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David Wright Presents: 10 Seconds of Holla
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In case you haven’t noticed, that new Disney/Michael Bay “film” G-Force (OMG DYK that it’s Michael Bay’s first 3-D movie?) has teamed up with Major League Baseball to bombard you with shitty ads while you’re trying to watch an All-Star game. And in order for baseball to properly promote this film, they of course had to seek out some MLB talent to record the commercials.

Now let’s see… an over-hyped movie featuring gerbils that will do big at the box office but will ultimately disappoint mostly everyone who went to see it.   Which player would most closely match that description? 


OOOOH, I KNOW!  David Wright.

So that’s who they got.  (Watch the full commercial HERE

Now here’s the best part, looped for your enjoyment:

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  • fuck the mets

    fuck the mets.

  • Chris

    That…is fucking funny.

  • Joey Wade

    thanks for giving me nightmares tonight, asshole.

  • Mand

    even after that disappointment of an all star game i can come here and have a good laugh. one of the funniest, if not the funniest, blogs out there. keep em coming.

  • MaxL

    NOT GERBILS. Guinea Pigs! They’re like gerbils, but on fuckin’ steroids.

  • Gonzo

    Jerry Pennacoli approves this message.

  • Lynniemac

    Dammit, Gonzo, I was going to go there, but I didn’t think anyone else would get the reference.

  • Shawn

    I saw this last week and was wondering when you were going to share it with the rest of the class. He should be in the batting cage instead of making stupid commercials.

  • thomas



  • Huge (like safco)

    He looks a lot like Micky Mouse.

  • Chris

    You know nothing you fucking prick. You and your city will burn, along with your hypocritical fans. If you died today the world would be a better place. I hope someone shoots you in the face.

  • j_romes

    @Chris: Lotta pent up rage there, kid. Things not so good in the love department?

  • Jon

    Second highest payroll in baseball? Check
    Fourth place at the break? Check
    Team full of pussies? Check

    Do we here at thefightins love pissing off mets fans? OH, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

    Thank you, Chris, for making our collective days

  • will.H

    chris fits right in with most mets fans.. when your dignity is stripped, type like you have rabies. hollaaa

  • MJRiley26

    What a dickcheese. . .

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