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Domonic Brown has an impressive AAA home debut
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Domonic Brown made his Coca-Cola Park debut last night when the Lehigh Valley IronPigs hooked up with the Rochester Red Wings for a nice twi-night doubleheader in Allentown. In his very first AB, Dom showed off what makes him so dangerous when he hit an infield single, stole second, got to third on a throwing error while attempting the steal, and scored on a sac fly that was hit to short centerfield. Then he threw some sucker out from right field in the 7th who was trying to tag up and go from second to third. THEN he got a 2-out hit in the 9th inning and eventually scored the game-winning run. Ho hum.

The second home game for Dom started out similar to how the first ended, except this time, he didn’t wait for someone else to drive him in, he did that shit himself. All told for the day, Domonic went 3-for-6 with a homer, 3 runs scored, a stolen base, and an outfield assist. Not too shabby.

And here is video of Brown’s 2nd inning homer, which traveled an estimated 1,400 feet:

If you’d like a first-hand account from the game, Kevin McGuire from the Phillies blog Macho Row was there and has a nice recap with some video.

And check out the photo gallery with some gorgeous shots from Rob Kandel (like the one above) over at The Morning Call.

  • dUb-iLL

    Meech, When will you be changing the name of the site to


    I’m thinking of just starting an all-Dom Brown spinoff site.

    Is it too much?

  • GTO

    haha an estimated 1,400 feet.

    all-Dom Brown spinoff site, I like the concept. I think it will take off.

    “I Want to Go Yard with Dom Brown” or “YDB”

  • Doug Glanville

    We certainly need a Dom Brown t-shirt. Amirite?

  • Kevin from Macho Row

    Thought you woudl get a kick out of some those Dom Brown pics and video, no matter the quality.

  • Capt Murdock

    I guy just came over to my cubicle and said, “Hey so whats the deal with The Fightins obsession with Domonic Brown?”

    I politely stood up and in one motion I slapped him with my right hand while my left hand quickly gouged out his eyes Three Stooges style. Obviously he fell to the ground and I slowly leaned down, whispered unrepeatable things softly into his ear and spit on squarely into his bleeding eye sockets. For good measure I took the cell phone from his pocket, called his wife, belittled her in an uncomfortable way and then discussed her husbands lack of dignity.

    Man, work stinks sometimes!

  • Jdashdog

    What can Brown do for you?

  • Adam Eaton

    I want to take Dom Brown to the Super Bowl…………………….

    won’t work, right?

  • rags to riches

    at this point i want an of to get injured so we can bring up dom brown to stay………… i mean what else could go wrong

  • Capt Murdock

    I think if we had an OF go on the DL you would be asking yourself, “Who is Chris Duffy?” and not saying, “I’m glad Dom is with the big club.”

  • That Guy

    i met Domonic Brown last year outside a pub on 4th of July, he is so fuckin jacked, kinda scared me lol, but he’s really cool, my fuckin friend made us sound like retards tho, cuz he thought Brown only had 4 tools

    i thought that woulda made domonic mad but it didnt so we survived haha

  • crazy4swayze

    i’ve heard dom brown possesses the elusive 6th tool…which i believe has something to do with time and space.

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    No, a Dom Brown spinoff is not too much. This man needs to get to the bigs now.

  • J-D

    Can he play third base?

  • Uncle Charlie’s hands

    That Guy needs an avatar.

  • MJM

    I’m two miles from the park and that landed in my backyard.

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