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Dominic Domonic Brown is too polite to correct his misspelled name
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Somewhat lost in the ruckus surrounding Pedro Martinez’s minor league rehab start in Class AA Reading last night was the continued maturation of the R-Phils newest call-up, super phenom Dom Brown. The man Jonathan Mayo recently tabbed as the 24th best prospect in all of baseball went 2-for-4 at the plate including a MONSTER shot in the 1st that left FirstEnergy Stadium in a hurry, traveled an estimated 426 feet, and wound up bouncing into the wall of an Auto Glass shop across the street. Then he would go on to hit an RBI double to the gap in left-center and throw an opposing player out at 3rd base from right field.

Not too shabby for the young guy.

But perhaps the strangest part of the evening for Mr. Brown was when he informed the press that people have been misspelling his name for his whole life. It’s DOMONIC, not Dominic.

And according to intrepid reporter John R. Finger of CSN, he was just too polite to correct anybody.  Even David Murphy chimed in on the Tweets and said that Izzy Gould of the St. Petersburg Times — who covered Domonic in high school — has been spelling his name the traditional way all these years.

Oh well, as long as he keeps mashing homers and piling up outfield assists he can spell his name however the fuck he wants. But for future reference, just remember — it’s Domonic.

Reading’s Brown Making a Name For Himself | CSN Philly

UPDATE: After the jump, check out the footage of Domonic’s mammoth blast…

  • phillygirl

    Looks too much like “demonic” now. I hope they keep misspelling it.

  • Jordan

    I was at this game. If anyone is familiar with the field, the homerun went OVER the pool and the Reading Eagle sign in right field.

  • will.H

    how did the little kid from Kindergarden Cop spell his name?

  • j_romes

    Dahmahnick, if you listen to Ahhnold

  • Matt

    I was at the game as well and not to point out the negative, but he also launched a ball into the third base dugout in an attempt to get a guy going first to third on a base hit. He had a cannon and made a huge throw, just a little off line though.

  • marps

    any video highlights of this?

  • Mike Honcho

    Now if only ESPN would stop spelling J.A. during highlights featuring Happ, we’ll all be grammatically correct.

  • gm-carson

    Freakin’ Sarge still calls Happ “Jay-A”…tard!

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    FYI: Bugs & Cranks has a pretty funny Omar Minaya Roast.

  • jd

    i heard he really wants it spelled d’monic.

    and philly girl beat me to my other guess.

  • SD

    Why don’t they just show J.A. Happ’s name as J. Happ?


    From now on, around here at least, he will be Jay Happ.

  • Lynniemac

    I keep reading his name as dough-monic, which is just not a good name for someone who can hit Route 61 with a homerun. When (okay ‘if’ because I’m a cynic) he makes it to the big leagues, he will routinely hit Ashburn Alley. I was at the game last night too, and though Brown’s overthrow was bad, to be fair, the only reason it went in the dugout was because Pedro bailed when the hop almost took his head off as he backed up the play. His reaction (mostly laughter) was pretty damn humorous, though.

  • Swift

    @meech: I like that initiative. We’ll call it Proposition Happ.

  • ericvsthem

    I’m going with “Younger James.”

  • Ryan from LV

    How were the bread boxes anyways?!

  • Lynniemac

    I wouldn’t know. Apparently, I was the two thousand and first person to walk through the gate. Fuck Stroehmann’s.

  • kcm

    Happ wants his named spelled J.A. but pronounced Jay.

  • Phylan

    I was all ready to cheer on dealing this guy if he would net the Phils Halladay, but damn am I glad they held on to him.

    Does anyone know why that video was recorded in the worst framerate possible?

  • beamer

    I thaught I was the only person who spells domonic that way so much for originality I guess my son isn’t the only bad ass mo fo

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