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Cutest Puppy Contest!
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Yesterday I mentioned there was going to be a Pup Rally held at Rittenhouse Square Park in order to find homes for adoptable pets and raise money for the PSPCA.  The best part of the rally — the pièce de résistance, if you will — was the Pup Parade that urged dog owners to dress their mangy mutt up in his or her best Phillies outfit and march them around with the winner receiving some kind of prize or something. But it wasn’t the prize that dogs were competing for — it was all about puppy bragging rights.

I also pleaded with The Fightins reading audience to show up and take pictures so we can crown our own best-dressed Phillies dog without the corrupt contest judges from the PSPCA getting involved.

Well good news, folkers. The lovely and talented Miss Bee (@_missbee on the Tweets) stopped by the parade on her way home from work with her trusty digital camera and got some great pics that she is willing to share.

So now, without further ado… CUTEST PUPPY CONTEST!  (Don’t forget to vote for your favorite)

Puppy #1: Mardi Gras bead pup

Puppy #2: Old school maroon pup

Puppy #3: 2008 Cape pup

Puppy #4: Spring Training jersey pup

Puppy #5: WS Champs tee w/ bandana pup

Puppy #6: Nice shoes! pup

Puppy #7: Bootleg jersey pup

Puppy #8: Utley jersey w/ bandana pup


Alright — you’ve seen the puppies, now it’s time to cast a vote. Which one will it be:

(Don’t worry, the season will be here soon)

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    Them bitches dress well.

  • 85


    Eh, they’re all cuter than any Mets puppies.

    Fuck the Mets.

  • Gonzo

    I gotta go number 2 (see what I did there?).

    Saw your T-Shirt link on Uniwatch. Man, you guys are gonna roll in the dough.

  • miss bee

    i agree with 85. mardi gras bead pup was the most prec.

    also of note – mardi gras bead pup is 14 years old, so i guess it’s technically Grandma (Grandpa?) Mardi Gras Bead Pup. which i think should give the pup some more points. he too has been waiting for a championship for years.

  • Gigi

    they should have painted all surrounding fire hydrants in Mets colors and logos then let the dogs do their business.

    fantastic photo opps ensue.

  • will.H

    who wins in a fight puppy 2 or puppy 5?

    puppy 7 looks absolutly terrified. hm, ive seen that look before. almost looks like hes about to colapse with 17 games to go.

  • Doug

    Apparently Michael Vick is posting under the name will.H

  • will.H


  • #7- My Min Pin

    My dog is #7… she came in 3rd place yesterday!!!! It is very fitting that she wins b/c I rescued her last year :) VOTE for #7!!!!

  • Chamomiles Davis

    Shit! I voted for the last one. God-damned jumpy mouse arrow.

    /it is I who sucks

  • SD

    Please put #7 and that ugly ass bootleg jersey to sleep.


    Wow, SD. Just… wow.

    Please pay no mind to SD, owner of #7, he’s got some anger issues he’s gotta work on.

  • Amanda

    Puppy number 8.. not so much a puppy, but golden retrievers are beautiful dogs! My favorite The little one, #3 is also cute.

    I wish I had a dog…

  • Gaze

    Old school maroon pup FTW. The rest are just trying too hard.

  • ill

    I was really hoping it would be a set of sweater puppies after the jump, and that the start of this thread was just a ploy.

    I was very wrong.

  • Gigi

    are those fake eyelashes, number 3? aren’t those illegal?

    only in 13 states. PA ain’t one of ’em…

  • Section118

    not gonna lie… i clicked on this link only for pics of jen utley

    FIGHTINS, you have let me down

  • Fan

    I love #7 – My vote is for her!

  • PhillyCubano

    #3 looks like my dog if i ever took him to get groomed

  • Joey Wade

    can i nominate jen utleys sweater puppies?

  • Tug Haines


  • Lynniemac

    Where’s the option for “none of the above”? The greatest Phillies dog ever seen or ever to be seen in Rittenhouse Square is the one and only Elvis.

  • Doc | bs&

    Had to vote for Number 8, reminds me of my golden retriever, Tugger.

  • Tug Haines

    @Doc Good name.

  • Phillies

    when will you announce the winners??

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