’s a tough gig and thinks both guys do a terrific job. He does respect every one’s opinion on the subject.


The “JO” comment won me over. Good work Gregg.

  • hans

    remember when every fightins thread had like a hundred comments? those were the days. Still do not like Wheeler.

  • john matrix

    Amandah would be here, talking about her gaping ass hole. Fan since 09, etc.. Ill never forget, i first felt my daughter kick my wifes belly while commenting on the in game thread. Reds series before the allstar break in 2010

  • James Cook

    I just don’t see how the higher ups can take in a TV broadcast and think “Man these guys are really doing swell”. Did Rube hire them???

  • Brandon

    Askthebooth returning reminds of the most epic Phillies-fan-Twitter-trolling I can remember. Last year’s #GoDbacks/God Backs takeover was a thing of beauty.

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