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Does Shane Victorino Kill The Braves? “Oh, No Questions Asked.”
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I’ve always pegged Shane Victorino as a bit of a mushmouth. When he speaks, it seems like he is talking waaay faster than he thinks so he often falls back on poor speaking habits like saying “ummm” or “ya know” too many times just so his mind can catch up with his words. Not a knock on the guy, just an observation. Anybody that hails from Hawaii and listens to Bob Marley all the time is A-OK in my book. (and I do have a book)

But his post-game interview from yesterday was nothing short of classic. After tying a career high with 4 RBI’s (the other time was also against the Braves), he spoke with Tom McCarthy about the team not giving up and his flattening of Brian McCann in the sixth inning.

Check it out, and listen to how many times he starts off an answer with the term, “Oh, no questions asked.” I’m not really sure what it means because Tom McCarthy is obviously asking questions — but I can’t stop saying it. Since I watched this after the game, I’ve answered every question anyone has asked me with my new favorite term:

“Oh, no questions asked.”

Did he just say this division is gonna be a “boat race” until the end of the year? hahahahaha

  • yellowbird


  • JMS

    Let this be a warning to Reyes…if you grandstand, we will throw at your neck. If you’re quietly scoring very well against us, we will throw Shane Victorino at you.

  • joestrek

    A boat race huh? Cue The Ventures and the Hawaii 5-0 theme song!

  • Rico Savage

    See how the right side of his lip curls up when McCarthy is asking him a question? Please, someone get him to play Elvis in a film somewhere.

    Also, can we get him and Lito Sheppard a public speaking class or something?

  • Brian Hall

    It’s gonna be a boat race. At first when I watched this after the game I thought he had to say close race, not boat race. But no, he clearly says boat race. Who compares a division race between the Phils and Mets to boat race? Who even races boats? Oh, no questions asked this is gonna be a boat race.

  • Joe B

    I hope one of the boats includes Fred Smoot, Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie and Moe Williams

  • Jennifer

    Shane did a great, great interview during spring training when he answered every question with “We’re just going to go out there and have some fun.” EVERY SINGLE ANSWER contained some form of “We’re going to have some fun.” (Sadly, I have looked all over the internet for a clip of this and have been unable to find it.)
    His interview skills may need a little work, but, no questions asked, he is fun to watch.

  • ill

    I race boats. They usually aren’t as close as you would think from Shane’s quote.

    And you definitely cannotrun your boat into another boat. I feel this would be a problem for Vic.

  • Nick

    He says ” a boat race, hopefully not” You idiots! He doesn’t call it a boat race. Cheeze.

  • El Ricko
  • mcb

    believe it or not almost every public speaker has these “comfort words” (or in shane’s case, phrases). they change over time as well. some speakers are just better at hiding them, but listen to any unprepared speech and you will notice certain words that get overused (it makes for a fun game during boring speeches).

  • Gigi

    my comfort words involve me rubbing my hands together.

    – Anonymous Shortstop

  • Pete Money

    my comfort words involve me gambling.

    -anonymous former baseball player/manager

  • fuquamanuel

    that shirt is the best thing I have ever seen.

  • mike

    just got back from the phillies phestival a short while ago, fulfilled my life long dream of meeting chollly, sat in the dugout with him for a photo, realized that i could hit a homerun at cit. met shane victorino and pat burrell, realized that chris coste has less of an ego than i do. spoke to chad durbin for way longer than anyone should talk to chad durbin for, in a grab bag raffle recieved an autographed BRAD HARMAN hat, which if nobody remembers played for the phillies for about 3 seconds. and overall had a great time meeting the men that makes up our phillies.

  • silence dogood

    Shane makes me smile.

  • rygallagher

    They played an interview of him on 950AM, he said, “you know” 13 times in 7 seconds, it was incredible. I’ve never heard anyone say “you know” more than Jim Thome did in interviews.

  • Jay

    The video no longer exists :(

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