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Darin Ruf Went Ape Poop Yesterday
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Darin Ruf hasn’t been having the best of seasons at Lehigh Valley, but he took a big step toward breaking out of his slump yesterday. The chiseled slugger went 4-5 with two home runs, two doubles, five RBI (one of those being Delmon Young, so you know he had to have hit that ball really far), and three runs scored. His twelve total bases broke the nine-inning record previously set by Dom Brown. If Ruf keeps this up he might just be able to crack the big club’s corps of outfielders who may or may not actually be good enough for a regular job in the major leagues! Keep an eye on this developing situation.

  • Delmon Young’s Fat Ass

    Hell yeah he hit it far! btw that’s probably the greatest picture in the history of pictures!

  • Delmon Young

    get off my case, my ankle hurts

  • Delmon Young’s Ankle

    You trying holding this fat pig up all day

  • RicoBrogna

    Bring em up! Can’t be any worse than holding your breath everytime a ball is hit to Dom Brown!

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