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Definitive proof that Mick Billmeyer owns a pair of binoculars
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Now was he stealing signs? Or merely checking out the broad in section 142 with the killer rack? YOU decide.

(via the must-follow Twitter account of one John R. Finger UPDATE: My bad, @Phylan had it first)

  • maria


    “I called him to put the binoculars away,” Victorino said. “[Crew chief Jerry Crawford] had just talked to Charlie. I actually told him, ‘Mick, you just got kicked out of the game. Jerry just talked to Charlie and said somebody complained. You’ve got to come off the field.’ He said, ‘No, no, no.’ I was like, ‘No, I’m just kidding.’ But that’s why I called down.”

  • Jayson’s beard

    I decide, and my decision is he was checking the price for nachos. What?

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    It has been reported on FOX News Denver that the Phillies have been utilizing a super satellite that focuses in on the catchers signals and then relays the information via implanted chips in the players heads. Charlie Manuel said in a news conference “Go Fuck Youself you pissy little bitches.”

  • Katherine

    I’m sure it was the price of nachos.

  • Walklett

    He’s just making sure Reggie Jackson doesn’t attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

  • Shep Trumbo

    If i know mick billmeyer and i dont perszonally but I’m pretty sure i know what hes about and its not CHEATIN its lookin at all the fresh fuckin PUSSY out in the crowd. Thats what the fuck I’D be doin.

  • game5

    Checking out hottie in Diamond club sec A, row 6, seat 2. Low cut black tank top with spaghetti straps. Nice goin Nick.

  • Matt

    from Phylan? So what are that pair of binoculars WORP? What about their DIP? PECOTA? I’m just dying to know what that pair of optics win shares are…

  • MJM

    I love this picture. I love that it’s in the head of other teams players more. No doubt we steal signs if we can. Same with every other team in the league. You can either cry or just accept it. Glad my team doesn’t whine about this stuff. Glad my team gets beer poured on them and other teams whine about us stealing signs or that the ballpark is a bandbox. It means two things.

    1. Our team is really good.
    2. Our team has a mental advantage.

    Rod Booker might have been a great sign stealer, but no one knows because the team fucking sucked when we had Rod Booker. Let everyone whine. We are winning and I don’t give a shit what other teams think.

  • Greg

    Katherine with the cute avatar is back!?

  • Katherine

    Oh yes, I’m back. 😉

  • MJM

    Meech posting my comment on twitter. I’m wet now.

  • Gil Thorpe

    yo brah, thats all PART OF THE GAME. Mick’s a badass, Charles a fucking BOSS

  • thomass

    new tshirt please.

  • Gonzo

    Oh yes, I’m back.

    I was concerned you were murdered by a Fightins commenter.

  • Katherine


    No, I wasn’t lucky enough for that.

  • Pozzo

    @most you fools
    What fine looking women was he looking at? One of the 9 fans in the stands?

    @the rest of you fools (No, not you fools, the ones crying.)
    How exactly are signs being relayed? It sure isn’t via telephone, that’s for sure. There is really nothing you can learn of any significance for the immediate future, because you can’t communicate a sign to a batter who is already in the box. Most of the time, the batter is going to know after the pitch is thrown what the hell kind of pitch it was. The information you can gather in the bullpen is nothing more than what the batters can share back in the dugout anyway. You hear things like- “Oh, he’s throwing a lot of 3-0 fastballs out there” or “Man that Jim Tracy is a douchebag” and “I know, right.”

    So, in closing, keep crying. Go Fightins.

  • Gonzo

    How exactly are signs being relayed?

    Supposebly, Victorino was in the dugout on the phone with the bullpen.

  • Shep Trumbo

    POZZO GOT A POSSE you my dawg DAWG

  • MJM

    Pablo Sandoval flashes his tits when he steals a sign for the Giants.

  • Phylan

    It was probably just to learn the signs so that everyone in the dugout would know in case they ended up on second base.

    I mean I really don’t give a fuck, as long as they weren’t using some kind of illegal electronic buzzer system, which it’s obvious that they weren’t. I’m fine with it, I don’t care, but it’s pretty clearly what was happening, so there’s no reason to make up other things he would be doing with a pair of binoculars.

  • Shep Trumbo

    Thyat electric buzzer and lights shit only works for HOME GAMES anyway the ROCKIES CAN SUCK A FUCK

  • Katherine

    Even if the Phillies are stealing signs, it’s not like they’re the only team that does it/has done it/will do it.

  • game5

    Billmeyer learned all his skills from Belecheck.

  • dlhunter

    Franzke’s gotta be exhausted, he did Jim Jackson’s pregame and called the whole 10 innings earlier, now he’s doing the rain delay call-in show. My man crush (ie: boner) grows larger every day.

  • will.H

    stealing signs is useless unless you’re alerting the batter 2 seconds before he steals the pitch. Victorino on the phone in the dugout means nothing. Now, if he carried a cell phone to the batters box.. there’s a legit concern.

  • Gonzo

    It means when a guy gets to 2nd base, it can be relayed to the batter.

  • game5

    Halladay = Pronger

  • dlhunter

    Not to insult Uncle Cholly, but I doubt any team he’s in charge of would be able to pull this conspiracy together at his direction. Unless Billymeyer is some kind of Ollie North mastermind running some Iran-Contra shit on the side.

  • Gil Thorpe

    THIS SUCKS. Charlie better be stealin some signs right now if you know what I’m sayin so once we get this game started it can be finished off right qUICK

  • kurt

    Was Ibanez up to bat when this picture was taken? The binoculars could be just a preemptive strike.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    This isn’t even close to what Belledick did.

  • Sophie

    There was no doubt in my mind that they were stealing signs. This makes me a bit dissapointed in the Phils. Perpahs all teams do it but this is just ridiculous. We’re the Fightin’s and we’re better than this.

  • Gil Thorpe

    FIGHTINS are just in it to win it, that’s hw they FUCKING ROLL. and also FUK THIS RAINOUT

  • Max

    There’s “no doubt in [your] mind”? We’re “better than that”?
    NEWSFLASH: If you’re signs are so shitty that Cholly Befuddled and his gang can steal them, you need to fire your sign coordinator. Stat. And what makes you so sure, anyway? Rather, who gives a shit whether they did or not? It’s just teams that aren’t World Fucking Champions bitching about the us being WFCs. Let them bitch, it makes them look more the pussies they really are. SPeaking of giant pussies, Jeff Francoeur…

  • Undocorkscrew

    I don’t think he was stealing signs. I mean, no one is THAT stupid to do it in broad daylight with TV camera’s everywhere. But here’s what I’m not getting about this whole situation……

    Manuel has stated that the definite reason he was using the binoculars was to watch how Ruiz was setting up defensively. Ok, that may very well be true. But why was he using them when the Rockies were on defense then? That’s actually the only proof of them being used, when the Rockies were on defense. How can one watch Carlos Ruiz set up defensively when he’s not even on the field?

    But again, I don’t think anybody would do that in broad daylight for everyone to notice.

  • will.H


    if mick is stealing signs with no one on base, its pretty common for them to change signs with a guy on 2nd anyhow.. so i still don’t see the point. And if Mick has to steal signs when our own guy is on 2nd base.. why doesnt the guy on 2nd base just report back to the dugout? It doesn’t add up to me.

  • Undocorkscrew


    They’re not ‘World Fucking Champions’ anymore. That was 2008. Multiple teams have accused the Phillies of sign-stealing even before the 08 season. Whether it was done or not, you have to understand why people are assuming it did happen.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Stealing signs is as much a part of baseball as the brushback pitch to establish the inside part of the plate. It’s as much a part of the history of the game as Bobby Thompson. As was stated earlier even if it was proven that they were stealing the signs they could not possibly have used the information at that time, It just isn’t feasibly possible. The information garnered could be used later but so what evry team does that. The only thing that is known is someone had binoculars at a game. Have you heard of beaver shooting? You can steal more signs with a TV monitor than you can with binoculars.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    As was stated earlier also World Fucking Champions refers to the 2008 team of which a great number are still on this team. They are and will forever be the WFC in this city.

  • will.H

    undo, albert pujols has also been accused of taking HGH. By who? Angry nobodies.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    I sure as shit know Charlie isn’t going to say …ER yeah well um Mick well see Mick he was um out there um scoping some pussy for the boys you know it’s a long game out there waiting for a call for the pen.

  • Undocorkscrew


    Actually didn’t think of that. Well played…

  • Undocorkscrew


    That’s not my point. My point is that multiple teams have accused the Phillies of stealing signs(and one of them filed a complaint with MLB claiming that they were using a video camera to do it with), yet people are claiming that others are just hating on the Phillies out of jealousy or something.

    I can’t help but to feel that if it were the Mets with binoculars, lots of people here would be 100% convinced that it was sign-stealing. But that’s beside the point. Manuel stated that they were being used to watch Ruiz set up defensively, yet he was using them when the Rockies were on defense. You have to understand that some people think that makes zero sense, so naturally they assume that it was sign-stealing.

    Again, I don’t think it was…….but I definitely see why so many are convinced.

  • bigmyc

    dlhunter, I dunno. Chuck has been around baseball since Godzilla was a tadpole. I’m pretty sure that he knows the drill. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cholly once told Billmeyer, “Hey, Mick. You wouldn’t ever steal signs with binoculars out in the Bullpen, would ya? Nevermind, hand me another beer. “

  • Shep Trumbo

    WRONG UNDOCORKCREW THEYLL ALWAYS BE THE WORLD FUCKIN CHAMPIUONS YOU JUST DONT GET IT They didnt win last year but theyLL ALways BE W! F! C! sorry I hafta do this but


  • MJM

    You still need to execute. Stealing signs didn’t make Santana walk Jamie Moyer. It doesn’t help you flip a ball through your legs while falling down. It doesn’t help Halladay get out of bases loaded jams. If they steal signs you would think the offense wouldn’t be so pathetic at times. If a pitcher is tipping his pitches is it cheating if you notice?

  • Sophie

    DONT BITE MY FUCKIN HEAD OFF PEOPLE! You all stated your peace and so did I. Obviously I am here because i am a fuckin Phillies Phan!. Fuck Francoeur too!!

  • Uncle Cholly’s Club

    bravo MJM. nicely stated. I also don’t get all the hoopla this is causing cuz basically it doesn’t make a wee bit of sense. the way the Rockies are claiming this to have gone down is just illogical to me. I mean if I’m wrong someone can explain it but I really do think people are making mountains put of molehills here people

  • Katherine

    I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal either.

  • will.H

    undo, you know he was watching olivo or do you just see a picture with billmeyer using binoculars and assume he’s watching olivo? And these “mulitple teams,” do you really mean the dodgers and mets? I mean.. the dodgers and mets. how do the mets have any credibility? Two of their star players visited a doctor in another country who’s famous for distributing PED’s to get “advice.”

  • Undocorkscrew


    From Yahoo Sports……

    ‘FSN Rocky Mountain, the flagship broadcaster of the Colorado Rockies, showed Billmeyer using the binoculars to peer in on Colorado catcher Miguel Olivo(notes) while the Phillies were at bat in the top of the second inning.’

    It just doesn’t add up and Manuel contradicted himself. So even if he wasn’t stealing signs, more people are going to now be convinced he was based on Manuels contradiction.

    And yes, the Mets and Dodgers. I’m not saying either team has credibility. Just stating that people should realize that it’s not crazy for people to assume that they were stealing signs this time around.

  • maria

    I know it seems obvious and naive, but they really don’t know what Mick was looking at. It doesn’t seem like he’s done it before and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. People love to bitch.

  • Undocorkscrew

    The Phillies are taking a lot of heat for this and if that wasn’t what he was looking at, then why don’t they just come out and say what he was looking at? I can assure you that it wasn’t just the way Ruiz was setting up, we know that much.

    Sign stealing has been around as long as baseball has. But using binoculars in broad daylight? Come on…

  • will.H

    undo, later in that same report it says the incident is inconclusive. The Denver TV station reported he was “looking at olivo.”

  • maria

    Whatever he said, it would look like an excuse. Mick can say whatever and no one outside of Philadelphia would believe him.

  • ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

    some ass clown on ESPN just said that theres a possibility that the Nationals could sign Cliff Lee before the trade deadline if they stay on pace with how they’re playing. I never laughed so hard in my life

    and i assume he also meant that they’re gonna win the NL east and world series too


  • Undocorkscrew

    What’s so insane about the Nats possibly trading for Lee? They have the pieces to pull of a trade like that.


    What he was looking at isn’t my point. My point is that Manuel said he was watching the way Ruiz was setting up behind home plate. However, the camera showed him using the binoculars when the Rockies were on defense. He can’t watch Ruiz behind the plate if he isn’t on the field. It just doesn’t add up…

  • maria

    He could have been watching him in the bottom of the first but the broadcast might not have caught it. He was told to stop after the 2nd inning or whatever. From the Rockies side, it doesn’t seem like they’re telling the whole story and just trying to paint the Phils in a negative light. I’m not trying to make the Phillies out to be victims but there’s a lot of accusations coming out with substantial evidence.

  • Pozzo

    Hey fool

    One thing i phailed to mention is that when runners on base the signals are a little more complex. Its the way the game is played.

    Still, it does little good for the runner to know the pitch for that five second period, without some way of relaying the pitch to the batter. Also, pitch location is hidden by the catcher (if he’s any good, which is the problem the Rockies probably have) until the pitcher is ready to deliver, again, this information is difficult to relay to the batter on the timetable. So what we are left with, and I quote, is

    Somefuckhead said:
    “There is really nothing you can learn of any significance for the immediate future, because you can’t communicate a sign to a batter who is already in the box. Most of the time, the batter is going to know after the pitch is thrown what the hell kind of pitch it was. The information you can gather in the bullpen is nothing more than what the batters can share back in the dugout anyway. You hear things like- “Oh, he’s throwing a lot of 3-0 fastballs out there” or “Man that Jim Tracy is a douchebag” and “I know, right.””

    How you think they are getting the signs to the batter in the box, is Shane on the phone hollering, “BRO IT’S GONNA BE A CURVE INSIDE! wait, what, you already swung on and crushed that crap into the gap? my bad bro.” Not sure you are endorsing that scenario, but it is pure tomfoolery all of it.

    @you fool, the one crying, in the back of the room
    Keep crying

  • Lynniemac

    So to the best of Charlie’s knowledge, Mick uses the binoculars to watch Ruiz behind the plate, hence his statement. What Charlie didn’t know, is that occasionally, Mick uses the binoculars to check out a hot chick or two and that’s what the camera showed him doing.

    Is that what happened? I don’t know, I wasn’t there; and merely showing me a picture of Mick with binoculars up to his face is – I hate to agree with MLB here, but – inconclusive.

  • Shep Trumbo


  • Danny Ozark

    Hw was really looking for any glimpse of Valdez skills…Nope, still nothing.

  • maria


    That really changes my comment.

  • Phylan

    Why on earth would the Mariners trade Cliff Lee prior to the deadline undocorkscrew

  • maria

    This guy over at Yahoo said the Mariners would trade Cliff Lee for Manny Ramirez.

  • Phylan

    The Mariners could certainly use a bat, but they have the pieces in the farm/on the roster to trade for what they need, I would say. Trading Cliff Lee wouldn’t really make any sense, since they traded 3 prospects to get him in the offseason, and they’d be subtracting likely more value than they would get from any bat they add. To compete they need another bat AND Cliff Lee, the amazingness of King Felix notwithstanding.

  • Phylan

    Guys, I think we can stop playing dumb about why a bullpen coach would be using binoculars in the bullpen while his own team was batting. He was stealing signs. I don’t particularly care that he was, like, at all, but it’s pointless to try and act like that wasn’t what was happening.

  • maria

    That’s pretty much the point; they need to keep their pitching together and try and get some offense. Even if the Mariners are out of it by the trade deadline, they would have no use for Manny.

  • Saint

    First we still your signs… then we steal your girl.

  • Phylan

    OK as a total aside, check out Stuart Scott’s hilarious fuckup tonight

  • Gonzo

    Anyone know who’s closing now?

    @Phylan, great video.

  • Phylan

    Closer would have to be Contreras I would think

  • Gil Thorpe


    Flyers won, Phils lost bu t that fucking VALDEZ got a few hits



    Just more proof that The phillies are a piece of shit organization just like the city they come from!

    Look out boys…….. Here come the Dodgers to tap that ASS!!!!!

  • Hunter S. Thompson

    Jesus, if it was 4:35 AM here when you wrote that, then on the West Coast its gotta be like, what? 12:30 in the afternoon? Jesus flogging christ you trolly mctroller, 3rd viscount of trollerston. I wanna clean your pipes with drano. And by clean I mean rape. And by pipes I mean throat. And by drano I mean fucking drano. I wanna rape your throat with drano. Write that shit down and show it to your homeroom teacher/parole officer, you barely literate half wit. I’d say go lick a flagpole, but its fucking may and for stereotype’s sake I presume you’re in godless LA, so why don’t you just go lick the watts towers wearing a confederate flag speedo? I bet you have a lower back tattoo of tommy lasorda being sodomized by the phanatic in a pool of blood on a prison bathroom floor. If, by chance, you don’t have that tattoo, go ahead and get it now before milt billmeyer takes his binoculars off and brands you. He’ll fucking do it, too. He’s nuts. But not nearly as nuts as what the phanatic does to your closer’s grandmother every october. Holy shit, I’m pissed. Get me my pills. Somebody get me my pills. The spins are setting in.

  • Hunter S. Thompson

    And if any of you assholes in LA are in any way responsible for this wilson valdez creature…well, i’ll have to buy more drano.

  • Shep Trumbo



    ps FUCK eric

  • will.H

    undo, what im saying is.. a player or coach could easily run back into the clubhouse and watch ample video of things that happend. catching the signs with no one on base doesn’t help when the guy’s on second simply because the signs are different. I’m not saying they don’t steal sings. In fact I hope they do. But whats benefit in this particular situation? If no one is on 2nd, he’s not stealing the right signs. Now we’re just talking in circles.

  • crazy4swayze

    i just…i’m still not over the fact that i didn’t win the great brownie scholarship on ZWR. i’m going to need some time.

  • fightins need to make resign werth tee shirts

    Mick was looking for a sambo

  • Mr. Bryan

    Durbin is going to put eye back on Micks bino’s from now on.

  • Heather

    What I don’t understand is that sign stealing isn’t illegal, provided you don’t use electronic devices. So why is everybody getting their panties in a wad? “Hey the Phils are doing something that isn’t against the rules but I personally disapprove of!”

    Get your own man in binoculars to scope out Ruiz. What’s the big deal.

  • pozzo

    @that fool LA KING
    I remember the dodgers, aren’t they the NL equivalent of that team the globetrotters always play? Only not as fucking hilarious.

    still @that same fool
    Where did you go? I miss your anecdotes about people dressed as pancakes. My bad that’s not you, that’s someone else.

    @the manager formerly known as Jim Tracy
    Dry your eyes for a minute, then get back to crying.

  • Maz
  • phan52

    From Metsblog…

    baymenxpac May 13, 2010 at 9:47 am let me paint you a picture: it’s september 2007 and the mets celebrate their second straight division title. in the offseason that follows, phillies fans are IRATE. pat burrell is finally booed out of town. charlie manuel is fired, suffering the same fate as terry francona, jim fergosi and larry bowa before him. the “core” is broken up, written off as incapable and lathargic. jimmy rollins, the more expensive, older piece, is traded.
    that is what would have happened had a miracle not happened, resulting in a 13-4 record down the stretch. and you know what? magically it did. charlie knew he was gone if not for anything short of divine intervention and he found god in the form of binoculars. enough said.

    Paranoia strikes deep. Charlie steals signs while the Phanatic ravages Mrs. Met.

  • James Fayleez

    Did anyone bother to ask Muffin what Charlie thought, handlebar mustache guy thought, what the umps thought and what Dick Tracy thought?

    Muffin’s in everyone’s head and he would know. Unless he’s out rubbing his leather jacket down with armorall….

  • The Killer Zs

    Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays was asked this morning about this, says he knows Billmeyer very well and Billmeyer was looking at chicks. No Questions Asked.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    I’m pretty sure I read that Mick Billmeyer was on Nixon’s staff. HE WAS. Didn’t all those spies have – like – German names? Billmeyer . . . think about it. See it fits! He’s a spy.

  • Lynniemac

    You can add Blohan Santana (you know, the self-proclaimed “best pitcher in the NL East” who walked our octogenarian pitcher with the bases loaded) to the list of poo-poo diaper baby cryers:

    “There are times when it seems like they’re doing something but I don’t really know,” said Santana following the Mets’ 6-4 loss to the Nationals at Citi Field. “I mean, it has to be a fact. It’s not a fact from what I know. I’m not going to comment on something I don’t really know.”

    It’s a fact, but it’s not. Or something. Way to man up and have an opinion, dickhead.

  • maria

    “I’m not going to comment,” but in reality, I just did. Someone get him his pacifier, STAT.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Let me get this straight; he says three sentences about how he thinks the Phillies are cheating and then says, “I’m not going to comment on something I don’t really know,” AFTER he has commented and pretended he does know. God, what a moron.

    Ok, this shit has gotten out of control and it’s MLBs fault. By issuing a release they legitimized Tracy’s allegation and opened the door for anyone in the universe with a mouth and a tongue to comment. But just b/c they’re asked doesn’t mean they must reply.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Not speaking works really well Blohan. I mean Johan, Johann, er . . . whatever.

  • C
  • Nolan

    Hey meech any chance for a Billmeyer Birdlands t-shirt commemorating this?

  • Amandah

    He was only checking out my beautiful and perky tits. I was sitting in a section to the left of home plate. He loves my pink nipples. And I love his hairy meat chord.



  • Cole Handsome

    Leave them boys alone and let them steal their signs. If you don’t like what they do, who’s gonna cast the first stone?

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