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David Wright Gets Emasculated At A David Cook Concert
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As if going to a David Cook concert wasn’t emasculating enough…

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How cute! They dress alike and share make-up tips! Jose Reyes must be soo jealous right now.

(Seriously, who in their right mind roots for these guys?)

After the jump, same gay clip, different gay angle.

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(Thanks to The Juggernaut, who was definitely not searching YouTube for David Cook videos)

  • The Juggernaut

    Honestly I didn’t even know who David Cook was until I stumbled upon this Gay pride concert. I bet David Wright enjoys Ricky Martin albums.

  • Vote 4 Cooch

    just another reason why im glad im a phillies fan

  • MP

    I liked David Cook. Now I have to re-think things. I don’t know who to be more embrassed for.

  • meg

    That’s not the first time he’s worn eyeliner, apparently. BTW David Cook needs a better wig.

  • Joe

    and they’re both named David! aaawwwww

  • The Juggernaut
  • mike

    this makes cole hamels going on ellen look badass and tough, even with the Pat Benatar.

  • LL

    Aw, look at you guys, isn’t homophobia cute? <3

    Boo at those Davids actually being secure enough with their own sexuality, I mean WHO does that??


    Calling that clip “gay” wasn’t meant to be homophobic. Just observant.

  • GenericFanGroup

    Wearing “guyliner” is how you become a rock star these days? I dont want to be a rock star anymore…

    Remember when being a rock star was endless partying, banging groupies and trashing hotel rooms? I am gonna go listen to Appetite for Destruction again….

  • How do you spell retard?


    The Fightins’: where misanthropy (not homophobia exclusively) happens.


    Start listening to metal. Then again, that’s my advice for any problem.

  • JaysonWerthHisWeightInGold

    News of David Wright acting a bit “Nathan Lane” isn’t exactly news.

  • JaysonWerthHisWeightInGold

    Damn my inability to post photos! Damn you HTML! Damn you to Hell!

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