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Domonic Brown CRUSHES a baseball into the second deck in RF
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For the second consecutive night, the Phillies fell behind early to the San Francisco Giants and wound up not only coming back, but kicking the ever-loving shit out of them to extend their lead in the Wild Card race to 2 games. And the man who put the exclamation point on tonight’s win was the fella who has hardly picked up a bat since Shane Victorino’s return from the DL, rookie sensation Domonic Brown.

It was in the bottom of the 8th inning, the Phillies were already in control with a healthy 7-2 lead when Charlie Manuel gave Dom what seemed like a pity at-bat when he sent the kid in to pinch hit for Ryan Madson with 2 outs, nobody on and Gigantes reliever Guillermo Mota on the mound. So Dom moseys on up to the plate and takes the first pitch for a ball before ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MURDERING the second offering from Mota and sending it an estimated 440 ft. into the second deck in right field above the AT&T sign.

If you’d like to see it for yourself, click on the picture of that beautiful backswing to watch the homer and to hear Tom McCarthy squeal like a little girl. For once though, I don’t blame him.

(Goodbye, Mota)

Of course, the only thing that could attempt to ruin such a beautiful moment is the MyPHL17 chyron operator, who credited the home run to Ryan Madson. Absolutely inexcusable:

  • Adam Eaton

    That is the sweetest fuckin’ swing. This kid keeps growin’ on me. I like it.

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Who’s that?

  • TonyIsDynamic


  • acasualobserver

    Saw this is person, it honestly reminded you of a Howard blast. You saw the swing, you heard the sound of a baseball’s soul being killed, and you simply turn your head skyword to see where the hell the thing is gonna land.

    Simply put…it was fucking AWESOME

  • maxL


  • Swift

    I almost meeched when he launched that ball into the upper-deck.

    meeched – To defecate in ones pants at the mere mention of Domonic Brown.

  • Swift

    @acasualobserver, let me know where it lands, when it does.

  • Jason

    i was siting in section 103, and that ball was about 30 feet over my head when it hit the second deck. it was a blast.

  • J

    That was a BEAUTY. My god. I’ve already rewatched it 20 times.

    Madson though? Really? If we knew he could hit some bombs, why haven’t we used him to PH already? geez.

  • will.H

    so you’re sayin he likes the ball down

  • blackinmind

    wished you could post the different video shots from espn and csn and audio and the celebration in the dugout.


    Still might…

  • maria

    That’s a perty swing.

  • blackinmind

    oh really, btw david wright just injure himself.

  • blackinmind

    Love the fact that chooch and werth have a cool celebration with brown.

  • BigMiles

    Madson’s two dingers have got to lead the NL as far as relief pitchers going deep…can anyone confirm this for me?

  • Jdashdog

    All Madson does is mash and stay black

  • ShawnJames

    Black Madson > white madson. Am I wrong?

  • t-hawk

    anyone know if there’s a video of his curtain call anywhere?

  • VanHellion

    I love this kid.

    On an unrelated note: i unfortunately live in clearwater, but because of this, drew naylor popped up as a facebook friend suggestions (through mutual friendships with a bro hoe i work with)

    i got curious to see what other players he was friends with and clicked the see all friends button (hoping dom had facebook and we could be bffls and i could brag to you guys that we’d write on eachothers walls and have offseason slumber parties and shit, but alas he was nowhere to be found)

    two things i did come across though.

    1. vance worley’s lady friend is fine as hell

    2. rich dubee’s son’s profile picture is a tie dye “i’m with dubee” shirt.

  • Ryho @ Dorney

    That thing is called a “chyron”? Who knew? I alwYs just called it “the top thingy”.

  • Tommy Callahan III

    I swear I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my life, but that. WAS. AWESOME!!!

  • Bozo

    Anyone have any luck finding the radio/espn calls?

  • @VanHellion

    How’s the action at Derby Lane these days?

  • Greenman!

    somewhere Milt Thompson is crying.

  • Tyson


    Actually, that “top thingy” is called a score strip. The system that displays the live graphics content is referred to as Chyron.

    There are operators who control the graphics throughout the game, and in this case, the guy must have had Madson’s name placed in the system and forgot to change it when Brown pinch hit for him.

  • ScottGraham

    That clip didn’t just make me love Dom Brown more, it made me love Mike Sweeney even more. The guy has been with the team what, 2 weeks, and he’s there givin’ the kid a hug at the end.

  • Milt Thompson

    Dom Brown has a lot to learn. When you’re a Phillie, you hit a solo HR when you’re down 3, not up 5.

    He’s lucky I wasn’t in the outfield, though, or else I’da caught it.

  • James Fayleez

    JR STRAW!!!!

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    MyPHL or ESPN? I chose ESPN, thus avoiding Tom McCarthy and that MYPHL screwup. Domonated.

  • crazy4swayze

    @scottgraham- i was here to say the same thing. you would assume sweeney has never even heard of domo until he got here. he’s got about 15 years on the kid and i don’t think anyone would’ve thought it was odd if he didn’t go out of his way to congratulate him. especially since it was a homerun that put the team up 6 instead of 5. instead he totally freaks out and gives him all kinds of man love. i just love how much sweeney loves being here.

  • jcole

    Sarge was on the radio last night, and as soon as the ball left the bat, I’m pretty sure he dropped a load in his pants. He sounded like a 14 year old prematurely ejaculating. Then he was all giddy and just couldn’t wait to talk to d-brown about it.


    jcole? You’re my favorite new rapper!

  • Northside Louie

    Mota got the message real quick…he throwed that second pitch along way!!

  • Greenman!

    I’m with you swayze, Sweeney is one of my favorite players now just because he appreciates being on a really good team more than anyone. He finally has a shot at the playoffs after being stuck in baseball hell for his career.

  • al


  • Tyler

    Sweeny’s Weenies on facebook my bros

  • James Fayleez

    Sweeney is no friend of mine as long as he steals AB’s from DROPP’IN GLOADS.

  • thekid

    Looks like Lincecum celebrated the occasion by picking a winner and turning it into his new favorite snack….GROSS (and i’m not talking about greg)

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Erin Andrews jizzed in her pants.

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