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Fan Catches Jayson Werth’s BP Home Run Ball While Filiming It
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I’ve never been one to get to the ballpark a few hours early just to watch the players warm-up while hundreds of over-anxious fans compete for a chance to catch a BP home run ball. I’d much rather spend that time in the parking lot getting enough of a load on that I don’t give a shit about paying $6.00 per beer once I finally make it inside.

That being said, if I was into BP, the following video would be the ideal ball-catchin’ scenario. Prior to Game 4 of the NLCS last year, a Dodgers fan seated in the outfield was shooting Jayson Werth taking some hacks in the cage when all of a sudden he smashed one in the general vicinity of the director. Instead of tossing the camera in order to concentrate on the catch, he kept the video camera in his right hand while making the snag with his left.

Take THAT, Zack Hample.

The YouTuber who uploaded this wrote in the description, “Before Game 4 of the 2008 National League Championship Series. Worst game of the year, ugh.”

I beg to differ, sir.

  • Albert

    I wonder if he grabbed the Stairs homer haha. I’d like to buy that ball. I offer 58 dolalrs and 16 cents.

  • Dash Treyhorn

    Who else got a kick out of this guy laughing like an idiot before self-congratulating himself?

    “A-heh-heh-heh-heh-Thank you! *masturbates feverishly*”

    Look, you’re a grown man who took a glove to a baseball game. For that, your balls should be removed. Learn to catch with your bare hands, ace. Besides, you’re in the effing outfield seats! Do you really need a glove when you’re 300+ feet from home plate?

  • D.Whitmore

    @ Albert
    more like 3 dollars and 16 cents. Stairs 3:16 amirite?

  • Matt

    That guy has 2 videos up of himself doing that. One is Tori hunter

  • Boz

    “That was Werth too, huh?, That was Werth I think.”
    This clown was zoomed in so far he could have seen Werth’s goatee dandruff, but he wasn’t sure who it was. Typical Dodger fan

  • Gonzo

    Dash, I broke my fingers trying to catch a foul ball down the first base line. Twas a good idea bringing a glove.

    Now excuse me while I masturbate feverishly BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

  • Walklett

    Good thing Werth wasn’t hitting tacos into the stands, this guy would’ve been mauled.

  • Gaze

    Grown man wearing a baseball glove at a game… VIOLATION!

  • Bobby Crosby

    I do sound quite retarded in the video, it’s true, but anyone who says that it’s stupid to bring a glove is way more retarded than me. Another fun video —

    Now THAT’s a typical Dodger fan, and I’m sure he’s never even heard of Jayson Werth.

  • His Dudeness

    No, it’s still retarded bringing a glove to a game when you’re a grown man. But we can let you slide because it’s equally retarded being a Dodgers fan.

  • Albert

    If you wear a glove to a game how can you double fist 6 dollar beers and scream “choke” at Beltran from 15 rows back? Idk, but I would never cut my beer consumption in half by wearing a glove that may or may not save my life.

  • Albert

    And also I’d catch a ball like that in my teeth, you know, badass.

  • Bobby Crosby

    “If you wear a glove to a game how can you double fist 6 dollar beers and scream ‘choke’ at Beltran from 15 rows back?”

    Because I have front row season tickets on the aisle and I can place my glove on the railing in front of me where it’s easy to slip it on fast. I also sound retarded in this one —

    You guys will probably like this one, though —

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    I’d make a joke about being impressed that no sombrero got in the way of catching the ball, but I don’t want any of those uptight fuckheads from the last thread burning down my house or threatening my liberal credentials.

  • will.H

    beltransexual, what about making a joke about them catching the ball with a shovel or a rake?

  • Matt

    They may not know shit about baseball, but they’ve got that outfield grass looking great!!!

  • Albert

    omg front row season tickets, so cool! Matt Stairs has them too.

  • Pete D

    Nice to get an up close look at all the dipshits who were in that stadium last year.

  • Hummer

    @ Albert

    he COULD…catch the ball in his beer. Ive seen it done. I dont wanna find the video… but ive seen it done.

    BUT…i guess one might now want to waste the beer

  • mw217

    “Good thing Werth wasn’t hitting tacos into the stands, this guy would’ve been mauled.”


  • PhillyCubano

    the best and most convenient way would be wearing a hat and in the unlikely chance a ball comes your way just try to catch it in the hat. its not that hard, ive done it in softball

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