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Fans Hump Trees; Get Hit With Flare Guns & Beer Cups
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You gotta stay with it until the end…

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Cops last night = total dicks. I’m gonna do a write-up about it, but there were quite a few d-bags pushing people around for no reason.

  • Crane Kick

    Steve Keeley has the teeth of an angel.

  • Fuck yeah, Jimmy

    last year the cops were great after the series win. there were a couple dickhead security guards at the buildings on market and broad, but all in all it was a happy celebration for the entire city.

    that video is cash, btw.

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    If you can find the video of the chick on fox who flashed her tits, i will love you more than i already do and steal the crap out it. Unreal.

  • Wawa

    I don’t care what you think of FOX News but they get the best coverage of all the crazy shit.

  • David Hinkle

    Damn, I didn’t know Danny DeVito was moonlighting as a Philly cop!

  • Pat

    this isnt FOX NEWS, just FOX29. If it was FOX NEWS, it would turn into a debate about the rights of gay, african-american, people who had abortions, and their rights to riot

  • will.H

    slocumb, i think thats a tactic and its pretty useful. if they appear weak and uncontrolling the fans will feel entitled to bust windows and flip cards like wild zoo animals once again. i love celebrations, but not destruction. cops mostly do a good job, they deserve credit to put up with these people. theyre not in the business of customer service or to massage anyones feelings

  • jessem

    Yeah, this sort of behavior costs the city money we don’t have and is a general hassle to people who can enjoy the victory like an adult. If you are standing in traffic you may get hit by a car, if you are climbing on state property or drinking in the street you may get arrested. I’d say in general philly cops are pretty laid back on what they bust people for.

  • Big Joe

    Yeah, I wasn’t there but I don’t really have a problem with the cops pushing people around. I mean, the alternative is arresting all the people blocking traffic cause it’s, ya know, illegal. And if there are a few cops in a sea of hundreds of celebrating drunks, well…they just might have to do a little bit of pushing.

  • Big Matt

    Is that not simbad at the 52 second mark? I didn’t know he’s phillies fan…

  • Minty Fresh

    Cops took some dude down in the 1st or 2nd row behind the Phils dugout after the game. Green suit guy was standing right there….they had this guy on the ground for what seemed like 10 minutes. When he came up, his shirt was pulled over his head – probably to hide the injuries he just sustained by Philadelphia’s finest. Moral of the story? Don’t be a douche bag, celebrate somewhat responsibly and you won’t get your face kicked in.

  • Darkwing Duck

    I was at the game last night but according to some friends at Temple U, the police had set up barricades on the main roads leading to Broad and then more barricades on Broad in the direction of City Hall. I don’t condone vandalism and destruction all during a celebration, but you can’t barricade the students on the campus. Just let people celebrate, when they start fucking shit up, feel free to kick ass, but not before hand. Luckily, I heard plenty of people just took the side streets to move a few blocks south and then continue the pursuit to City Hall. REPEAT!

  • Gonzo

    The broadcasters tried so hard to be funny. Yet they failed miserably. Great video, though. Especially the brutha at the end.

  • Jared

    what a fuckin maroon haha

  • A-Rod’s Juice

    ABC caught a policewoman choking and beating a fan with her baton for no reason…gotta get that was at the tale end of their broadcast


    what time?

  • A-Rod’s Juice

    Nice hair doo the fairweather faggot on the traffic light was sporting

  • A-Rod’s Juice

    It was around the time Jimmy Kimmel’s show was starting..between 12:15 & 12:30

  • Fightins Newbie

    @darkwing duck — Just let people celebrate, when they start fucking shit up, feel free to kick ass, but not before hand.

    I completely agree with you on this one….I think most people respect the police until they see them do something stupid, but at the same time, its the crowds that are forcing them to do something stupid. The fans are the people who are paying their salaries as tax payers, as well as bringing in boatloads of cash for the city. It would be nice if the heavy handed stuff were saved for when truly necessary.

  • HarrisonGreenlyIII

    Steve Keeley always does the worst segments. After the World Series win last year he was the only one to file a negative report. Stop ruining everyone’s good time Keeley!

  • hans moleman

    I went to high school with that kid. ryan norris haha. dumbass.

  • James Fayleez

    That jagaloon quoted Bugs Bunny – AWESOME!!!

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