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Did Shane Victorino answer my question during the Stew Chat?
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See for yourselves, click to enlarge.


Check out the replay of the live chat, including a question about Spam Musabi by Enrico of The 700 Level, over at Big League Stew. Shout out to ‘Duk for being kind enough to submit that to Shane.

BLS Live Blog: A chat with Philadelphia’s Shane Victorino | Big League Stew

Oh yeah, I almost forgot —


And so you know that I, too, am doing all I can to get the Flyin’ Hawaiian to St. Louis, check out my utterly boring YouTube clip that I filmed last night, ATJ.

Here’s me voting 16 times in 2:25 for Shane while I was over my buddy’s house playing Fight Night Round 4. Everytime I wasn’t boxing, I was doing this. I figure I did it for about an hour and a half total (lucky for you, I didn’t film it all), so doing some quick math, that’s nearly 1,000 votes from yours truly.

  • thomas

    lol @ Shanes No Questions Asked comment

    and showing people that you have voted 1,000 times isn’t that going to hurt him? Didn’t they take votes away from Nomar a few years ago because someone was doing this?

  • Gonzo

    Who woulda thought that Meech loved some Gonzo All Star Porn? You should post this on Redtube in the “Porn for Geeks” section.

  • Chris

    Just when you thought the site couldn’t get any better.

  • Shawn

    I have been voting all day…of course I am supposed to be working but I can multi-task. Great job with the question meech.

  • Sarge

    Fight night round 4 in the background…sad i know that…ughhh

  • Sarge

    even sadder i didnt read he wrote that up there…now i really want to kill myself…vote for shane!

  • Jdashdog

    Your life rocks

  • Rudy

    Uh oh….here’s another one!!!! Hyperlink this one Meech—>

  • Hummer

    ive been voting for the vast majority of the past 2 days. No, I dont have anything better to do

  • Here Come Da Judge

    who’d you vote for for the AL vote

  • gm-carson

    Damn you’re lucky bro. You’ve got two lil ones and the wife lets you outta the house to play Fight Night.

  • Jdashdog

    Apparently the Phillies would like our AL vote to be for Brandon Inge

  • gm-carson

    Fine by me, I’ve been voting Inge with Vic.

  • MRT

    Hey guys – If you use Google Chrome, you don’t even have to mess around with entering a validation key. Just make sure the cursor is in the validation key box and hit enter to submit. Is it faster? No questions asked.

  • Crane Kick

    excellent stuff as usual

  • R.I.P. The Fightins

    This site has really gone downhill. If I wanted news like this I’d go to TMZ

  • theoldsport

    Did anyone else think Sarge was going to pull a NQA when that ball dropped between Vic and Werth?

    Instead, he went with the less popular “No question about it.”

  • theoldsport

    And another No Question About It from Sarge!

  • MaxL

    Did Victorino just win the game for the phils?

  • MaxL

    No Questions Asked.

  • D. Whitmore


  • Brandon

    NQA! And I love CHP’s advertising.

  • OutlawPete

    did i just get out of bed to grab my laptop to put in an hour of voting for Shane?

  • OutlawPete

    no questions asked.

  • Mike

    I actually laughed out loud at work when that popped up in the chat.

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