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Dontrelle Willis Won’t Pitch But You Can Still See Burt Reynolds In Camden
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The Riversharks will be home for the next 8 days during the Phillies’ road trip, so if you want to see some live baseball, hit up Campbell’s Field. Like I said last week, I love that park. A bit of advice though: if you are going to catch a night game, you may want to sit along the third base line because while the right side of the park provides you with a great view of the game, Philly, and the Ben Franklin Bridge, the sun will be in your eyes for the first few innings.

Conference (Chris Widger, Salomon Manriquez, Keith Weiser)

The 2012 Atlantic League Champion Long Island Ducks will play the first four games – Tonight through Thursday, with Tuesday being a morning game that I will likely be attending. Friday will begin a four game wraparound series against the York Revolution.

Raul Chavez gets Dontrelle Willis at the plate

Dontrelle has been pitching well for the Ducks so far this year – he got the win last night, which is great for him, but not for my camera. I love to shoot guys like Willis, players like him make it easy for me. If he’s on the field, just keep the camera on him and something worth shooting will happen. Unfortunately, his rotation spot won’t come up while the Ducks are at Campbell’s Field this time around – but that’s cool, because none other than Burt Reynolds will be there, playing every game!

Burt Reynolds

That’s right. Burt Reynolds, the Riversharks’ outfielder from the Dominican Republic will be playing, and likely starting every game. So buy your tickets! For every game!

  • Chris

    Don’t know if he’ll be pitching during the series, but Brett Tomko plays for the Revs. Pitched Friday night. Did a pretty good job. A few more outings like that one and he might get picked up again.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Last I heard, Vlad Guerrero was playing for the Ducks as well.
    Against Atlantic League pitching, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hit
    one onto the Ben.

    • mr.tug

      Technically he is a Duck, but he’s still back home taking care of some personal/family issues. He’s been on the inactive list since before the season even started. Haven’t heard anything specific about the problem.

      • Heathcliff Slocumb

        Ah. Bummer. Would have missed it anyway, seeing as I’m in Ethiopia and all, but that would have been cool to catch him in that park.

  • john matrix

    the sun is the same at reading.

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