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Darin Ruf: Defensive Liability
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There are a lot of people that have been anxious to see Darin Ruf get a proper shot at big league pitching. After leading the universe last year with 98 total home runs and 246 doubles between Double-A, Triple-A, and his cuppa coffee in the big time (yeeuh), it’s only natural to be excited about the possibility of being excited by the Phillies once again. But every time one of the top 25 guys goes down, someone else gets called up. Sometimes the move makes sense (Cesar Hernandez), sometimes it doesn’t (Michael Martinez). But it never involves Darin Ruf.



People point to the fact that he’s pretty cold at the plate right now or that just because he crushes the ball against minor league pitching doesn’t mean he’ll do anything against big league pitching – to the latter I say there’s only one way to find out, and it’s not like the Phillies have a ton to lose offensively. Some point to the fact that the Phils already have 5 outfielders. Ruben Amaro concurs, and that guy is mule-headed and it’s his decision:

“He was not swinging the bat well for a couple of weeks,” Amaro said. “Ruf wouldn’t have really been able to help us, to be frank with you. He plays first base and the outfield. We have a first baseman and we have outfielders.”

And after all the stuff about his bad thumb, his hitting slump, and outfield “depth,” you got the guys who will always fall back on the old “Ruf can’t play defense” defense. Make sure you’re sitting down for the .GIF you’re about to see. 


Last night at Coca-Cola Park, the IronPigs defeated the Gwinnett Braves 2-0, and Darin Ruf, while going 0fer with two K’s, contributed defensively with this incredibly graceful double-saving grab of an Ernesto Mejia fly ball. It ended the inning just in time, as putting a man in scoring position for the top-5 Atlanta prospect Joey Terdoslavich (lol) could have erased the lead in the top of the 6th.

Could Ruf possibly be more of a liability than Delmon Young, on or off the field? Let’s go to Google and find out – oh look, I didn’t even have to hit ‘enter.’


I didn’t mean for this post to be the preamble to a shot at Delmon Young. Can’t help it sometimes. Honestly though, I’m going to be hitting the ballpark a lot anyway this season, no matter how hard it can be to watch more often than not. Fan cannot live on Brown alone. Get some more of these untested dudes up here, I don’t feel like driving to Allentown.

  • RicoBrogna

    Bring up Ruf! He can play a better first base than our current option, who is a hobbled shell of his former self. Granted, we will awaken The Big Piece in September whence he will single handedly lead the second half charge to the playoffs but at least Ruf can give us some production in the meantime. And I don’t want to hear that he’s struggling at the plate in the minors because you know cot damn well if he slugged those power numbers for any other team last year he would be on the big league roster this year…he’s bleeping bored and wondering why RAJ is letting him waste away the prime years of his life in Allentown. Bring up Ruf! That’s all I gotta say!

  • john matrix

    ruff should read up on wally pip while hes down there. once howard goes down again, youll see.

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