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Domonic Brown deposits a Justin Verlander pitch onto Route 19
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It didn’t take youngster Domonic Brown all that long to get accustomed to major league pitching. 

In just his 11th — and what would wind up being his last — Grapefruit League game in ’10, Domonic Brown had the unenviable task of going up against perennial Cy Young contender for the Detroit Tigers, Justin Verlander.

In his first AB vs. the hard throwing righty, Dom got in a quick hole but stayed in there fouling pitches off until he finally worked the count full by laying off a pitch that was just a millimeter low and inside.  On the very next pitch, the kid caught up to a fastball middle-in and fucking WALLOPED it out of Bright House Field on into oncoming traffic on RTE 19.

It was a picturesque blast (that I tried to capture above, with his Strawberry-like swing and follow through) that made just about every Phillies fan in the world a little less worried that their team might be on the verge of losing Jayson Werth after this season.

Of course, I knew what kind of player Dom was cause I can spot raw talent a mile away, but at least the rest of you late comers got a glimpse of The Future®.  If you’d like to watch the officially licensed MLB video of his two homer, 4 RBI day, click HERE.  If you’d like to watch Dom talk, followed by Ryan Howard & Charlie Manuel practically salivating over the kid, click HERE.

See you in September (if not sooner), Domonic.

Oh yeah, and next time — spell his fucking name right.  Thanks.

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  • Section118

    He’s special. I can’t wait til he gets up.

  • zmitch

    Let’s not rush things….September at the soonest. Kid needs regular ABs in the minors. He’s The Truth though….

  • That Guy

    you forgot to mention the diving catch he made in the field…

    whenever he gets up here, one thing we can be sure of is that he’s gonna to crush white bitches.

  • will.H

    asshole altert: me

    I heard somewhere it was reported that the ball hit rt 19, not sure if it was a sarcastic exaggeration.. but rt 19 is about 1400 feet from home plate. Just an observation.

  • JT

    Pretty sure the announcer says route 19 during the clip.

  • Sarge’s Hat

    Can’t wait to see this guy everyday.


  • Joe D

    @JT….the announcer was McCarthy, who, as we know, is an idiot.

  • Sarge’s Hat

    Can’t wait to see him everyday.

    His swing is really weird, imo. It’s like a sling shot.

  • will.H

    JT, i think that was an exaggeration which some people had no choice but to take seriously since it appears there’s a highway right beyond the fence. One time Tmac said “this one may go to the moooon” when describing a Howard HR. Scientists have not yet been able to confirm the ball actually landed on the moon.

    I’m saying, theres a huge retention lagoon between rt 19 and bright house field. If you walk up to the fence in right field, you’d see what i mean. A HR that landed on Rt 19 would have to be about 1000 feet long. It’s not a big deal, just a casual observation.

  • Joe D

    What is so sick about the power Brown generates is that he doesn’t load up very much at all. His hands are really quiet and he can still get so much bat speed going. He’s basically a freak.

  • will.H

    yeah joe D. nothing more beautiful than hitting against your front foot. copy and paste this picture and show every little guy how to hit.

  • Muscles

    The ball landed in the gator pit… if you have ever been down there there is a smokers section in the RF corner of the concourse. If you look down from there you see a huge pit with a bunch of plants and other green things in it. that is where his ball landed

  • GTO

    horray farm system!

  • Greenman!

    Is that Tyler Walker? Also whats on Charlie’s lip in that video?

  • Joe D

    @will….yes sir. That stiff front leg is going to make a lot of other things stiff throughout the tri-state area for many years to come.

  • Muscles

    it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


    Why would we even want Pujols when we have this kid who is obviously 10X better. I’m guessing 83 homers in his first full season. Word is bond.

  • Meat

    Yeah having been there several times, most recently last week, Rt. 19 is way too far away from the field for anyone to hit. The players actually park back there; you can see their expensive rental cars/actual cars from the top of the fence, so out of the things at/around the park he may have hit, those would be the most likely.

  • Jdashdog

    I heard his ball landed in some white bitches mouth

  • Matt

    No, that was Howard’s ball(s).

  • Undocorkscrew

    Kid looks impressive, no doubt. I remember when Frenchy and Wright were coming up through the farms around the same time and the mild rivalry the two had to see who’d be the better player. Well, we all know what happened there.

    Can’t wait to see Brown and Heyward in MLB action. Both are absolute beasts.

  • Jon

    Brown>Taylor…good job Rube keeping the right guy

  • will.H

    thanks muscles. the gator pit is interesting. Just 15 feet down lay a bunch of gators sunbathing. its about 400 feet wide. im not sure if you could t-off from home plate and even reach rt 19.

  • Jay Happ

    So this ball didn’t actually reach the highway? I’ve seen a few of these spring training parks that seem way too close to roads, but it may just be a perspective thing and there’s no real danger. I mean honestly, could you imagine how bad a ball player would feel if they smacked a long home run and wound up causing a deadly highway accident?

  • VanHellion

    for the ball to have hit US19 it would have had to travel about 800 feet. to me the video makes it look as if the ball drops over the fence just past the grass berm. my estimate would be that the ball traveled about 450-470 feet.
    that URL should give an idea of the actual distance between the ballpark and the road.

  • VanHellion

    oh, and about 5-6 years ago i did see jim thome actually hit a ball onto US19 from the adjacent practice fields, which are considerably closer.

  • Flash

    Hahaha Clifton got suspended the first 5 games of the season for throwing at Chris Snyder’s head

  • I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay

    once, in little league, i beaned a girl. on US19.

  • Phil ‘er up

    I think we just found our DH for the ’10 World Series.

  • Suzyn Waldman


  • Lance Parrish

    He’s gotta get rid of that ridicuolous uniform number though.

  • will.H

    lance, call ups rarely retain their spring training number. i think ryan madson is the only goober to keep his before changing it to 43

  • Pat

    Maybe his idol is Manny Ramirez (or So Taguchi) and he likes the absurd numbers

  • spacecoyote

    It would certainly ruin meech’s jersey purchase if he kept #78. Heh.

  • steve


  • World Forking Champions ’11

    I say that we trade Domonic Brown in order to bring back the Gobbler!

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Yo, howsabout some subtitles for Cholly’s portion of the video. I couldn’t understand a fucking word.

    And the highway is 1000 ft. away? So fucking what? I still say Dom hit it.

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