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Fake Joba Is A Phillies Fan, Goes On Howard Stern
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'Sup, bitch?By far the funniest story this weekend (or most pathetic, depending on your moral stance) was the outing of Ryan Ward, a Jersey shore resident who spent his entire summer banging unsuspecting women who were under the impression that he was actually Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain.   Although it sounds like a blast, there is apparently some crime called “criminal simulation” that Ryan committed.   With the possibility of jail time looming, he turned to The Howard Stern Show in search of a certain bloated attorney (mayday!) who may be able to help out.  Besides rehashing everything from Saturday’s story in the New York Post (including the part where he bedded between 60-100 women), Fake Joba also relays some new information including:

  • Fake Joba is actually a Phillies fan born in Wilmington, DE.
  • Fake Joba is going to have a face-to-face meeting with Real Joba on Friday at Yankee Stadium.  Not surprisingly, the New York Post put this together for a follow-up piece.
  • Fake Joba used to be married to the daughter of Debbie McIntyre.  Debbie McIntyre was the mistress of Wilmington lawyer Thomas Capano.  Thomas Capano, if you recall, murdered Anne Marie Fahey in 1996.  The gun he killed her with was purchased by Ms. McIntyre.  Sound confusing?  Good.
  • Fake Joba is “probably” facing jail time, but “really doesn’t care.”

Below, I’ve embedded the audio from the show so you, too, can hear how shady this guy is.  He talks about his Joba-induced conquests in a bragging tone, and shows absolutely zero remorse for anything he did.  It’s quite comical, actually.

The clip is actually three different clips edited together.  The first is the discussion when they find out the Fake Joba is in the building, the second is when Ba Ba Booey can’t find him, and the third is when he finally makes it into the studio.  Enjoy:

Audio: Fake Joba on Howard Stern [explicit language]

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  • Lynniemac

    “Although it sounds like a blast, there is apparently some crime called “criminal simulation” that Ryan committed.”

    I read that as “criminal stimulation”.

  • Phils Phan

    I bet I could have gotten laid more if I told girls my real name instead of “Mike Zagurski.”

  • James Beale

    Of course Fake Joba is a Phillies fan, this guy is a ‘Two Minutes With’ just waiting to happen

  • Bryan

    Nice, he’ll get even more sex in jail.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    A Philly fan born in Wilmington, impersonating a New York pitcher at the Jersey shore. I believe this is commonly referred to as the “Mid-Atlantic Superfecta.”

  • Steven

    This guy is the perfect representative of the Phillies fan base.

  • Chamomiles Davis


    Long time, no see! How have you been?

  • Steven

    Pretty good, thanks. I’ve been doing better than Cole Hamels on short rest. Remind me again, what was the point of that?

  • Chamomiles Davis

    Why, to put our best pitcher on the mound against Santa– ahhhh, you got me!

  • PhilaFan

    Steven – Hamels wasn’t on “short rest”. He had the same number of days between starts as usual. There was an off day and they just bumped him ahead of Kendrick. The point was obvious..the way Kendrick has been pitching it was an almost sure loss. Hamels had been pitching very well in his previous 4 or 5 starts and the matchup amounted to a 2 game swing. It didn’t work out, but it was the smart thing to do.


    Please, everyone, stop trying to use logic to get through to Steven. He is obviously attention-starved and he’s practically begging people to reply to him. It’s hard for him, because his team sucks and all and everything over here is much more interesting, but your attempts are futile.

  • Ryan Ward

    Glad to see the proud representatives of my work….nothing worst that trying to get Comcast in Monmouth County….I’m meeting Joba this weekend too and going to Fashion Week. Maybe be at Phils game tomorrow btw for signings and pics….bring me your chicks…..the doppelganger himself.

    Ryan A. Ward – Class of 1997 Tatnall, Wilm. DE

  • Someone Who Knows

    Trust me, coming from someone who knows this dude… he is a crazy, attention-starved, jobless, indecent idiot.

  • Another person who knows…

    Believe me Ryan Ward is an umemployed low life who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, and one night stands. The kid probably has some STD’s by now considering the sleeping around and drug use. He is a compulsive liar and FREAK. Any girl who sleeps with him is an idiot and any newspaper or radio station that gives him press is simply feeding a very sick ego. I’m surprised the real Joba agreed to meet him…I suggest he watch his back….you never know what Ward will do.

  • de_native

    For the record, Ryan Ward did not play with Kevin Mench. Ryan Ward went to Tatnall and played on a crappy team. he is a liar and drug addict. In and out of rehab over the last few years.

  • A person who kissed Ryan

    I am embarrassed to admit I kissed this insecure low-life a long time ago. The worst kisser on the face of the earth!!! There is no way he was with 60-100 women. If that absurd statement is actually true, there is no way there were any repeat customers.

  • idiot

    Kevin Mench went to St. Marks. Ward went to Tatnall.

  • Ryan Ward

    You all better get ready for the real Joba “The Nut” and the next move…..It will be priceless!!!!!!!!

    Fact: I played little league against Mench dumb ass (Midway Baseball) and struck him out three times in Little League. Then at Post 31 (NABF) and Post 1….Sorry you couldn’t get out of Babe Ruth League pal or probably tee ball (idiot)

    Fact: I was All-State at Tatnall (De Native) you probably played at Sanford and Lax you pathetic kiddo….You wished you were me than and YOU WISH YOU WE ME NOW.

    Fact: (A person who kissed Ryan) You wannarollaroundonthefloorwithme…..Atleast you finally can say you know a celebrity….Plus I was drunk and I DON”T REMEMBER YOU OR CARE and I probably kissed your mom too!!!

    Fact: (Another Person who knows…) Keep grinding out that day job and changing those diapers….LIVE THE DREAM….And if you married Abby you would have killed yourself if you had to deal and put up with all the DRAMA of you know how….Sorry drugs and sex made me stable….Try reading And Never Let Her Go…..I sold 600+ copies for Amazon and Barnes and Noble too from Stern….Have find playing fall softball and JUSTIFYING YOUR JOB AND MARRIAGE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    Fact: (Someone who knows….) I sorry you hate your life and have to justify your true friendship to the clan of Wilmington DE…..TELL THEM ALL — CRAZY IS ON SUPERFINE LANE AND OFF OF MARSH ROAD!!!!!! Let me know if you want the emails….TRUTH HURTS!!!!!!!!!

    Please feel free and respond —

    BTW — Enjoy vacation Applegate, Congrats on your marriage Corby (tell james I said hello); Dan, Mark, and Crazy John — You guys all need to come see me soon. Beach or NYC….Carney, Witham(s), Bedle, and everyone who is pathetic in that joke fantasy league (except Skip and Jessup) eat me and I wish I never meet you and I AM GLAD AND PROUD I WENT TO SUPER BOWL WITH CORBY OVER YOU; Moody, Alfie, Justin, Gil (let me know if you need work….), Gary –I NEED A LAWYER!!!!, RJ — I will take down your girlfriend btw soon, Muzz — You’re still pathetic, got marbles in your mouth like Marco and I’m soooo glad “i really love my job…” and you know you stole Liz Frederick’s wallet, Liz Frederick (I hope all is well in Charleston), JD AND Nowak – Call me, Legge – Hope you’re hitting em straight, Hess — I need a life coach, Snapp and Handling (Thanks for letting me walk down the aisle….you KNOW WHAT I MEAN), Reilly (Don’t DO IT) — kidding, Bane — Hope your marriage last longer than mine and that your book sales will increase, Ham and POS glad to hear your doing well, Em — Glad to hear from you and will be in touch, Fred P. — You’re still the man!!!!, Slys — Don’t answer your voicemail at work, Scarbs (Check????), John O – I like it when you pee outside and in the pool, Cook – Bet on the Yanks Sunday and that I will do something “NUTS”

    And my dearest Abigail — I’m glad your back dating and leaving my family alone. I am sorry I put you through everything, but I wish I would have known I was marrying a family and not a person. Hopefully, you will find someone who can deal with them all (Good Luck too). I truly do wish you all the best and forgive you from inviting me to the 10 yr. reunioun and bringing you who (funny though), stealing all the material items from our house while I keep you on my insurance through the seperation, contacting my family and throwing me under the bus constantly and jail and probabation. Get out of that family web and go experience life and don’t let your history hurt you like your family tried to do to me….There are too many fakes, liars, cheats, ect….in your family tree and I can say I’m probably the least nutty of them all, with the exception of Ralph (miss you the most Ralph).

    (PLUS — remember to change your email password next time and that I’m smarter than the average bear and those emails last August and September show how sick, NUTS and disturbed your family and friends are (including the witch who made a wine cork wreath and gave us knowing I was in recovery….classless as usually from that side)

    Peace, Love, and Smile —- The One & Only

  • Gigi

    did anyone actually read the above garbage?

    Fact: nobody gives a shit.

  • How do you spell retard?

    As a contributing editor to the Fightins’, and a blog aficionado, it is known that no one reads long posts.
    Keep it short, unless the story has penetration, in which people will read more than 4 paragraphs.

  • copierguy

    Ryan/Steve/Joba came to DC and was running his Joba scam and I had the pleasure of meeting him. I’m a copier salesman and somehow I met Ryan while he was trying to buy a copier for a “friend”. He never said he was Joba Chamberlain, till I grabbed a drink at a bar with him and people were coming up to him, asking for his autograph.

    I’ve only met this guy once for a few hours, but everyone needs to stop hating on him. Ryan was a cool dude, who had a great hustle going on. He slept with stupid shallow chicks who just wanted to screw a celebrity. People were giving him free food and drinks, but so what, if people are stupid enough to give celebs free things, then they deserved to get scammed.

    Although, Ryan wasted my friday afternoon/evening and I sure as hell didn’t/won’t get a sale from his “friend”, I have a great story and met a great hustler.

    Ryan if you read this you owe me 15k for a copier, keep playing the game kid and F the haters.

  • What a mess!

    This guy has totally lost his marbles. He has been parading around in his #62 Yankees jersey and was last spotted pissing his pants at a bar in DE.

    Wake up and smell the coffee dude. Get some help!

  • Udders56


    Davis sent me a text today, i spend the afternoon laughing my self silly at work.

    These people need to lighten up a little………..

    -Cheers from everyone in Milwaukee, DIAL IT UP


  • Ryan Ward


    You sure you wren’t being me…..joba the nut….nice dui kid!!!!

    Ryan Ward
    aka – Joba the Nut

  • Belding

    Went to college with him and he was a douchebag back then. No surprise he’s divorced, unemployed, addicted to drugs, and trying to be someone else. Ha.

    Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame moron.

  • Reilly

    Ward, I have been laughing since JD sent me the text, back in NYC?, last time I was there was when we drove from Milwaukee, Classic, I still tell that story!!!
    Take Care,\

    get my cell from JD, want to get the real story on all this.

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