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Dom Brown is NOT an All-Star? Go Screw, America.
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MLB released the early National League polling returns, and one Domonic Brown is ***not*** among the top three vote-getters in the outfield.


Wait what?

I know, right!

But who is, ZWR? 

Glad you asked. Justin Upton, Bryce Harper, and Ryan Braun. Yeah, a Barve hitting .259, a Natinal with 23 RBI & a fauxhawk, and a HGH-pumping steroid-using technicality-hiding-behind cheating cheater. All ahead of Dom, the National League Player of the Month for May. The top RBI producer amongst MLB outfielders. The man who ALSO leads all major league outfielders in home runs.

Yeah, this is a disgrace. But it’s not too late, Phillies fans and appreciators of justice. You can still vote for DOM BROWN here. Seriously, go do it 35 times. Register your smam emails and vote 14o times. Have your hacker buddy write a code or something. If you’re a boss, send an email to all of your subordinates and instruct them to do so as well. It’s not cheating if a cheater is already beating him in the voting, bro. Find a way to make this happen, Philadelphia. Dom deserves it.


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